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What do you think about The Sims FreePlay?



  • Andrea48Andrea48 Posts: 16 Member
    Haha yeah I forgot about that😅 there sneezing and scratching...I mean this game could be really good but my god 15 hours to cuddle a baby? How does EA think this is acceptable...just because its in real time it enhances the game play? I just cant stand how this company $%#!! People over with their scamming and mediocre game play...I watched so much youtube in how they are the most hated gaming company out there due to their money grabbing tactics and ripping people off..sims 2 and 3 had it perfect and then we get sims 4 and Jve played sims 4 and its the most boring unfufilling glitchy buggy game there is and really should be closed down because their teams dont know 🐸🐸🐸🐸 they are doing over there...weve had rhis game out for how long? No improved emotion system no improved babies no other animals besides cats and dogs and whatever else you want to throw in this list...
  • RemiSimmerRemiSimmer Posts: 3 New Member
    I love playing The Sims Freeplay but lately the challenges have become increasingly difficult to complete.
  • SimsILikeSimsSimsILikeSims Posts: 1,624 Member
    edited May 2021
    The biggest problem with the Sims Freeplay is it is set in real time with NO option to pause the game. It FORCES you to come back daily by punishing you for not coming back instead of giving daily rewards that get better with each consecutive day. When I get tired of the real time thing and resume playing it after two weeks to a month away from the game, I return to find puddles of pee from EVERY.SINGLE.SIM in the neighborhood. Other mobile games will actually reward you if you come back after a few weeks. When you have about 20 or more Sims, that is a LOT of pee to clean up. Also, there are limited time items that you can NEVER get again from challenges. Miss one, you miss the limited items. And the challenges never return. So yeah, I gave up on it.
    However, I do like that it has both playable neighborhood view and interior view. I love that it has cars. I love that toddlers can crawl as well as walk. Relationships and romance also are done way better. I love that it has the option to visit challenge areas.
    I have been playing The Sims since 2001, when Livin Large came out. My avatar deliberately looks like Chris Roomies from TS1.
  • FlamingoSimmerFlamingoSimmer Posts: 2 New Member
    What we need in Sims FreePlay...

    - More job opportunities for Sims
    - More interactions between Sims and between Sims & objects
    - More lots to build on
    - Increase maximum amount of Sims that can be on a lot
    - Make AR available to Android users
    - Make quests and events easier and cheaper (Make it a challenge, but not unattainable)
    - Fun gameplay options
    - Allow 2 different modes: A challenging mode, like what we have now, just more challenging and more quests/events, and a fun/relaxing mode that is better for those who like making stories with their Sims
    - Multiplayer mode
    - SimTown population is too limited

    This is my opinion and I know many other feel this way too.
  • heyrobertoheyroberto Posts: 47 Member
    This game is too much. Asking you for money everytime you start a new quest, and that's the other problem, that game has a LOT of quests... Also it's pretty boring but at least the updates are cool (even cooler than some sims 4 updates...)

  • Andrea48Andrea48 Posts: 16 Member
    This game is unbelievable...I tried playing it for awhile but then soon discovered it was nothing but an EA money grab for people who love playing the sims...the real time in this game is crazy...20 hours to look in a fridge 10 hours to look for some winter sprite 15 hours to talk on the phone and tell your friend that your pregnant 20 hours to read a book...I mean come on where in real life does it take that long to perform a task? The sims are not autonomous im any way shape or form and just end up standing around if they arent busy planting corn for 12 hours....the events are ok but as far as game play it could be a good game but since the game is the way it is...nope not to much redeeming about this game amd I quit playing it shortly after I started
  • MissLyn2408MissLyn2408 Posts: 38 Member
    I haven't played it in ages. It was back before they asked for a lot of money. Apparently they do that now? Anyway, I loved that they polled the players for new content, which is not something they did for any other game at the time, and I loved the locations they created.
  • EllierosexEllierosex Posts: 359 Member
    I'm actually downloading it now, but previously I've played it but actually I really enjoy it!
    "Za Woka Geneva"
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