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Winners Announced! ♦Fabulous Foundations♦ Come and look at the wonderful entries:-)

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A building contest with a twist!

Entrants will need to download the base of the lot and install it in their game. Then they will need to build something fabulous on the foundation.
Simple? Not Quite!
For extra points you will need to research and use a specific architectural style in your build.
Check out this guide here which is quite comprehensive for US styles.
This one here more so for European style ideas. Feel free to use Google and get ideas elsewhere though.
To make this easier there will be no upper budget on this build but it will need to stay on the lot size given.
If this is popular I might continue it with a new and possibly more challenging foundation when this one closes.

Download Foundation 1 HERE


1, You can enter twice only.
2, Please place the foundation on the same size lot (30x30).
3, No CC allowed - Store items except the Amore set, Now & Then Manor & limited edition items all fair game.
4, DO NOT ADD ANY FOUNDATION - you must only use what is there.
5, You can add a summer house/garage etc as long as it doesn't use foundation.
6, The upper floors have to also stay within the foundation floor plan.
7, Up to 1 CAP pattern may be used per entry.
8, There are no restrictions on windows/doors and stairs.
9, Sims 3 only - I do not have (or want) Sims 4
10, No basements
11, All cheats allowed inc MOO and CFE.

Closing Date is Sun 26th October Midnight GMT.
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