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4th Muse Builds!

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I'm by no means good, but I'm putting together a bunch of lots for my next Sims stories series after I finish my current legacy. Building is such a great break from the feels! Will probably have to make some cc for some of it (ewww), but whatever. Click the links to view them. (Yes, I know, there is only one right now, but one day there will be many, probably.)

Anyway, suggestions would be great, and I'll put it on the gallery once I'm done playtesting it and what not.


Willow Creek Academy - I am struggling a bit with some of the spacing, as there is some dead space, but I won't be able to tell whether I can cut some of it out or to keep it until I experience about 15 sims walking around in there. Anyway, first floor is completely done, will probably get the energy to finish up the second floor before the weekend. I kinda want it done so I can work on something else, like a dorm or orphanage.

Reboot in General - Dunno, haven't fully planned out all the lots for my Willow Creek and Oasis Springs reboot for the story, but I suppose that's a good thing, gives me time to change my mind. I will probably have very, very few residential lots, mostly because most of the sims I like are not in the world, and I like that, and with the mod to keep the sims from being culled, it seemed like a perfect fix. So that way I can have a school, an SBI unit building, publishing agency, an abandoned house, and more. Who knows, might end up burned out and just quit half way D: who knows! Or might just build things as I need them for the story.

Thanks for reading! I love construction critique and suggestions. (do not pull punches)
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