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☆Color My World☆ Rainbowcy (Update 5/7)

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A world seemingly doomed to be washed in white forever crumbles when a brave step out the door explodes everything into color.
Start the adventure.

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Disclaimer: I am aware there was once another rainbowcy with the same title of "Color My World." However, since it has not been updated in over a year and never got past the beginning of the first generation I hope no one minds terribly if I use the name for my story as well.
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    There isn't a whole lot of color in my world.

    There's some blue and bits of brown and black, but otherwise white and green is all I'm surrounded by. It has always been that way as well- just as this place is all I have ever known.


    The scientists tell me I'm ten-years-old, so ten years is how long I've lived here. I know there's a world beyond the massive white walls that keep me in my yard, but I don't know anything about it. I've never bothered to ask any questions. I don't really care. That world is not my world. I'll never be a part of it, so why should I get all worked up about something that has no impact on me? Besides, I like where I'm at now. I have a nice room with everything I could want. The yard the scientists say was constructed especially for me is so big, and it has many things for me to play on. Why would I ever want to leave?


    I'll admit though... I do get curious about the rest of what's attached to my room. I think it has to be a big building. I can sometimes hear noises of people walking about coming from above my ceiling. I did manage to catch a glimpse once of what was past my always locked bedroom door. I was disappointed to find it was simply a short, empty corridor that lead to another locked door. The scientists are really adamant that I never know anything more than what I already know.


    And who am I?

    My name is Ethereal. I belong perfectly to the world I am in for I am white just like most of the rest of it. I have been told there are people of all different colors in the world beyond. White is rare though. It is special. Not many people have been born lucky like I have, which is why I must remain where I am. I have been given no details as to my part in the project the scientists have planned for me. However, I figure it's a pretty big part indeed.

    Continue reading.
  • linesalinesa Posts: 426 Member
    What a start :o
    I really enjoyed that chapter ^^

    Poor Ethereal, being part of an experiment :'(
    At least it look like Eden is going to help her :D

    I've bookmarked ^^
  • iButterfreeiButterfree Posts: 2,043 Member
    I'm glad you enjoyed it. I've actually had this written for a long time, so it was nice to finally be able to put it out there for others to read ^^ What amuses me is that even though I've read it dozens of times to check for errors I'm still finding stuff I want to change :lol:

    The worst thing about it is that Ethereal doesn't mind being a part of the project/experiment. She really is comfortable with everything as it is. Well, at least until Eden does indeed try to help her and more of the truth of what is really going down is revealed.

    Thanks :smiley:
  • linesalinesa Posts: 426 Member
    You're welcome ^^
    Ah, look like you're a perfectionnist ^^
    It's pretty understandable ^^

    I agree, it's not normal that she doesn't mind being part of that project :\
    I'm curious to see what that project is ^^

    Yeah, I can't wait to see how she'll react to the outside world, I think it might to be funny to see, since she's a child and she only know that "lab" :D
    I hope her life will be better ^^
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    Ethereal and Eden are now available both on the Exchange and as .sim files on MediaFire :)

    @linesa- I'm sorta a perfectionist, I suppose. It's just easier to make sure I do a better job the first time around so the editing is a lot less of a hassle when I go back. I've accepted there's always going to be a mistake/something I want to change though. It happens is pretty much every published book. It's gonna happen in my stories.

    It's because she simply doesn't know any better. Ethereal only knows that room. She's only ever been told that she's special. She believes that what the scientists are doing is for her benefit, and the thought of resisting against them isn't even an idea because there has never been the possibility of her leaving her isolated world.
    I'll be posting updates once a week on Mondays. so the first chapter next week will go into depth about the project and Ethereal's fate. It's a doozy.

    I've written several chapters ahead, and Ethereal has an interesting time interacting with the outside world. It's fun to explore what she does and doesn't know, and how that makes it difficult for her to react to the others around her.
  • AEventyrAEventyr Posts: 702 Member
    It's October 6th! It's October 6th!! :D

    Poor kid. This totally reminds me of The Maze Runner for some reason, except a little more humane. You're off to a great start because I'm definitely intrigued yet again. How did Ethereal (okay, too long, I'm calling her Ethy to match Elly) ever last so long without getting the flu?
  • iButterfreeiButterfree Posts: 2,043 Member
    @AEventyr- I was like that last night. It really was surreal to finally be able to hit "Publish". It was bittersweet though. I'm so used to have The Goddess' Order be the main thread I park myself on here, but now I leave this thread up instead. It's driving home the point that that story truly is over and done with now :/

    I haven't seen that movie, but I want to so badly. I haven't even looked up the plot because I don't want to spoil anything.
    Ethereal has gotten sick before, but just not to the extent that she did this time. Her having a weak immune system is actually something I'm going to cover. Mr. Blue, since he was doing medical-ish stuff to her, was scrubbed clean. Ms. Yellow never would have any physical contact with Ethereal. Eden would be the only one who would have that kind of contact with her, and he would be the main one to bring in the germs. However, even then Ethereal's exposure to common germs and illness would be very scarce- leaving her unprotected when thrust into the outside world with all its nasty contaminants.
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    It felt weird coming on here and not having something definite to read on certain days since you're the one author on my list who actually updates regularly. But she is so not over. Not with all the side stories we can consider "missing chapters" you plan to write! (On that note, I SWEAR I'm going to get to that survey of yours! ....Eventually...)

