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MCB Build Showcase - 3 new builds on pg. 7



  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 159,150 Member
    The design and furnishing of Eco Dream Kitchen looks so very nice! :) You have brought the outdoors inside in this very nice kitchen.Very nice layout of the room! The workbench table in the middle of the room looks great! The cookbooks, watering can, and green flowers are nice outdoors touches on top of the table. The wall texture gives a great natural feel to the room. The marble flooring looks very nice. The flowers wheelbarrow is pretty in the room. The stove nook wall looks great! The kitchen decor items on the wall shelves, the display cabinets and the wall utensils add such a nice look to the room area! The type of stove used suits well the theme of the room. Very nice windows armchairs and stool sitting nook! It is a very nice light filled alcove for sims to enjoy sitting resting there in the natural sunshine warmth and light. The books look great beside the chair. The corner of plants and flowers display shelves stand looks very great! They are nice touches of nature, green and colour in the room. The gardening tools on the wall are a great outdoors touch there. The log themed fire place area looks very nice. The fire will keep sims warm in the room. The hanging pans, kitchen wall shelving, olive oil bottles , condiments and spice set are great kitchen touches there. The branch lamps suit the Eco theme well! The herbs growing on the walls are great for sims to use in cooking.
    It is a very nice Eco and natural themed kitchen! Thankyou very much for entering this week's challenge ! :)
  • lotlot80lotlot80 Posts: 758 Member
    You have a great showcase here.

    ♥♥---->>> Please Leave A Comment On My NEW Builds Thread !! --- I'd Really Appreciate It. <<<----♥♥

  • misscbongmisscbong Posts: 736 Member
    Here is an Unfurnished house I made a while back. It's part of a series of specific styled houses I have been working on in Newcrest:

    Waterbrooke House

    This is a spacious 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathroom house on a 30x20 lot and it comes in at $37,850 unfurnished. I kept the car in the "garage" just to show what the purpose of the room is, but that can most certainly be removed and the room can be used for whatever.

    There is an open concept kitchen and family room, a formal dining room and formal living room area. There is also an open playroom or den upstairs, and a study downstairs with a door.




  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 159,150 Member
    The exterior design of Waterbrooke Home is so very nice! :) The roofing is very nice! The flower box windows and the flowers and tree nook in the front garden look so pretty! Very nice roof covered front porch. The lattice trellis roofing over the back porch looks very nice! The lilypads pond and water fountain feature is very nice touch in the build . Very nice layout of the interior of the home! It is great that there are four bedrooms in the home.
    Simmers will enjoy downloading the home and furnishing it to suit their sims family. It is a very nice home! :)
  • misscbongmisscbong Posts: 736 Member

    This spacious, gorgeous kitchen is the heart of the home! This family friendly space encourages time spent together around the table, pulled up at the counter, or helping a parent cook!

    This room is decorated in basegame and Parenthood items only!



    (I LOVE the new items from Parenthood! TOTALLY my style!)
  • BreeMilesBreeMiles Posts: 8,272 Member
    Looks adorable! I got to run over and pick that one up!
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 159,150 Member
    The Family Kitchen is very nice! :) The furnishing of the room with the new items from the pack looks great! The new counters and cabinets look so very nice! It looks very nice how you have placed them in the room. Very nice island sink and bar stool counter. Sims will enjoy sitting on the stools eating a meal. The new washing box item , plate , fruit bowl on the dining table and the flowers in the corner nook are very nice new touches in the room. The mugs rack and hanging pans look great in the room also. The clothes and shoes racks and coat stand are homely touches. The kids paintings on the wall are a special touch. Very nice eat in windows nook for sims to enjoy dining in the sunshine.
    The kitchen is very nice! :)
  • lisa17annlisa17ann Posts: 2,738 Member
    Hello @misscbong I don't know how I missed your showcase until now but, I am so glad I found it :) because, I love your builds! They are all so lovely! And, I too am in love with the new pack and all the objects that come with it! They are also totally my style! <3 The kitchen you created with it is so adorable and I really like how you mismatched the blue and green it looks so welcoming and very well put together! wonderful job as always!

  • misscbongmisscbong Posts: 736 Member
    - New Orleans Neighborhood! -

    It's been AGES since I have completed a lot. Wow...I really am bad at finishing all of my builds. I get way too many ideas, and start them all, but never finished.

    So, I'm not working on my millionth blank neighborhood...but it's actually going better!

    Without further rambling...I introduce you all to my New Orleans Neighborhood builds.

    Clay Street Cottage:

    This is an historically accurate Shotgun style house. It has no CC, and is under budget at only $16,268 on a 20x15 lot. It has one bedroom and one bathroom, and stays true to the character and charm of New Orleans style shotgun houses.







    Let me know what you think!

    I've finished the second (even cheaper!) starter home, and a community garden
  • misscbongmisscbong Posts: 736 Member
    Orleans Historic Garden
    Gallery Link: Gallery Link

    This is a small 15x20 community garden that I wanted it to look well loved (in history) but maybe like it was crumbling and slowly being taken over by ivy and the plants. I used only candles as lighting, and tried to incorporate them into the garden features and stone build pieces, to make them look more historical and old.

    My story behind it, while I was making it, was perhaps it was a private garden that was built by a husband for his ill wife. He used bright, sunny flowers to cheer her up, and created lots of covered area for her to sit and rest. And then, once she had passed, he didn't keep up the general care of the garden. Slowly, over the decades, the garden started to age and fall apart. It still remains, but the plants are taking over.

