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MCB Build Showcase - 3 new builds on pg. 7


  • CorwimCorwim Posts: 3,201 Member
    Oh my, did I call Sims 4 desert world just Oasis Landing? Getting my Sims 3 and 4 worlds mixed up! Glad you got what I meant. :)

    Seabrook Haven is a wonderful house! I love the bright colours you've used, mixed with cream and wood textures, it perfectly captures a beach styled home.
  • misscbongmisscbong Posts: 736 Member
    edited February 2017
    La Noche Cathedral

    This was done for the QC Challenge #18 - needed to make an Abandoned Cathedral.

    La Noche Cathedral

    It was QUITE a time consuming build! I knew almost instantly the overall look I was going for. Unfortunately, Sims 4 doesn't have multi-level windows, so that was my biggest hurdle. I played around with different windows, but nothing quite lined up or looked good enough. Took some playing around, but I'm happy with how it all turned out in the end!








  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 153,574 Member
    The exterior design of La Noche Cathedral looks so very great! :) The roofing and dormers look very nice! The furnishing of the interior looks so very greaf! It is a very detailed build, both the design and layout of the build, as well how the bulld has been furnished! The exterior wall texture gives a great to the cathedral. The windows look very nice in the build !It looks great how you have designed the graveyard. The type of fencing used suits the type of build, and the gargoyles look great near the entrance gate. The tombstones look great how they are placed in the graveyard. It looks very nice how the seating has been set up in the build, on each side of the aisleway. The two types of seating used looks very great! They suit well the type of build. Very nice pipe organ nook at the front area of the cathedral. The red candles are a nice touch either sides of the organ. The cobwebs are great touches through the build. The upper balconies /rafters look great! The wall candlelights are nice touches in the build.
    It is a very nice and very detailed Cathedral build! :)
  • masajomasajo Posts: 4,627 Member
    Your Cathedral is amazing, absolutely beautiful in fact! The interiors are spot on, very authentic looking and the graveyard looks very spooky :)
  • DelsDels Posts: 288 Member
    Very dark spectacular building. Great interior and refined details!
  • CorwimCorwim Posts: 3,201 Member
    Wow, La Noche Cathedral has outstanding architecture, beautiful! The interiors are gorgeous and very accurate. Fantastic job!
  • lyssanlyssan Posts: 53 Member
    As someone who had built a church in Sims, I do appreciate how hard it is to actually achieve anything even remotely similar to it! Really well done :) I do also wish we had multi-level windows, it would make life so much easier (amongst many other bb functionalities :) )
    The little graveyard on the side is a great touch :)
  • misscbongmisscbong Posts: 736 Member
    @rosemow - You're too sweet! I really tried to pay a lot of attention to all of the small details, so I'm happy you like it!

    @masajo - Thanks so much! I was hoping to make an "arch" sort of look with the interior walkways, so hopefully that came across!

    @Dels - I was hoping it would look super dark and spooky :) so glad it worked out!

    @Corwim - Aw, thanks! It tooks ages (hours and hours!) but it was so fun to do! So unlike the usual types of builds that I work on!

    @lyssan - It was hard! Haha. I miss the multi-levels windows so much, especially in builds like this!


    I'm working on TONS at the moment. I'm also redoing all of the apartments, and hoping to keep many of them at the #starter level for Sims moving into them.

    Does anyone even download apartments? I didn't realize I would have to do it like a Room, as opposed to a house...
  • misscbongmisscbong Posts: 736 Member
    edited February 2017
    Redo: 19 Culpepper House

    I am planning on redoing a lot of the apartments that are currently available. It's weird uploading them as "Rooms" but I think it's the only way for it to work, at this point. I always LOVED making apartments in Sims 3, so I'm looking forward to playing around with these ones.

    I will be keeping the names the same as the Maxis lots, so people know where to place them!

