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Don_Oello's showcase Update: Knitcraft Korner


  • lisa17annlisa17ann Posts: 2,738 Member
    Thank you and your very welcome it was a pleasure playing/judging your apartment :) and, like Cbear said it was very close and we loved your apartment so much! I can't wait to see what you come up with next ;)

  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 158,450 Member
    I will post here what I had written about your Soul Chic build on the contest thread
    The furnishing of Soul Chic is very nice! :) Very nice layout of the areas of the room. The wall paneling gives a very nice look to the apartment.
    The living room area looks very nice! The piano keys floor rug looks very great! Sims will enjoy relaxing on the sofa watching tv and listening to the stereo music, or enjoy karaokeing, playing the violin or singing with the microphone! The music note banner and the musician wall picture are nice musical touches.
    Very nice open plan kitchen and dining area. The piano keys wall picture suits the simmers well. The fruit bowl on the dining table, the saucepans on the kitchen counter, wall knives , chef mysim, and the hanging pans over the island counter are nice touches in the room. The pink flowers are pretty for sims to see when cooking and dining.
    The bedroom is very nice! Sims will have very nice views of the city through the bedroom windows! The large pink musician pictures look great on the walls! The type of curtains used looks nice.
    The Sims will enjoy living in their apartment :)
  • Don_OelloDon_Oello Posts: 259 Member
    WIP for QualityControl36

    here are some pics of my work in progress for the penthouse challenge of #QualityControl36, so far the outlines and the pool area are done. now i need to furnish all the other rooms including a lot of outside space. since it's a penthouse i don't feel like plopping a normal garden is going to work on this. if you have any ideas let me know.
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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 158,450 Member
    Your WIP is looking great :) The layout of the interior looks great. Very nice pool area! The trellis over the top looks nice, and the lotus flowers is a nice touch in the water. Sims will enjoy resting poolside on the chairs there in the sunshine.
    I hope that your continued work on the build goes well :)
  • Don_OelloDon_Oello Posts: 259 Member
    edited April 2017
    Torendi Party 1999

    This is my penthouse for #QualityControl36 by @Cbear13 , the challenge was to make a penthouse on top of Torendi Tower in San Myshuno for your favourite movie/music star. I chose 1 of the 80s music icons who passed away in 2016: Prince.

    Sim Download link: Prince
    Lot Download link: Torendi Party 1999
    Showcase link: http://imgur.com/a/ZO79m

    My simsversion of Prince

    The penthouse

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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 158,450 Member
    Your simversion of Prince reflects him very well! :) It is a very special tribute to him <3

    Torrendi Party 1999 is a very nice penthouse for Prince :) Very nice layout of the bulld! Nice upper patio area for sims to enjoy sitting chatting on the sofas in the sunshine.
    The dance and bar patio looks very great! The different coloured bar stools looks great! Sims will enjoy having a drink from the bar or have fun dancing on the glass dance tiling! Nice yoga and massage area for sims to enjoy quietly doing yoga on the mats or having a relaxing massage in the chair. Very nice trellis covered pool terrace!
    The purpe, grey, black and white colour scheme of the interior looks very nice! Very nice living room! The angled sofa seating and the large circular floor rug looks great there! Sims will enjoy watching tv there. The wall pictures are nice for sims to see when sitting there.
    The feature wall with the variety of guitars on the shelves looks so very great!
    Very nice massage room! Sims will enjoy having a relaxing massage on the table or in the chair. The flower floor rugs are a nice colourful touch. Having the three different coloured hanging robes on the wall looks effective!
    Very nice study desk nook! It looks great how the computer study desks are face to face. Sims will enjoy sitting using the computers there. The posters on the wall look great!
    Very nice sitting room! The clothes racks and shoes racks look great there, and nice sofa seat sitting area in the middle of the room. Kids will have fun playing on the battle station item! The voidcritters look great on the honeycomb shelves!
    It is a very nice penthouse! :)
  • Don_OelloDon_Oello Posts: 259 Member
    Private Zen Station

