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Show us your pregnant sims!


  • SimSwim2SimSwim2 Posts: 2,411 Member
    @Lollipop234 She's so cute! She must've been a small woman before she got pregnant. From my experience, smaller women are not as big when they are pregnant.
    Origin ID: StripedRainbow
  • Lollipop234Lollipop234 Posts: 251 Member
    @SimSwim2 Yeah she's a really small person with small hips and small waist. I had other sim girls that became way bigger than her!

    She ended up to have a single boy, so fortunately I don't seem to have the twin bug. I seem to get a lot of boys though, I had like 8 boys and only 2 girls in the Sims 4.
    I'm playing the Sims since day 1.
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  • ASDF0716ASDF0716 Posts: 1,703 Member
    edited January 2015
  • sakagunsakagun Posts: 85 Member
    Hi, here are my twins who are pregnant.
  • MewMew Posts: 91 Member
    @sakagun That is awesome. I like the novelty of the matching outfits and matching bellies.

    This thread is like a massive touch bellies thread. lol
  • sakagunsakagun Posts: 85 Member
    Mew wrote: »
    @sakagun That is awesome. I like the novelty of the matching outfits and matching bellies.

    This thread is like a massive touch bellies thread. lol

    Thank you :) I'm glad you like them :)
  • SkellySpadesSkellySpades Posts: 328 Member
    My sim self. Apparently I'm going to be carrying "large".

    My Don Lothario got Nina Calienta preggers.

    Also Megan Fox. Surprise!

    One of my legacy girls, Einheria was pregnant. Here she is at her brother's wedding. Her bro is cooing over her belly. Super cute.

    Another side lady in my legacy. She's also huge.
  • SimSwim2SimSwim2 Posts: 2,411 Member
    edited January 2015
    Archer feeling his wife, Olivia's belly. She's not that big even though she's in her 2nd trimester. All these pictures of pregnant women with their cute bellies is adorable.

    Origin ID: StripedRainbow
  • Ezforu2cEzforu2c Posts: 115 Member
    Here is my simmie Shea pregnant with baby #2 :)
  • SimSwim2SimSwim2 Posts: 2,411 Member
    My pregnant Scarlett is pregnant with her first child. She's tiny despite being in her 3rd trimester.

    Origin ID: StripedRainbow
  • SimSwim2SimSwim2 Posts: 2,411 Member
    This mom is feeling her daughter's belly.

    Origin ID: StripedRainbow
  • creamceecreamcee Posts: 65 Member
    Kudos to this thread! It's so entertaining to look at different preggy sims... I can see talent flying everywhere. All HAIL Gorgeous pregnant women! Hahaha Sadly I don't have a screenshot of my sim being pregnant. Next time, I'll definitely post mine too!

    Keep the screenshots coming \o/
    *dances around*

  • lovejess2lovejess2 Posts: 3,045 Member
    I do like not having maternity clothes anymore pregnant Sims are looking much better
  • creamceecreamcee Posts: 65 Member
    edited February 2015
    @lovejess2 That's super true! It's a good thing that ts4 now allows pregnant women to use their casual/already worn clothes than having them changed to Maternity clothes... which often looks ugly haha.
  • SimSwim2SimSwim2 Posts: 2,411 Member
    @lovejess2 I hated maternity clothes. I felt they were ugly. I like that in ts4, pregnant sims can wear whatever.
    Origin ID: StripedRainbow
  • SimSwim2SimSwim2 Posts: 2,411 Member
    My pregnant sim going for an evening jog.

    She looks like she's about to pop.
    Origin ID: StripedRainbow
  • CaseyMarkamCaseyMarkam Posts: 138 Member
    awe! I love how in the sims we can customize the pregnant outfit <3 FINALLY
  • ChausserChausser Posts: 129 Member
    edited March 2015
    My second generation heir Clementine Igarashi calming her third child during a late night while early in her pregnancy with her fourth and fifth children.

    My third generation heir Uriah Igarashi with his three pregnant girlfriends. This screenshot is from a moment where the four of them are negotiating their shared futures. Emilia (farthest back), Lucy (closest), and Chirat (behind the couch) have agreed not to take Uriah to the pound to get fixed if he can find a way to adequately help support all of their children. Not the best moment for anyone involved, but things do get better.

    Lucy at her wedding with Uriah! :p

    I wanted to test how far you could push different body shapes with the body slide mods that are out there right now, and poor Lucy got the brunt of my test on the pregnant state. This was as far as I could get things before she started getting weird jagged edges, especially around the neck seam. An interesting thing to note: it turns out you can actually modify pregnant women (and their bellies!) with the cas.fulledit mode cheat, which led to what you see here. Also cake.
  • SimSwim2SimSwim2 Posts: 2,411 Member
    My mother and daughter sims are both in their 2nd trimester.

    Origin ID: StripedRainbow
  • SimSwim2SimSwim2 Posts: 2,411 Member
    Will is pregnant by an alien. His wife, Chloe is feeling his belly.
    Origin ID: StripedRainbow
  • swcheppesswcheppes Posts: 2,844 Member
    edited April 2015
    My little pregnant sim!

  • RhiiJayyRhiiJayy Posts: 201 Member
    So many bellies here xD
    Sadly I cannot post any of my pregnant sims just yet. So you'll have to hold on for mine :D
    OriginID: RhiiJayy
  • RhiiJayyRhiiJayy Posts: 201 Member
    Finally got member YAY! :smiley:


    This is my sim Gwen actually caught a picture of here as she was on her way to the hospital
    OriginID: RhiiJayy
  • milly001milly001 Posts: 378 Member
    I just found out my sim, Juniper, is pregnant with mixed twins! photos are sure to be on the way soon, might even have their wedding with the bump.
  • RhiiJayyRhiiJayy Posts: 201 Member
    edited April 2015

    Tegan Lothario in her first trimester. Father is Greyson Pancakes One of Bob & Elizas Triplets.

    In her second trimester

    Third and final trimester

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    OriginID: RhiiJayy
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