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Airis6962´s Builds & Sims for TS4-NEW! 🌟Tiny A-Frame Family🌟 p.76


  • BreeMilesBreeMiles Posts: 8,770 Member
  • AIRIS6962AIRIS6962 Posts: 5,606 Member
    Thank you very much to you all for your nice comments. It was very funny to make it :D
  • CouriervaughanCouriervaughan Posts: 20,570 Member
    great job and I just love it :)
  • AIRIS6962AIRIS6962 Posts: 5,606 Member
    @Couriervaughan, thank you very much !! :D
  • kreatorakreatora Posts: 554 Member
    First for me most funny is the building shape and and special facade, which looks like a laughing face. Eye - windows and doors - mouth. Interior colorful and joyful. And here we can see that we do not need to build monstrous clubs on large plots with stairs and five bars in the middle, where you have to look for sim if he disappears from sight. Already not to mention how many mega will be more in the game if we will be install such big clubs in the game. So small is beautiful - and very useful . Thanks dear Inma for this pub and ideas :)
    My ID Origin kreatora
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  • AIRIS6962AIRIS6962 Posts: 5,606 Member
    Thank you very much dear Ela. I think that less is more in respect of buildings and décor, so we agree :D<3
  • kreatorakreatora Posts: 554 Member
    Btw I I forgot to mention that. My polish friend did toadstool house XD I gave her link to yours pub. You both have a similar way of thinking and great imagination. Sometimes I'm jealous that I can not to look at the world in this way. My inner child probably already is too cynical and old :(
    My ID Origin kreatora
    Hero on EA AHQ
  • Tiki5872Tiki5872 Posts: 3,115 Member
    Awesome build! Love how you brought it together... very creative and ingenious!! :)
    Origin ID: Tiki5872
  • CayreesCayrees Posts: 147 Member
    good morning :)
    coz is morning here in Poland...
    AIRIS ur Pumpkin Pub is rly great building, like shape and colors, like pumpkins and like botany :D
    very creative and unique! <3

    ty Ela for sahring AIRIS thread link with me <3
  • DippyDesignsDippyDesigns Posts: 1,808 Member
    I adore your pumpkin pub, such a great idea, executed really well. Well done :)
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  • PeachesnDucksPeachesnDucks Posts: 1,537 Member
    I like all the colors you use in your builds. The Pumpkin Pub was so creative. Great job. :)
  • TheMatteo0TheMatteo0 Posts: 509 Member
    Wow! I love the Pumpkin Pub :p Its a really clever and unique design and fits in great with the Halloween theme! The interior design is also really funky and cool, loving your Sims 4 builds Airis :)!
  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 92,230 Member
    AIRIS6962 wrote: »

    This time I made a pub in a small lot. Just for fun, for experimenting, for Fall, for Halloween, for Cinderella, and th most important thing...for Botany !! LOL

    Dedicated to my dear friend Manssom :)






    Me Likes.

    That will help with my Halloween Picture Thread. Any chance you can make something similar in a residential house?
  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 92,230 Member
    How can I find your lots in the gallery? I need your Origin Id or Hashtag.
  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 92,230 Member
    edited October 2014
    I can't find you or none of your stuff in the gallery. I get no results found.

    Found you but only by typing pumpkin.
    Post edited by catloverplayer on
  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 92,230 Member
    edited October 2014
    Got the pumpkin lot but street lights and flowers didn't come with it. Also those lights don't appear to be in buymode..
    Post edited by catloverplayer on
  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 92,230 Member
    The pumpkin bar attracts so many townies and one of them even played the piano. I recolored the chairs,barstool and bar orange.
  • MarianSimssMarianSimss Posts: 53 Member
    nicely done i like it:) hugs
  • masajomasajo Posts: 5,717 Member
    Fantastic idea for Halloween and a great build, love this Pumpkin Pub :)
  • pelayodsovb6pelayodsovb6 Posts: 77 Member
    wow incredible buildings Airis!!
    You were wonderfull with the sims 3 and you are even better with the sims 4
  • KaylyRedKaylyRed Posts: 309 Member
    Love your builds! That little pumpkin is absolutely adorable. :D
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  • Chris2fer03Chris2fer03 Posts: 650 Member
    Pumpkin Pub is awesome! I wish I had that level of creativity. :) I also really like your Modern Starter, nice exterior and clean lines.
    Gallery ID: chris2fer03
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  • FrutosoFrutoso Posts: 60 Member
    My dear Empress, the Pumpkin Pub is amazing, lol.
  • WrathofCathWrathofCath Posts: 4,419 Member
    Airis, Along Came a Pumpkin Pub is so Adorable and creative! I love his happy little face and cute stem! :D<3
  • follyfootfollyfoot Posts: 3,450 Member
    Hi Airis Pumpkin Pub is a wonderful creative build beautifully done, I love how you have continued the colour theme to the interior as well. :)
    Hugs Folly
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