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First Asylum Challenge Results! (+plus daft story!)

So, for those interested parties out there...

My sim, Jonathon Strange, he relishes the irony of his name, he's heard all the jokes, had been commited to the local Insane Asylum. It was not a dignified entry to the life of the hospitalized, he was dragged away from his home, bundled into a van and then pushed through the door. He resisted the whole time..

"But it's TRUE! I CAN Believe It's Not Butter!"

"It's obviously not!"

"Why will no one believe me?"

His doctor had told him that a safe environment to work out his delusions was the best idea. He told him that if he could finish the task that was set him, he could leave. He must become a world class chef. Jonathon was, at this point, concerned with the sanity of the doctor himself but fearing his incarceration could be extended he kept quiet.

The hospital was not the best facility in the world. In fact it was one of the worst. But it had been great in it's day. And his family had hopes that the rattling shutters, tattered bed sheets and that weird empty room out back were hiding the true abilities of the doctors inside.


Trouble was, there were no doctors inside.

There were however a group of very dishevelled and lonesome characters roaming its halls. Their need was obvious by the piles of laundry on the floor and the fact every water related item in the place was pouring its contents onto the floor.

Jonathon looked around, the others followed him, stopping only to shout at themselves or the furniture. There weren't even enough beds and the kitchen was a joke. How to become a first class chef with this lot! And in the fridge.... a tub of... no... not that butter substitute!


After several days of living in the asylum Jonathon was focussing entirely on his task. He needed to become a world class chef! The kitchen was filled with his creations, he covered every surface in bowls of Autumn Salad.

“I don't know much about cooking but if I just keep making this over and over I'm bound to learn what I need!”

He was right. With every passing day his skill grew, by making umpteen bowls of salad he could soon make Grilled Salmon and Roast Turkey. His favourite dish was pumpkin pie but he cooked a mean French Toast. His progression was hampered only by his room-mates. They continued to break everything they touched and he found himself daily mending everything.

Soon he could take no more, the lack of beds and the fact that the ones that were there were so useless meant he was tired and cranky as it was without having to stick his head in a toilet. He took his wrench and with some well placed wallops he made everything unbreakable.

“Try and break that lot, you bunch of weirdos.”

A guy walked by in flippers.

Day by day his skills grew and he became more attached to the bunch of misfits wandering about. They even seemed to want to better themselves. So he bought them some books and some flowers for the house, and when they weren't sponge bathing themselves in the kitchen sink, they seemed to appreciate them.

He even managed to throw a few parties for his work colleagues, and they went down well. If you ignore the naked burnt woman helping herself to cake.

He had been there just over four weeks when his final promotion came. The wave of relief that washed over him was incredible. He was free. But what would he do now? He had achieved in his early adult life what most Sims only dream about. And his skill set was immense. Could it really be that this was the best thing to have happened to him? Surely not.

As he walked down the path for the last time he turned for one last look. He would actual miss this place and how would he ever be able to cope not having to queue for the shower?

A hot dog came out the front door, followed by the guy in flippers.

The hot dog started playing a guitar.

The flipper guy danced.

He'd miss them.

So, that was the basic story! Jonathon escaped in 41 days. He maxed out cooking skill and got 9 points on handiness, plus a few other bits and bobs. He also became a 3 star celebrity with 86,000 Aspiration Points.

My final score was 141. Don't now if that was good or not :)

Really enjoyed doing this challenge, not only my first Asylum Challenge but my first ever challenge so, you know... YAY!


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