    This two bedroom apartment comes in at only $15,626







  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 153,574 Member
    It is great that you are redoing the apartments! :) The redo of 19 Culpepper House looks great! Very nice kitchen nook! It looks great how the cabinets are placed on either side of the kitchen windows and that there is a bar stool counter for sims to sit on the stools and eat their meals. The multi coloured techno poster on the kitchen side wall adds a great touch of colour there! Nice living room area for Sims to enjoy resting on the sofa watching tv or listening to music from the music player. The street art looks great on the wall! Sims will enjoy playing the guitar there. Sims will like sitting at the study desk table reading a book or doing homework. The clothes shelf and shoes rack are great home touches near the front door. The type of beds used in the bedrooms look very nice, and the posters and strings of photos on the bedhead walls add a nice look to the bedroom areas
    It is a very nice renovated apartment :)
  • lyssanlyssan Posts: 53 Member
    The graffiti on a wall just give it this extra 'it is rented and there is nothing we can do about it' vibe :)
  • RyeCris16RyeCris16 Posts: 2,285 Member
    La Noche Cathedral is a gorgeous cathedral build! :smiley:
    I like your architecture, very cold and rustic! I like your windows placement. I feel your pain about struggling with windows. I really do hope they give us multi-story windows (and even doors). The ivies really give an old and spooky look. Your roofing is so wonderful too! And the gargoyles really add a great touch. Your landscaping is so very beautiful! I really love the graveyard. The use of ruined decor really give a spooky touch. Beautiful gardens as well! And your interior, so gorgeous! I really love the furnishing of this build. The organ altar is so creative! The use of crooked ivies, cobwebs, and cracked walls really give an abandoned-looking feel.
    I love it! I already added this to my faves! :smiley:

    And your 19 Culpepper House unit remodel is a fabulous build! :smiley:
    I love that it is based on a bad apartment look. The used of grungy-looking kitchen and bed really gives a pretty-ugly look, hehe! Wonderful furnishing too and I like that you used exposed bricks.
    I'm adding this to my faves too! :smiley:

    Also, I'm going to follow you in the gallery so I can keep track with your wonderful latest creations. :smiley:
    EA ID: RyeCris16 | Tags: #RyeCris16
  • misscbongmisscbong Posts: 736 Member
    @rosemow - So glad you like it! Also, you're so close 100k posts! WOW!

    @lyssan - haha! That is exactly what I was going for...and it's cheap "art" in case the renters like that kind of thing ;)

    @RyeCris16 - You're too sweet! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I had so much fun with the apartment build. I honestly LOVE apartments for the game, but find most of them pretty boring looking. So it's been great going in and moving walls around and changing things up...all within a set amount of rent!
  • LacedMetalLacedMetal Posts: 75 Member
    Wow @misscbong, you have some stunning build skills! *swoons*
  • misscbongmisscbong Posts: 736 Member
    @LacedMetal - Thanks! That's so nice of you to stop by and comment :) And I'm glad you enjoy my builds!
  • misscbongmisscbong Posts: 736 Member
    Zentia Modern Gym

    I really don't often build Community Lots. I've been working on a few for my "Coastal" neighborhood, but the current challenge for Quality Control was a great practice! I came up with a modern but zen style of Gym :)

    It's on a smaller lot, so it can really placed anywhere! It has locker rooms, each of which has their own sauna for women and men. There is a large pool and hot tub on the main floor, TONS of natural light coming it. The second story has a Yoga class, and a Boxing class. There are multiple types of equipment, and even a small "spa" area for gym members to relax after a strenuous workout.

    Gallery Link









    I hope you all like it! I'm actually pretty happy with how it turned out. I didn't clutter it up too much, as I figured a public gym would be pretty clean and organized.