    Download link:Private Zen Station
    Showcase link: http://imgur.com/a/HVVsx

    I made this relaxing room for QCRooms49. in a calming mix of browns you can realx with all the wellness activities.
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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 158,450 Member
    The colour scheme of Private Zen Station is very restful @Don_Oello :) Very nice layout of the room! The central mediation stools area looks great! It looks very nice how the stools are placed around the middle sculpture . Sims will enjoy quietly meditating on the stools.
    The massage chairs nook is very nice! Sims will enjoy having a relaxing hand and foot massage with sunshine coming in through the windows onto them. The incense will be a nice aroma in the room. The greenery on the walls adds a nice look to the room.
    It looks great that there are two tubs in the mudbath and soaks room. The planter boxes on the walls are nice touches of green there. Sims will enjoy relaxing in the tub.
    The entance nook is a very calming place for sims to enjoy resting there on the sofas reading a book. The wall pictures add a nice look and feel to the area.
    Very nice light filled hot tub area! Sims will enjoy the sunshine coming in through the windows whilst in the tub. It is great that there is a sauna in the room
    It is a very nice spa room! :)
  • Don_OelloDon_Oello Posts: 259 Member
    QCRooms49 Judge feedback on Private Zen Station

    We really thought the colors you used were beautiful. The overall look was neutral but with the pops of the light green it looked really nice! The centre meditation area was nicely done and we loved the statue in the middle made a nice focal point. We loved your chose of decorations and plants. We also thought your chose of clutter suited the spa very well. We loved how creative the floorings looked. We thought it was great that you used the wall trick to make rooms for the steam room and tub. It was nice you added a seating area at the entrance to the spa.
    We noticed the “small freefall water walls” are sticking into the half walls. Also the hot tub back is sticking into window frame. And, we found the 2 “potted palm” are sticking into the wall by hot tub and through wall and window on the other side. *tip* holding down the alt key when placing things you can move them away far enough to not go through walls, windows, ect..

    thank you @Cbear13 and team for hosting and judging these great competitions.
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  • Don_OelloDon_Oello Posts: 259 Member
    Winning QCSims36 and QC36 feedback on Torendi Party 1999

    my simversion of Prince won the sim challenge in QC36 B),
    judge feedback
    Prince looks amazing what a great choice to honor such an amazing person gone to soon. You did an excellent job creating the sim version with an amazing likeness to the photo you chose. We loved the outfits you chose for him as he is always in such great style. Great aspiration and traits, well suited to Prince. We also love the added accessories for him. Fantastic effort creating Prince's sim version well done.

    download sim here: Prince

    special thanks to @Cbear13 for creating such beautyful sigs and banners

    Feedback on Torendi Party 1999
    this is the 1st time i entered in the QC house challenge,
    judge feedback: We really loved the exterior look of your penthouse for the late great Prince! It really flowed well with the rest of the building too which wasn’t a requirement but impressive none the less! We loved the look of the pool and creative way you created a cover over it! We thought it was great that you added purple throughout the penthouse as the color was so iconic of his style and music! The wall of iconic guitar’s and trophies’ looked really amazing and we loved how you roped it off. We thought the art you choose in the open plan living area really looked nice and went well with your chosen celebrity. We thought the in home spa you created was done really well. We thought all the party activities you added really went well with your chosen celebrity. Good job!
    You were a bit over budget by $164.We noticed a lot of placement issues with plants going into fencing and into the walls on the inside of the penthouse. *Tip Using the alt key when placing objects that span to the grid will keep things from going into the wall in the future* We know you were over budget and have taken this into account but there was a lot of empty spaces in various spots inside and outside of your penthouse. We also thought parts of the exterior felt really dark in spots at night. We noticed a few things sticking into the walls such as the “void critters battle station” and a bathroom counter going into the window. And, while we loved the creativity of the cover you created over the pool 1 side of the trim was a different color then the other two sides and looked rather odd.

