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Show us your pregnant sims!


  • BurtonMX12BurtonMX12 Posts: 1 New Member
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    How do I attach a picture? I tried but i keep getting the link and not the photo
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  • CayreesCayrees Posts: 147 Member
    you cant @burtonMX12 until your status is new mmber like mine ;/
  • lisamwittlisamwitt Posts: 4,409 Member
    SimSwim2 wrote: »
    lisamwitt wrote: »
    They do look a little funny. Tiny little bodies and huge jutting bellies. Lol. It's nice that they can just wear whatever, that was something fans always wanted, though some of those clothes look odd as maternity wear.
    Do you have the ability to change whilst pregnant or are you stuck in whatever they were wearing?

    You are able to change what pregnant sims wear by planning their outfit using a dresser or mirror. I have changed my pregnant sims clothes several times.

    Okay! Very cool. That is one complaint I have with 2&3 is that you are stuck with whatever they are wearing.
  • SimSwim2SimSwim2 Posts: 2,437 Member
    My Taylor Swift sim is pregnant by my Adam Levine Sim.


    The father of the child


    Both sims are found on my origin account. The ID is in my siggy :)
    Origin ID: StripedRainbow
  • OhMyHemsworthOhMyHemsworth Posts: 8,145 Member
    edited October 2014
    This Ned and his wife Kinsley, expecting their twin boys!

    My other sim Belle in full bloom
    And then, Chris smiles and it's all ok.
    -Tom Hiddleston
  • softis99softis99 Posts: 399 Member
    Pregnant buddies :)

    Indiana feeling his mom's belly:
    And yes, thats Mila Kunis ;)
  • JanayACollierJanayACollier Posts: 88 Member
    Adorbs sims everyone !
    here is My sim Chanice preg with her second son Rex Goth
    At her wedding with Alexander Goth. She was still preg with Rex.
  • ashleeloveslloydashleeloveslloyd Posts: 50 Member
    Ahhhh, loving these! :smiley:

    I'm loving the pregnancy part of Sims 4.
  • Rockinchica777Rockinchica777 Posts: 131 Member
    So cute! Am i the only one who has noticed that all pregnant sims are always huge even if they have one kid?
  • SimSwim2SimSwim2 Posts: 2,437 Member
    So cute! Am i the only one who has noticed that all pregnant sims are always huge even if they have one kid?

    I've noticed this as well. I also notice that they gained a little weight during pregnancy and are bigger after giving birth. I wish their bellies would be even bigger if they are carrying twins or triplets. I have yet to have triplets. I have had 8 sets of twins so far in my game without the fertility treatment reward.
    Origin ID: StripedRainbow
  • auntmadi4438auntmadi4438 Posts: 251 Member
    You can't really tell she's pregnant in this picture but I thought it was just a cute picture of her and her daughter.

  • CeliriaCeliria Posts: 3,488 Member
    A new sim I started playing today

    Tess Mattison


  • SimSwim2SimSwim2 Posts: 2,437 Member
    @Celiria I love Tess. She's a beautiful sim. Her eyes are great.

    Here's my pregnant sim, Ariana when she was pregnant with her daughter Mercedes. The father is none other than Don Lothario.


    Here's Ariana when she was in labor. You can definitely tell she was uncomfortable.

    Origin ID: StripedRainbow
  • br560br560 Posts: 1,836 Member
    Oh I love these sims :D
    Playing the sims since 2012
  • fullspiralfullspiral Posts: 14,528 Member
    Here's Lilly with hubby Hayden on the way to give her a massage and feel the baby.


    She just gave birth to a little boy, Artimus.

    They're going to be my A-Z baby challenge family.
  • FairyGodMotherFairyGodMother Posts: 7,290 Member
    Here is a pic of my sim pregnant with.....none other than....Don L's baby <3
    of course she is very athletic, so I did not care for how muscular she was, LOL
  • SimSwim2SimSwim2 Posts: 2,437 Member
    This is the 4th woman Don has impregnated. Here is my pregnant Kayleigh Bower.

    Origin ID: StripedRainbow
  • The_SimScraperThe_SimScraper Posts: 2,083 Member
    Babs and Ollies baby and the pregnancy :smiley:
  • SimSwim2SimSwim2 Posts: 2,437 Member
    My newest sim Renee and her boyfriend Nick. Renee was pregnant with her twin boys.

    Origin ID: StripedRainbow
  • chorvageechorvagee Posts: 544 Member
    I didn't know boxing is a good work out for pregnant women.

  • SimSwim2SimSwim2 Posts: 2,437 Member
    One of Renee's twin boys, Adrien feeling his mom's belly. Keep the screenshots coming. I love looking at the cute huge pregnant bellies.

    Origin ID: StripedRainbow
  • TiffanyRoseTiffanyRose Posts: 121 Member
    I love pregnant sims in the Sims 4. Baby bumps look much more realistic. Some of these sims look like they are carrying triplets! haha
    Gallery: Hellkittenn
    Simmer since 2001.
  • RufaceRuface Posts: 78 Member

    My favourite sim Eden, pregnant with Bob Pancakes third child (her first)
    I loooove this animation, along with the "share big news" interaction. Too cute for words!
  • SimSwim2SimSwim2 Posts: 2,437 Member
    My favorite sim at the moment, Cindy Chance when she was pregnant with triplets. She later on gives birth to Lesley, Noel, and Jeremy.


    Origin ID: StripedRainbow
  • kat3ikat3i Posts: 68 Member

    This was my first ever pregnant sim, I cant quite remember her name though, I had to take a picture because of the fork in her hand
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