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Lynnwood's ISBI Challenge Rules for TS4! - 3/22 University Update!


  • silveRose82_silveRose82_ Posts: 116 Member
    Hi Karababy! Sounds like you are getting a decent start on your ISBI. I think after talking with others multiple of us have changed the spouse's aspiration. I did for my second generation spouse, and just rolled her a new one figuring that would help count with the rolling aspiration points at the end. My poor ISBI devolved into a big mess in Gen 2, but I'm pushing through it and hoping for better things in the future. :) I started with an Eddie as my heir, and he did great! Jack is a cutie pie, as are most toddlers!
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 4,040 Member
    @silverRose82_ Thanks for your reply, very helpful! I think from now on if the aspiration for a TH's spouse doesn't seem like it has a chance to be completed, I'll randomize until I get one that might work. Bummer about your Gen 2, but I'll keep my fingers crossed it works out for you! Encouraging that your Eddie did great, hopefully mine does as well. He's doing better than I expected so far, so we'll see. And thanks about Jack! Can't wait to see what he looks like as a child and beyond. :)
  • mojot89mojot89 Posts: 9,780 Member
    @Karababy52 I typically change the spouse's aspiration to something that I think might be complete-able on their own. But I'm not gonna lie, in all 8 of the generations of my current family, I've never had a spouse complete an aspiration lol plus I always figured the randomizing traits and aspiration parts in the scores were for the kids.

    Also, your family is adorable! And don't worry about posting small updates on your family here! I don't think @Lynnwood will mind :) And I will most certainly enjoy them!
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 4,040 Member
    @mojot89 Thank you so much for your reply about spouse aspirations and for what you said about my founding family! :) I was so surprised to see you here when I was checking the forum this morning before going to bed (I keep weird hours). Why? Well, I had just finished spending all day and all night reading every single chapter of your Wilde I.S.B.I. before I came here. I wasn't going to do such a marathon reading session, but once I started, I couldn't stop! lol BTW, Gunner and Chastity's triplets are freakin' adorable! <3

    I'll be getting back to my founding family later tonight and hopefully Jack will age up to child before I'm finished with this gameplay session. Then they'll get started on having more kids. Crossing my fingers they only have one more, not twins or triplets. Their house isn't big enough. o.O Have a great rest of your day/night! :)
  • mojot89mojot89 Posts: 9,780 Member
    @Karababy52 I work 3rd shift, so my schedule is, by nature, weird! lol and thanks for the kind words you have for my triplets. You might be the only one, because I know I have absolutely NO kind words for them at the moment lol. You'll understand more whenever I get a chance to post my next chapter :bawling:

    And I hope you are only blessed with only one more kiddo in your game! I do not wish my misery on anyone lol!
  • silveRose82_silveRose82_ Posts: 116 Member
    @mojot89 Oh boy! I can't wait to see what they do to you. You have seen the insanity of Alan's generation yourself, so you have my sympathies, but also I won't deny occasionally laughing at what your game throws at you too.

    @Karababy52 I used to have a weird shift at work too, so I have been known to keep very weird hours myself. I was in the same boat with mojo's Wilde's. I started reading them, and while I didn't get through it all together in one sitting, I did binge through it so much which is what got me to start my own. :)
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 4,040 Member
    edited February 2020
    @mojot89 Ah, okay, that's cool. I don't work, I'm I guess you could say I'm retired, mostly. My weird hours are due to staying up too late to talk to friends in New Zealand/Australia and it just progressed from there due to other reasons. Mostly the fact Hubby much prefers my sweet voice waking him up (his words, not mine) for work than a jarring alarm clock. lol

    I can't wait to read about the chaos I'm sure the triplets are going to spread in your story. I'm sure it'll be hilarious for your readers, but you'll probably need to be put a padded room before they age up. hehe Seriously though, I love toddlers in TS4, they're just so adorably cute!

    @silveRose82_ Oh good, glad I'm not the only one that likes to binge read stories they've just discovered. Makes me feel a little less lame for doing so. lol

    Here's a bit of an update on my Lovell I.S.B.I. Jack aged up to child rolling Artistic Prodigy and Glutton. So now I have TWO gluttons eating all the food up in the house. o.O Thankfully, Amy gave birth to only one baby, a girl. Jillian rolled the Silly trait. Yep, Jack & Jill. lol I know, sort've cliche' but meh. I figured since Eddy is a goofball and childish, he'd be able to talk Amy into going for something silly like that. :)

    Here's child Jack and toddler Jillian:


    On a side note, I STILL haven't had any fails, so far! :p That's almost unheard of for an I.S.B.I. I think having the Parenthood pack and the fact Eddy's almost maxed out the skill has helped a lot with that! :) I'll tally up points at the end of this Gen when either Jack or Jillian take over. They're not having anymore children, two is plenty! However, I did update their house adding a room for Jack, an outdoor play area for the kids and a covered patio for Eddy's small garden.

