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Roleplay Challenge

StormyDayzStormyDayz Posts: 4,024 Member
I absolutely love reading Simmerville Sim's Sims by Numbers Show here: simmerville.blogspot.com/. I give all credit for this challenge idea to them. What I have been thinking of doing is very similar. I want to do a roleplay style challenge. In this challenge there would be 8 sims living in a house. Each of them being numbered 1-8. Chores and activities that the sims get to do depends on what is rolled for them each day. The only ones that have their chores and activities already determined is the lucky sim who had the greenest plumbob the night before and the unlucky sim who had the worst plumbob the night before. The lucky sim gets to follow their whims and aspirations all day and the unlucky sim gets to be the one to clean that day.

I think I will have the challenge last 4 weeks with aging off. I think the prize will be that the winner is the founder of my TS4 Baby Challenge. I haven't decided on rules for that challenge as of yet. The strictness of getting an A in school is making me leary of following the same rules as TS3.

In addition to rolling for chores each day they will also roll for the activity of the day. Here is the daily schedule I came up with using Simmerville's schedule as a base.

6am breakfast

7am chores

9am skilling/aspirations

12pm lunch

After lunch roll for an activity

8pm dinner

After dinner is free will

11pm plumbob check

Chores other than lucky and unlucky will be rolled for:

lucky sim follows whims & aspiration all day

unlucky sim cleans



gardener 1

gardener 2



Activities I have thought of so far:

party (roll for which type)

go to park (roll for which park)

visit a neighbor (roll from lucky sims friend list)

more skilling

visit a pub (roll for which one)

visit the gym (roll)

visit the library

visit the museum

free will


1-8pts greenest to reddest plumbob

1pt for each new skill

1 pt new relationship

1-8pts aspiration pts

If you have any ideas as to chores, activities, ways to earn points, ect please let me know! Once again I give all credit to this challenge to Simmerville.


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