    Download house here: Torendi Party 1999

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  • masajomasajo Posts: 5,129 Member
    Many congrats on your win, awesome work with your Sim version of Prince :) Private Zen Station is absolutely beautiful, looks so serene and tranquil with a gorgeous relaxing colour scheme :)
  • Don_OelloDon_Oello Posts: 259 Member
    Vampire Tudor

    Download Link: Vampire Tudor
    Showcase Link: http://imgur.com/a/vN21m

    only brave souls and vampires dare to live in this tudor house, entry for QC38
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  • Don_OelloDon_Oello Posts: 259 Member
    edited April 2017
    sorry, double post
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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 158,450 Member
    The exterior design of Vampire Tudor looks very great! :) The tower shaped middle section of the home and the placement of the windows on it looks very nice! The red greenery looks great on the exterior walls! The black barren trees suit the build type well!
    Very nice dining room! The red ceiling candlelights look nice over the dining table. The tapestry on the wall is nice for sims to see when enjoying eating a meal at the table.
    The coffin room looks great! The standing candlights and the wall portrait of Vlad looks great in the room!
    Very nice study room! It is nice that there is a wall of bookcases. Sims will enjoy sitting at the desktable using the computer or reading a book from the bookshelf . The cobwebs here and in the other rooms of the home , and the ripped wall areas look great ! The patterned red wall paper gives a great look to the room.
    Very nice art nook! Sims will enjoy painting on the easel there. The wall cracks look great!
    Very nice living room ! Sims will enjoy either playing the pipe organ or sitting resting on the sofa listening to the music being played . They willl have fun dancing to the stereo music!
    The brick wall texture in the rooms of the home suit well the theme of the home.
    It is a great home for the Vampire ! :)
  • Don_OelloDon_Oello Posts: 259 Member
    QC38 feedback on Vampire Tudor
    QC38 results are in, this is what the judges said about my entry:

    Vampire Tudor looks wonderful we love the design and roofing of this house and the Ivy and brambles on the exterior are the perfect addition for an eerie feel. We love all the "Scraggly Trees" around the house and great choice using the wrought iron fencing. The interior is well designed and we love the color scheme, we love all the cracks, spiders and cobwebs through out it adds personality and age to this great house. Fantastic design and layout of the interior of the house. Edvard loved that you included an organ for him and wow he loves his new basement, a coffin to sleep in and a plasma tree to keep him well fed when he doesn't go out to lure an unsuspecting victim home for dinner. Great activities through out and the house definitely has a dark, eerie and grand feel to it. Great entry!

    With having plenty of budget left we feel the landscaping is a little bare in places and could of done with some more detail and decoration.
    When you have a fireplace on the lot make sure the build has a chimney.
    “Stacks of Canvasses” sticking into the wall in the hallway
    “IceBOX Vintage Refrigerator” is slightly sticking into the wall
    2 x “Simple Symmetry Bookcases” sticking into the wall in bedrooms
    “Nu Metal Pedestal” sticking into the wall in art room

    Adding some exterior lights for a spectacular night view would really improve the look especially for an eerie/spooky house you could set the color and intensity of the lights to give that eerie feel.
    With plenty of budget also experiment with adding more clutter for a lived in look and decoration
    Some items like fridges and bookcases depending on style can stick into walls when placed in the games default tiles
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  • Don_OelloDon_Oello Posts: 259 Member
    Fisherman's Study
    Download Link: Fisherman's Study
    Showcase Link: http://imgur.com/a/cC4at

