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The Apocalypse Challenge - Attempt to adaptation



  • Soulangel980Soulangel980 Posts: 27 Member
    Forgive the delays, I was on sims hiatus for some time. I've updated it somewhat for new careers and outdoors retreat.

    @Lori, you can build the house beforehand yes, but you can't use the freerealestate cheat. Very basic Apocalypse homes shouldn't fall above your budget ($20,000).
  • AutumnDancersAutumnDancers Posts: 2 New Member
    I'm kinda confused... Do you follow the restrictions for all the careers at first, or do you live by the restrictions of the career you chose?
  • TetsuoShimaTetsuoShima Posts: 848 Member
    This sounds hard, but I do love apocalypse stuff, so I might give it a try when if I finish the asylum challenge.
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  • ShirviuShirviu Posts: 4 New Member
    I will try this challenge :D I just wish it had the get to work careers
  • Sketch793Sketch793 Posts: 1,199 Member
    You might want to check out the official Apocalypse Challenge by @Pinstar1161, the creator of the TS2 Apocalypse Challenge. The concept is similar but the rules are different.
  • Ceres_MeirionaCeres_Meiriona Posts: 5,006 Member
    edited August 2015
    This challenge just saved my gameplay! I've become a bit bored in my game and this sounds like just the thing to liven things up with a fun but intense challenge.
  • MmdrgntobldrgnMmdrgntobldrgn Posts: 6,657 Member
    Hello thought I'd share this link to Pinstar's blog
    Just in case anyone is still trying to do an s4 apocalypse challenge.
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  • LegitUglyDucklingLegitUglyDuckling Posts: 84 Member
    This sounds like so much fun! I am so trying this. It just has a lot of restrictions but I suppose it needs to given the challenge. :)
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  • darkening05darkening05 Posts: 9 New Member
    I'm changing it up a bit. Instead of following all of the restrictions, i'm making it so she's hiding in her house after the mutants arrive. Her house used solar power, o she can still use electricty, but only during the day. she can't have the lights on ever, or the mutants will kill her. She has to stay inside, until it's night, which is when she can look for supplies. It' based off a book I read. I think this twist will make it easier, but still really fun!
  • MohamedNayelMohamedNayel Posts: 56 Member
    So gonna do this
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  • SimonSimpsonSimonSimpson Posts: 1,223 Member
    edited June 2016
    So gonna do this

    Good luck! I haven't tried this in Sims 4 yet, but it's fun.
  • VirginiaWolffVirginiaWolff Posts: 2 New Member
    Well, I began to test the challenge but I have an issue with the first restriction: can't get married until I reach the top of my first career. I am now on level 7 of Culinary (Chef) and near aging up to an Elder so will not be able to have children anymore. Has anyone had this problem?
  • SarcasticFangsSarcasticFangs Posts: 2 New Member
    I'm going to try this, but I just saw a super cool pool someone made over on reddit, SO I'm going to change it for myself a lil' bit. Basically, I'm going to make 'sacred grounds', lots with super fancy ancient greek/roman/babylonian (don't judge me on that spelling) structures that can't be touched (or have been uncovered by) The Apocalypse. The structures Won't have anything that breaks the restrictions (no fridge, etc.) I'd only break the Cannot leave lot restriction to go to the sacred lots (I get bored easily lmao)
  • SuperCoolRachaelSuperCoolRachael Posts: 312 Member
    I'm doing this, too! I had some questions about a few things, but I guess I'll just have to decide how to play them. It looks like the OP isn't around here anymore. :(
  • damalas75damalas75 Posts: 38 Member
    All restrictions apply to all generations meaning even if your Gen 1 you cant unlock community sites and showers and tubs less you lift them with 2 separate heirs. Basically what we start out with is a 6x6 area ( can build up a 2 nd floor 6x6) only the cheapest BBQ, Cheapest Furniture in natural colors ( White Grey, Beige, Browns.) With No electronics, no lights, no pluming, no appliances, no toys, no easel, no Instruments, no Aura effects including interactions, No home Decor including wall paints and flooring, wall decorations or any decorations. Any CPU use is strictly restricted to the job use only and limited interactions per the job, No cell phones till unlocked, and no gathering of any sort till it is unlocked. And it goes on to no left overs able to be saved, no clean water to drink to toxic plants as well as no Aspiration rewards or aura effects till that area it is in is unlocked.. so your going to stick for a long time unless you unlock Astronaut- Space rangers which gives you clean water and Chef to work with food only (not salads and cereal that another job Smuggler)
  • elram76elram76 Posts: 60 Member
    Does anyone know if this challenge has been updated to include all packs up to and including Seasons?
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