    I don't know, it was fun :smiley:






  • misscbongmisscbong Posts: 736 Member
    Blue Crescent Cottage:
    Gallery Link

    This is the tiniest and cheapest house I have ever made! Coming in at $12,111 this little New Orleans shotgun style home is perfect from a Sim who wants to save up their Simoleans! It has a good sized living room, a kitchen with bar top eating area, a full bathroom and a cozy bedroom.





  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 159,150 Member
    Each of the three builds are very nice! :)
    I will repost here what I wrote on the challenge thread about the Gardens build. The family story of the couple is very beautiful and lovely and at the same time is mixed with sadness <3

    Orleans Historic Gardens is very nice! :) You have captured your theme that you wrote about it the background details so very well! It looks great the way the ivy and greenery cover the items. The design of the gardens looks very nice! The ivy looks very nice on the iron gates. Very nice water fountain centrepiece! It looks great! The flowers look very pretty around the edges of the fountain! The candles are nice and special touches placed throughout the gardens areas. The statues look great in the build. The plaque is a great touch. Very nice gazebo! The stone texture used and the weathered columns gives a great look and feel to the gazebo. It looks an old and very special gazebo that has remained there for a long time, and is still enjoyed as a place to come to. Sims will enjoy cooking on the grill and eating food at the old picnic table. The greenery looks great on the follies.
    The Gardens is very nice! :)

    Very nice exteriors of both of the starter homes! :) The fencing and flowers look very nice in the front areas of the homes. Very nice layout of the interiors. The brown, blue and green colours used in the builds looks very nice. Very nice wall pattern in the living areas of Clay Street Cottage. The kitchen, dining and living room area is very nice and light filled for sims to enjoy the sunshine coming in through the windows. The sofa and armchairs sitting nook is very nice for sims to relax near the fire and watch tv or read a book.
    They are very nice homes for sims to enjoy starting their sims lives in :)
  • misscbongmisscbong Posts: 736 Member
    Brindleton Dunes Estate

    My dream came true....we now have shingle siding in game!!! No joke, I have missed it since Sims 3 and am soooooooo happy to have this hamptons-style pack! LOVE all of the new objects!

    This massive UNFURNISHED home is a dream come true for any Sim. It boasts 5 large bedrroms (2 of which are master suites!) 6 bathrooms, a library, family room, large eat in kitchen, grand dining room, two pools, two covered porches, wrap around deck, second floor greenhouse and tons of rooms to furnish and decorate. Such stunning views from every room in the house, this Estate was a pleasure to build.

    Brindleton Dunes Estate




    First floor

    Second floor
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 159,150 Member
    Brindleton Dunes Estate looks so very, very nice! :) The exterior design of the build looks so very great! Very creatively designed roofing! The tower looks great! Very nice wraparound deck, The layout of the build, both the exterior and the interior looks so very nice! It is a very grand build! The flowers and plants in the front garden look very pretty .
    It is a very special and very nicely designed estate home! :)
  • misscbongmisscbong Posts: 736 Member
    @rosemow Thanks! I was pleasantly surprised, to say the least!
  • misscbongmisscbong Posts: 736 Member
    Bergamot Boathouse

    I LOVE this lot placement in Brindleton Bay; it's not too big, but it has stellar views of the water and sand dunes. I knew I wanted to redo a Brindleton Bay world into a small, cozy English coastal town: brick exteriors, antique furniture, cozy rooms with fireplaces and older decor. *sigh*

    This English Cottage house has a spacious floor plan, with a sitting area and dining common room, cozy country style kitchen, a separte family area with computer desk and lots of books, all on the main floor! The second floor has a large family bathroom, with two good sized bedrooms, and an additional play area/tv lounge spot.


    Sitting area and dining room.


    Cozy, country kitchen with ample storage and work space.

    Family room with library and computer desk.

    Upstairs play room with television, perfect for children or teens to escape.

    Teen bedroom, perfect for two young sisters (or brothers!) who added a bit more flair and modern touches to this coastal character home.

    Spacious master bedroom with a seating area, and dressing area (not pictured) which makes the perfect retreat and hideaway for any Sim.
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 159,150 Member
    Bergamot Boathouse is a very warming and homely home! :) Very nice exterior design of the home! The flowers and plants in the front garden area look so very pretty! The stone fencing looks very nice, and the texture of the exterior walls gives a nice feel to the home. Sims will enjoy watching the birds feeding on the seed feeder. Very nice furnishing of the interior of the home! The open plan fireplace sitting and dining area is very nice! Sims will enjoy relaxing on the tall armchair or sofa in front of the fire, looking at the sunny sunflowers. Very nice windows dining table area for Sims to enjoy eating meals in the sunshine. The fruit bowl is a great touch on the table. The crockery cabinets and display plates on top of it looks nice and homely. Very nice country style kitchen! The type of counters and cabinets used looks nice and the type of stove suits the home well. Very nice furnishing of the family room and upstairs play room! Very nice study desk area for sims to enjoy sitting at the desk table using the computer, with sunlight coming in through the windows. The books look great on the floor ! Sims will enjoy relaxing on the seating reading a book. The placement of the floor rugs adds a nice look to the rooms through the home. Kids will enjoy watching tv in the play room nook. Very nice design of the bedrooms! Nice modern style touches in the kids bedroom. The posters look great on the walls.
    It is a very warming and cosy home! :)
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