    This is a small study for your fishing inspired sims with mounted fish cards from top fishing locations and the MySim Top Fisherman Trophy.
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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 158,450 Member
    I will repost here what I wrote on the challenge thread.
    Fisherman's Study is a great room for Philip to enjoy spending time in! :) The wall paneling looks nice, and the cards from top fishing locations on the wall is a great idea! They look great placed above the door.
    The mounted fish look great in the room, placed either sides of the windows and on the wall area each side of the corner book nook.
    The corner study desk and book nook looks great! The bookcases look nice placed on the corner walls. The mysim fisherman trophy is a very creative idea! It looks nice on the bookcase shelf.
    Philip will enjoy sitting at the desk table using the computer , and enjoy resting on the sofa reading a book. The floor rug adds a nice look to the room.
    The fish tank and fish bowl are great in the room, ready for him to put his latest fish catch in . It is great that the bowl is placed on the cases that he takes fishing with him.
    It is a very creatively thought out room! Thankyou very much for entering this week's challenge :)
  • SorceressSorceress Posts: 940 Member
    Beautiful builds on here :) Love them!
    Thanks to Cbear13 for the signature and showcase images!
    Origin Id: Sorceress2696
    Sims 4 Gallery Here!
  • Don_OelloDon_Oello Posts: 259 Member
    thank you @Sorceress and thanks for the the recommendation for maxis favs for Vampire Tudor <3
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  • SorceressSorceress Posts: 940 Member
    Don_Oello wrote: »
    thank you @Sorceress and thanks for the the recommendation for maxis favs for Vampire Tudor <3

    Most welcome! Was a really nice home for Vamps :)
    Thanks to Cbear13 for the signature and showcase images!
    Origin Id: Sorceress2696
    Sims 4 Gallery Here!
  • masajomasajo Posts: 5,129 Member
    Fisherman's Study is a wonderful room, love the mounted fish and postcard arrangement and the fish tank, very creative :)
  • lyssanlyssan Posts: 53 Member
    Simple yet on point, especially with all the frogs in the tanks, I did not see them coming at all :)
  • Don_OelloDon_Oello Posts: 259 Member
    Atlantis Reef

    Download Link: Atlantis Reef
    Showcase Link: http://imgur.com/a/Puznl

    A colorful living/dining room in a deep sea theme, entry for QCRooms52

    leave a cooment if you like, it keeps me building B)
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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 158,450 Member
    edited February 2017
    The layout and design of Atlantis Reef looks very nice! :) The golden and the blue floor tiling looks very nice!
    It looks great how the living room area has been separated off ! The shape of the sitting area looks great! The fish floor rug looks nice there. Very nice tv nook! It looks great how the cabinets have been placed to create the nook and aquariums placed either sides. Sims will enjoy resting on the sofas watching tv. The ceiling lights look pretty! The mounted fish look great on the wall areas either side of the tv nook.
    Very nice bar and dining area! The alternating coloured stools looks nice . Sims will enjoy sitting on the stools having a drink from the bar. The drinks bucket looks great on the bar counter. The different colours of the dining chairs also looks very nice. The pink and purple circles floor rug looks very effective under the dining table!
    Very nice corner nooks where the statue and golden floor tiling is! The mounted fish look great on the corner walls, and the aquariums suit the theme well! The blue striped wall patterning in the room looks very nice and also reflects well the room theme.
    It is a very nice underwater themed room :)
  • Don_OelloDon_Oello Posts: 259 Member
    QCRooms52 feedback on Atlantis Reef
    Download Link: Atlantis Reef
    Showcase Link: http://imgur.com/a/Puznl
    The judges of QCRooms gave me this feedback on my entry:
    Atlantis Reef looks amazing what a creative and colorful room. We love how you divided up the room with the half wall, columns and spandrels. The color scheme is gorgeous with the sense of shimmering water and beautiful pops of color reminding us of colorful fish and beautiful reef. Great use of different wall and floor coverings and how they are creatively used in the room. Andrina the mermaid loved all the aquariums around the room adding so much life and she thought the “The Colorful Beneath” rug with fish design looks great and fits the water theme well. She loved the beautiful decorations with the fish plaques on the walls and the "Plant and Stones of Serenity" around the room. Overall this room looks amazing and so eye catching, we love the creativity and colors of this room. Well done gorgeous entry.
    2x “Regal Planter” sticking into wall
    The room is quite lacking in activities and we would of loved to see 1 or 2 more for sims to enjoy.
    When placing a bar in a room remember that this will create dirty glasses and placing a bin or sink nearby will help sims to clean up easily (no points removed)

    Thank you @Cbear13 and team QC <3
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