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Cow Plant.

So I know this has been talked about before so I apologize. However, my sim have not been able to fish out a cow plant seed. He has reached level 5 fishing and I have fished at all the water pools any tips?


  • BarryEvansBarryEvans Posts: 92 Member

    This is a very good site for tips etc. Try going down the gardening route.
  • cauliflowerscauliflowers Posts: 5,782 Member
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  • LokiSimsiesLokiSimsies Posts: 1,912 Member
    You can also get the cowplant as a reward for helping the space smuggler in the space exploration part of the rocket skill. It's a random chance card but it has always given me a cowplant berry.
  • jeepjeepcatjeepjeepcat Posts: 2,206 Member
    edited September 2014
    I got the cowplant seed within 5 fishes at the stream at the back of the oasis springs park, in fact it took me longer to find the stream and fish there (There's a little wooden sign you click on to get the fishing options in front of it) than it took to catch it. Good luck :smile:

    ps. If you're having trouble finding it one of the guides ( I googled 'Where to fish in Oasis springs for cowplant') has pictures, it's how I found it, in the dark!
  • Jlm0072012Jlm0072012 Posts: 159 Member
    Thanks for the answers:) appreciate it:) wish me luck:)
  • shay480shay480 Posts: 880 Member
    edited September 2014

    It looks like this in the daylight:


    Edit: Kind of top center with the pink shirt, she's caught a few of them. :)
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  • Jlm0072012Jlm0072012 Posts: 159 Member
    Thanks everyone:)
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