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The Clone Challenge - Updated for Sims 4

The general idea

The clone challenge is using a single Sim in many saves. It's less time intense than a legacy, since it is completed in a single lifetime.

To play, you create your Sim and save in the gallery. Each time you start a new clone, you'll start a fresh game and place your clone Sim into the neighbourhood. You can put other Sims into the save, there are no restrictions on the neighbourhood in general.

The rules
  • You will start with one Sim who will be cloned many times. So make sure it's a Sim that you like to look at. Your clone also has to be fairly tough.
  • You may select any traits you think will be useful across a wide range of situations. Once set, all clones must have the same traits but you are allowed to change their aspiration before you start a new save.
  • You should be willing to kill some of the clones.
  • No two clones are allowed to travel the same path. They must all have different jobs and find different mates.
  • Clones must start with the normal Sim starter funds and no money cheats are allowed. They can start on any sort of lot or small house that can be purchased by a starting Sim. This means that they will need to start earning money in some fashion fairly quickly because purchasing any lot or house is going to eat up that cash.
  • Clones may participate in any single generation challenge that strikes your fancy including bachelor challenge, asylum challenge, etc. If that challenge has rules - your clone should follow those rules in preference to these
  • Aim for a total of 3 clones. Feel free to do more if they still entertain you.
  • Suggestions for some clone lives
    • Reach the top of any career
    • Restrict the clone to earning money only through any means except a normal job; collecting, gardening, art, writing, etc.
    • Collect all the things
    • Learn all the skills
    • At least one clone must die from something other than old age.
  • Depending on your goal - you can select either normal or long life. Normal will make collecting or skilling much harder to complete in time.
  • Failure is an option. Some clones may not reach their goals. To succeed in their goal, they must reach your chosen goal for that Sim before they turn elder. The goal can be related to their lifetime want but doesn't have to be.

The real heart of this is to follow new and different paths. Never had a gay or lesbian couple? Never adopted? Never tried for a Sim to live strictly off painting or playing music for tips? Never killed your main Sim? This is the time to try all of it. Because you know that clones are part of a throw away game, you aren't ruining a legacy or anything like it. So this is the perfect time to play a different game. Didn't work? Not all clones do. :)
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