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Building tip: Move entire house to different / bigger lot

WebGremlinWebGremlin Posts: 4 New Member
edited September 2014 in The Sims 4 Lots
Hi guys,

I couldn't find any info on this via Google, so for anyone who is trying to do the same thing, I thought I'd share how I figured out how to move my entire house to a new lot.

So I started out with a household with my mind set on not using any cheats (way more fun than expected!). I started on the Bargain Bend lot as it is a cheap one and didn't have a lot of money. As my Sims progressed in their careers and became more and more wealthy I eventually built a house I wouldn't mind actually living in in real life. However, once the family started to expand, I found myself short on room to accommodate for the latest family additions.

I wasn't keen at all to move to a different lot and build a new house as I was really proud and happy with my current one, I wanted to move my house to a larger lot so I could expand it. Here's how I did it:

- Save the house in My Library (build mode, top of screen);
- Make sure that all items crafted or improved by your Sims (paintings, improved furniture, etc) are added to the Sim's or the household inventory (crafted items won't be saved with the house, and furniture that had been improved will lose their improvements upon moving);
- Go to Manage World, choose a bigger lot (doesn't have to be an empty one, but if there's a house currently built there it will be replaced), and click Build;
- Go to Gallery, and select your house in My Library, then place the furnished house (button in lower right hand corner of the house details window);
- Go back to Manage World, select your household, choose Move, and move them without their furniture to your house on the bigger lot;
- (Optional) I found it a bit odd to have two identical houses in the same world, so I went to the old lot and replaced the house / lot with an other one from the community gallery;
- Load your household who now live on the bigger lot, place the crafted items from your inventory back to where they belong, and replace the standard furniture with the improved ones;
- Remember to save!

Voilá! Hope this helps someone :smile:


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