    Oh, sorry! My bf took me the other day and it definitely stayed with me. I went in not knowing anything beyond the commercials but apparently it's based on a book. Let me know when you get to see it and you'll understand what I meant. Definitely don't look up the plot.
    That makes perfect sense. Poor little thing. And yet I'm so looking forward to her being thrust into the world of scary icky germs.
  • iButterfreeiButterfree Posts: 2,043 Member
    Speaking of weird, it has been weird for me not publishing anything. This chapter is the first thing I've posted this month, and I'm like "I gotta get more out!" Unfortunately, the other project I was going to do with Amonost and Adonnen just isn't going to happen in the near future. I'm too tired from work and I need more time to write my actual novel- so taking on another massive story doesn't seem to be the best option. You're right though. There is still so much left to do with Ellothiel and all the other characters from TGO. TGO's second anniversary is coming up in a little over a week. There is going to be something from that. I'm also planning on putting up just a poll in the TGO thread instead of a survey so I might get more responses for which child I'll be doing a short story about first.

    That's fine. You didn't say anything that could spoil it.
    I started dipping a bit into that plot point tonight. I ran out of things to keep it going with, so I switched to another storyline. However, I think having her weak immune system problem popping up sporadically like it would do if this was real life is more effective than having it be a big thing once.
  • linesalinesa Posts: 426 Member
    Yeah, I understand ^^
    Having already a chapter or text already good is easier to fix ^^

    And it's true, a good writer is never totally satisfied with what he wrote I think ^^
    And you're a good writer ^^

    Yup, poor girl, at least, she'll see other things than the lab and those scientists (except Eden) who seem to see her only as a material experiment even if she's not too badly treated...

    Weekly chapters ? Great :D
    I can't wait to see them ^^

    And you seem really attached to your characters from TGO ^^
    Which is totally understandable : I've read a bit of it and it was really good ^^
  • iButterfreeiButterfree Posts: 2,043 Member
    I'm glad you think so ^^ I certainly have come a long way as a writer. Over the summer my mom had me go through a bunch of my elementary school projects to determine what I wanted to keep. A lot of what I cam across what amusingly cringe-worthy. There was one story I wrote about a superhero girl who had spaghetti hair that could bind the criminals XD

    I used to post chapters twice a week on Monday and Thursday, so this will be a nice break. It gives me more time to focus on the chapters and get them close to that state of perfection- instead of, say, having to go back and rewrite everything to make it match the level of quality you want. That's what I'm having to do with the TGO chapters, and especially the earliest ones. I have already gone back and revised some of them (which is most likely what you read), but once you get to a certain point it's all too easy to tell the difference between what has been improved and the original way I used to write the story.

    I do love my TGO characters. Ellothiel was inspired from a LotR fanfiction I continue to write bits of here and there. That the project lasted almost two years means a lot of hard work has gone into creating the story, so it has been bittersweet to have the main story finished.
  • linesalinesa Posts: 426 Member
    I see ^^
    Your superhero girl is original :D

    Wow, that was a lot of work O_O
    Yeah, one chapter by week is easier and give more time to perfect the stories and pics ^^
    It's going to take you a lot of time to rewrite your TGO chapters, no ?

    Ah, ok ^^
    It's interesting that she's inspired by your fanfic ^^
    LotR, I loved that trilogy ^^
  • iButterfreeiButterfree Posts: 2,043 Member
    Haha, yeah. "Original." That's what she was XD That was one of the lesser embarrassing things I found. I'm lad I had a chance to get rid of some of the really mortifying stuff before my mom could find it and keep it to humiliate me in the future with, :lol:

    The rewriting isn't so bad. It allows me to add more depth, solidify plot points, and add in little extra bonuses for those who have read the later chapters. It's also kinda nice to see how far my writing has come since I started the story.

    I have the first two chapters of that fanfic available for reading on my blog, and I'm working on getting the third one out soon.
  • iButterfreeiButterfree Posts: 2,043 Member
    Chapter One


    A few weeks after I recovered from my illness, I was standing on my jungle gym looking out. I loved being on the jungle gym for the same reason I loved climbing the trees. It gave me a new perspective of my world. Being in the same place all the time did grow a bit boring. It was amazing how something could change if I just moved up a bit higher. I was having so much fun that I ignored the fact that I was growing somewhat hot. Spring was just about over, and the warmer heat of summer was coming in. I never really liked summer. The strong sun always did the most damage to my skin. During summer was when I had to stay inside much more than I wanted to.


    The jungle gym had a roof that kept me out of the direct light, which was why I could get away with being outside for so long. However, I really did get lost in my playing. I didn't even notice that Eden had showed up.

    "Ethereal! Come down here! I have something important that we need to do!"

