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Nolan Custom Creation Thread

ENolanENolan Posts: 2,735 Member
With my main Nolan Recreation Thread having been completely maxed out, I needed a thread to split up what I've done so far! So I decided that sharing my custom creations in one thread while the Recreations are shared in another thread would make the most sense! So, without further ado, I welcome you all to my custom creation thread!

My Creations and Recreations:
- My Main Household: My Twin and I!



Obviously, we have the dreaded... well, me, on the left. I'm not exactly perfect and I do try to display that in my looks as well as personality. Genius, Perfectionist, and Ambitious. I do dream of being better...


On the opposite side, we have Erin, my twin and doppelganger. She lives the model happy life and seeks to ensure that happiness goes on forever. Creative, Genius, and Music Lover. Erin's hope is share the love of brilliant music with everyone in the world.

- Takamoto Triplets: Natsumi, Airi, and Yumiko


Natsumi Takamoto is the consummate perfectionist and the oldest of the triplets. From a household of constant moving, Natsumi has learned so many skills that she hopes to master all of them. Genius, Perfectionist, and Neat. Natsumi will be a beacon of inspiration for those who seek to better themselves everyday.

airi_takamoto___evolution_by_rvu-d7vc5nl.pngAiri Takamoto is the second of the triplets, but refuses to fall behind either of her sisters. Airi constantly moved with her family all of her life and brought a larger-than-life personality with her. Materialistic, Outgoing, and Cheerful. Airi's star is constantly rising and might even burst through Simanity's fourth wall!


Yumiko Takamoto is the youngest of the Takamoto triplets and clashes with the older two consistently! She won't stop rebelling, whether it's the family's curfew or the town's speed limits, and it's driving EVERYONE MAD! Hot-headed, Childish, and Bro. Yumiko brings all the fun her sisters don't... Often at the expense of the audience's migraines.

- The Stroud Siblings: Kami, Lana, Will, and Isaac
(This household was by far the hardest to recreate, yet easy to add to. I wanted to post this as an example of a work that was incomplete without the use of mods and Create-A-Style)

Kami's Traits: Genius, Geek, Neat

Kami Stroud was created out a need to differentiate generic sims who would harass my main TS3 family. Kami originally lived with Selena Croft below as BFFs, until the Stroud Clan was finally made to deliver backstory. Now, Kami takes the lead role in her household as she and her sister live with their forgotten brothers.

Lana's Traits: Loner, Gloomy, Genius

Lana Stroud is literally one of the few gothic beauties I've been able to craft since I could never find a goth Sim, (even Bella - see what I did there?!), that seemed perfect. Lana was beyond hard to recreate or even update for The Sims 4 and I consider her recreation to be one of my worst works. Until TS4 receives some necessary upgrades or mods, Lana will have finally gotten a tan and gone to full "Blood Red"head. THIS ONE I DO WANT TO HEAR REVIEWS ON.

will_and_isaac_stroud_by_rvu-d7vcolo.pngWill's Traits: Active, Bro, Materialistic
Isaac's Traits: Self-Assured, Outgoing, Bookworm

Will Stroud (Left) and Isaac Stroud (Right) are my first attempts at utilizing the "Genetics" tab with Kami and creating twins for the Stroud Sisters. Despite their devious appearances, they are the picture of nobility as their inclusion was to replace their evil father who practically held the sisters hostage. While they had no previous iterations in earlier Sims games, they pick up the quality of the Stroud Siblings household by adding redeeming members to replace the one evil one. Until I can make an evil elder father....

- Croft Family: Jarod, Sara, and Selena

Jarod's Traits: Active, Hot-Headed, Family-Oriented
Sara's Traits: Romantic, Neat, Family-Oriented

Jarod and Sara Croft were young lovers growing up, but would have an on/off relationship until, one day, Jarod's man-eating mother called him and informed him that she was planning to move in with him and Sara. This lead to them finding an unexpected surprise! The Sims 4 sees Jarod and Sara happy and young, without their toddler twins. Jarod was originally created to add backstory to his little sister while Sara was a beautified clone of a default Sims 3 woman, (Given her hair, you might be able to guess.) With The Sims 4, they have been carefully crafted intentionally rather than hastily thrown together.

Selena's Traits: Good, Music Lover, PerfectionistSelena Croft was the picture of innocence before her man-eating mother moved in with Jarod and Sara. With her advice, Selena would take in a REALLY BAD boyfriend, but couldn't get out of it due to her brother taking his frustration out on the bad boyfriend. The Sims 4 sees a younger and completely innocent Selena rather than the Sims 3 version who many wanted to save. Selena is amongst the highest crafted and modded Sims I ever made back in The Sims 3 and took an excessive amount of time to completely convert to The Sims 4. I refused to post her until I considered it worth everyone's while.


From left to right:
  • Brandi Hamilton
  • James Arrington
  • Juliette Chase

From left to right:
  • Brooks Blue
  • Jax Thrasher
  • Blair Cho

Hawthorne-Stuart Family
  • Cora Stuart
  • Jonas Stuart (Cora's Husband)
  • Sean Hawthorne (Cora's older brother)

Childs Family
  • Alexandria Childs (mother of the teen boys)
  • Milton Childs
  • Vincent Childs

- Alien Resident: Monique Bouchard
Two Versions: With and WithoutOutdoor Retreat content

Possibly More To Come Later! If I can finish a lot of recreations!

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