  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 153,574 Member
    The colour scheme of both the exterior and interior of Zentia Modern Gym looks very nice! :) Very nice design of the exterior of the venue! The fenced plants areas in the front section of the build looks very nice. The windows look very nice how they are placed in the build. Very nice layout of the interior of the venue! The massage area is very nice! It looks nice how the half walls have been used there to separate off the massage table and chairs nooks. Sims will sitting on the chairs or laying on the tables having a relaxing massage. Nice treadmill and weights machine room. Sims will enjoy using the machines to keep fit, and sports shirt is a great touch on the wall. Very nice indoors pool and hot tub room! Sims will enjoy resting in the tub or enjoy swimming in the water. The triangle floor patterning looks very nice! The bathroom wall texture is calming. Very nice front desk reception area. The towels and spa toiletries items are nice touches on the wall shelves. The blossom is pretty on the counter for sims to see when checking in to the venue.
    It is a very nice modern gym venue for sims to enjoy visiting! :)
  • yanti68yanti68 Posts: 19,017 Member
    Your latest uploads are wonderful! I especially love the cathedral! WOW! Great architecture and I love the spooky vibe! Will be looking it up in the gallery. <3
  • misscbongmisscbong Posts: 736 Member
    The Vine Cottage

    This was an incredibly fun build to work on! I spent so much time on the decor and smaller "lived in" details, especially in the living room. I was going for a small English Cottage feel, and am working on a few more houses that will fit in with a "Cottswalds" style neighborhood.

    There is only one bedroom and one big bathroom, but it's really the perfect little house for a single Sim who has a bit of extra Simoleans to spend.

    Gallery Link








  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 153,574 Member
    The Vine Cottage is a very pretty and homely cottage bulld! :) It looks very nice both the exterior and the interior! The exterior design of the home and the wall texture looks very nice! The flowers in the front garden and floral greenery on the windows look very pretty! The wavy front footpath looks very nice, The dormers look very nice! Very nice furnishing of the interior! It is a very detailed and special home! The entrance nook is great! The shoes racks, coat shelf and garden rooms are nice welcoming home touches there. Very nice furnishing of the living room! The fireplace nook is very nice! The candles look pretty on the fireplace ledge. The grandfather clock is a nice home touch in the room. The decor items on the coffee table, side wall table, the walls and in the nook areas either sides of the fireplace look so very homely and very nice! The armchairs look nice angled either sides of the fireplace. Sims will enjoy sitting resting in front of the fire having a chat. Very nice design of the kitchen and eat in dining room! The cabinets look nice how they have been placed on the walls. The bookcase nook and the fridge nook look great! The ceiling candlelights look pretty in the home. The teapot is a nice touch on the dining table. The wall textures of the rooms gives a nice feel to the home. The candles , books and toiletries are nice touches on the bedside tables. The curtains on the bedhead windows look pretty! It is nice that there are double sinks and mirrors in the bathroom. The plant wall decor is a nice touch of nature there.
    The home is so very nice! :)
  • Ash072Ash072 Posts: 1,324 Member
    Great builds! Really love Culpepper, such a great city style apartment and your gym is beautiful. Totally can see it in Beverly Hills.
  • yanti68yanti68 Posts: 19,017 Member
    Oh the vine cottage is so pretty! Loving the old world charm! Will be looking it up in the gallery. <3
  • misscbongmisscbong Posts: 736 Member
    @rosemow - you're always so kind to stop by and comment on my builds! I'm so glad you think my build turned out nicely.

    @Ash072 - Culpepper was lots of fun, and I hope to have some other apartments uploaded soon

    @yanti68 - you're too sweet :) It was so much fun to build, and I really pushed myself in paying closer attention to making it look more "lived in"
  • misscbongmisscbong Posts: 736 Member
    Eco Dream Kitchen

    This eco friendly kitchen is my submission for this weeks #oneroomoneweekonetheme challenge. I had so much fun making this dream kitchen! I love kitchens with lots of natural light, and really wanted to include that is this room. All of the plants are part of my idea of an eco friendly room: edible plants, cleaning the air, and encouraging new plants to grow.





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