    It was him calling me that made me realize he was there. I was thoroughly confused at his presence. He must have had something important that he needed me for. That day of the week was a day he wasn't scheduled to visit. Given how the other scientists didn't like him staying longer than he was supposed to on the days he normally came, him coming by on an off day was truly peculiar. I hurriedly slid down the pole before rushing over to him. Usually he greeted with me a smile and hug, but in that instance Eden put his hand on my shoulder and quickly led me inside.


    "What do you need me for?" I asked him as he practically pulled me over to the corner where the table was.

    Eden ignored me. He took out a syringe from his pocket and placed it on the table. I stared at it as he went about glancing out the windows and going upstairs to see if anyone was around. I had no idea why he did that as he knew I was always alone. However, I did hear him fiddling with something when he was upstairs. It almost sounded as if he had gotten into the wall. He must have been doing something else. Eden was by my side before too long though. He placed both his hands on my shoulders this time and looked me right in the eye.

    "Do you trust me?" he asked suddenly.
    "What are you going to do to me?" I couldn't help but to ask back.

    I eyed the syringe again. It was full with a clear liquid that I recognized. It was the same stuff that Mr. Blue always used to sedate me. It scared me. Eden scared me too. He was so fidgety and nervous. Something big was going on, but as usual I had no idea what it could be.

    "I'm trying to help you. I really am," he implored, "Listen, things have been set into motion that I can no longer stop. You either trust me so we can keep being together, or I have to leave now and never come back. The choice is yours."

    I stared into his green eyes. My heart was beginning to race. His words helped me to gather an idea of what Eden was probably attempting to do, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to be a part of it. The unknown terrified me. What terrified me more though was knowing if I went against Eden in that moment that I definitely wouldn't see him again. If I had to live with just Mr. Blue and Ms. Yellow for company, then I wouldn't be able to live in this place anymore. I would turn into a nut job.

    Continue reading.
  • linesalinesa Posts: 426 Member
    Wow, that's a great chapter @iButterfree :D

    Poor little girl, I'm glad that Eden saved her and her possible futures children from that horrid destiny the Company had planned :o
    It's monstruous what they were going to do >:)
  • iButterfreeiButterfree Posts: 2,043 Member
    Thanks @linesa. This one was one of my favorites to write ^^

    Yeah, in the end all The Company had was selfish goals that would only benefit them. Using Ethereal as nothing more than body for reproduction is about the level of inhumanity most of their actions fall near. I can't say very much on how much The Company will fall/be discovered by the end of the generation, but you can be sure their shadow is always going to be there.
  • linesalinesa Posts: 426 Member
    You're welcome ^^

    Can't wait to see how that Company will be discovered, it's gonna be good to watch, I'm sure :D

    You mean, that company's shadow will be even in futures generations ? Or just in this one ? Just to be sure I understood ^^
  • iButterfreeiButterfree Posts: 2,043 Member
    It'll take quite a while to get there, but it's going to be a big thing.

    "The Company" isn't just one corrupt business or anything like that. Eden will hint at it more in Chp. 3, but "The Company" is more akin to an underground connection of illegal activity that uses companies, businesses, and organizations that look legit to hide their true actions. There's so much influence that even if a large portion of the criminals was revealed, there is always going to be some that slip through the cracks to continue the crimes. So yes, the danger of "The Company" will exist throughout the various generations.
  • AEventyrAEventyr Posts: 702 Member
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    Poor girl. I keep wondering what will happen to the two of them in the future, as well as what kind of things happened to Swirl and Mr. Blue (two minutes after reading and I can't remember his name) to make them willing to go along with The Company in the first place. Will Eden present himself as her father or more a brother? (Don't answer that; you know I like finding out my hunches naturally.) Ethy is stronger than me. I would have curled up in a ball on the bed halfway through their conversation. A+ for inverting the common story where being white means being an outsider. That's the only way I've ever seen Rainbowcys start.

    Seriously, go see Maze Runner soon. I want to make parallels however minor they are without spoiling you. (And that's with me only knowing movie-verse.)
  • iButterfreeiButterfree Posts: 2,043 Member
    @AEventyr- Eden and Ethereal have quite the long road ahead of them. They have to adjust to their new kind of life (which will be set up next chapter), as well as having to constantly deal with the fear of Ethereal being found by The Company and being taken away again.
    Mr. Blue's real name is Aero Eminence. He and Swirl are actually some of the Berry Sims I made back in the spring. I figured it was more logical to use Sims I had already created rather than spending time making brand new ones. About Blue's background, I came up with the good little story for him that will come into play someday. I don't know if it will be a short story of its own, but there will definitely be a reveal of more of his true personality.

    I won't say anything about Eden and Ethereal then ^^

    I'm really glad you like the switching of the white being admired instead of hated. I lose interest with most rainbowcies very fast because almost every time it's the same with the white heir being hated, them finding a romantic interest who doesn't care about the color code, the whole thing being them working to be together, and so on. I knew I wasn't going to deal with any of that overused plot or else I would have gone crazy. That's also why you'll soon see that there isn't a color code aspect to the story either. Too overused and done to death for my liking to include it.

    I will see it soon. Perhaps tomorrow or Wednesday.
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