    Here's a few more candid shots of the family under the spoiler if anyone would like to check them out.
    I don't have many pics of Amy doing things with the kids. But, she IS a great Mom! She did flash cards with Jack, played with him, they talked and danced together, etc. She tried to play with Jillian too, right after she aged up to toddler, but, uh:


    Anyway, here's a few more screenies:


    This pic cracks me up! lol Poor Amy is over there giving birth to Jillian and Eddy looks like he's just sitting there saying, "Wow, looks painful Babe, glad it's not me!" teehee In reality, they were chatting at the table while she was in labor and then she got up in the middle of their convo to give birth.


    Jack welcoming Jillian to toddlerhood, trying to make her laugh with funny faces while she eats her first solid meal. He seems to take after Dad that way. ;)


    Jillian telling her Daddy & Jack a story. She's so freakin' cute!


    And that's where I'm at so far. Jack starts school tomorrow. I added an easel in the remodel and Eddy drew a couple focused diagrams to hang up, one right by the front door and one in Jack's room. I'm hoping that helps encourage him to do his homework. Not sure if it's needed now though since Eddy can influence his kids to do homework. I love the Parenthood pack! <3

    Have a great rest of your day/evening y'all! :)
  • silveRose82_silveRose82_ Posts: 116 Member
    AWWW, Jack and Jill. Cute, and they are adorable! Congrats on the not having fails so far, I'm a big jealous! This family is adorable, I love it!
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 4,040 Member
    @mojot89 @silveRose82_ Thank you so much to both of you! :) I couldn't help it with the Jack & Jill, it just seemed right in this instance, cliche' or not. I didn't pick Jack's name, it was randomized, but I did pick Jillian. Thought about going full out with Jill, but restrained myself. lol

    Have a great weekend! <3
  • silveRose82_silveRose82_ Posts: 116 Member
    If any of you have been keeping up, or heck, if you haven't even, we are almost through generation A, and there is a new heir poll up to determine who gets to be Gen B's heir.
  • silveRose82_silveRose82_ Posts: 116 Member
    Well the Otts are back with an update if you are interested: Alan Otts

    We announced the winner of the heir poll and are almost to starting the next generation.
  • LynnwoodLynnwood Posts: 2,963 Member

    .... lol sry, real life rears its ugly head plus other games stole my soul. Starting to slowly dip my toes back into the Sims recently, though. We'll see how long it lasts.

    @mojot89 - Deserves an award for answering ?s for me while I'm off in la-la land. *gives gold star*

    I'll try to add my 2-cents to what I caught in the posts I missed. If I missed your ? however, or you need further clarification on something, ask away! I'm gonna try to keep a better eye on this post in the future.

    In other random news holy CARP is University hard in this version compared to past games O_o - But thus far I don't see any major changes that University would cause for an ISBI. Other than the fact that it will be patently impossible for anyone other than your TH to attend or succeed at attending said university, that is. (And in my limited experience so far, good luck with THAT too . . .)

    Ok - The Randomizing Traits and Aspirations for a Generation : Yes, that only applies to the children of that generation. As far as spouses go . . . I mean, TECHNICALLY you're not supposed to change their aspiration (even the one they come into the family with) unless it's completed. Reasoning behind that being you can theoretically change it from something difficult to something far easier (even if it's just to get some of the individual milestones and the over-all aspiration still won't get finished) and milk extra points that way. Having done so in the past (or continuing to do so) won't invalidate your game or your score, however. If you prefer to play this way, by all means. If you'd like to deduct points to make up for doing it in the past, then just calculate how many points you earned from the freely chosen aspiration and remove them. Easy peasy.

    There are no rules as to who you can marry in an ISBI, and that includes sims from other legacies with earned skills and traits. So no need to remove them.

    Nope, I don't mind small updates to let us know how your games are going! I only request that you don't embed a ton of pictures into said posts. (And if you do want to share a lot, then put it in a Spoiler tag). ;)

    As always, HAPPY SIMMING!! and much love to those of you who continue to play in the ISBI sandbox of crazies and then tell me about it.
  • SimCaveSimCave Posts: 80 Member
    edited April 2020
    Dear @Lynnwood thankyou for posting this challenge. Happy Simming to you too.

    My created Sim for this challenge was randomized for name and traits. :)

    Charlotte Hay
    Perfectionist, Outgoing, Erratic
    Oasis Springs
    ISBI Founder

    Her future mate was taken from the gallery. I'm sorry I can not remember the creator's name.
    Mr. McGrumpy Pants, no that is not his real name, realized his intended destiny as a NTH in my ISBI.

    That front door looks inviting.

    He cleans up after himself so his life is doomed.

  • ShadamiShadami Posts: 4,037 Member
    Ive already lost track of points but I'm having fun with it xD
  • LynnwoodLynnwood Posts: 2,963 Member
    @SimCave - Welcome to the ISBI crazies! I swear I thought I replied to your post already . . . bah. Your founder is pretty! And wow, Erratic on a random roll? It's meant to be . . . I like her gallery captive husband-to-be as well! Always a nice bonus when they clean up after themselves . . .

    @Shadami - I almost always lose track of points . . . it's a curse.
  • SimCaveSimCave Posts: 80 Member
    edited April 2020
    @Lynnwood Thankyou. Gallery Captive is married and will be a father soon. Charlotte Hay is doing well and though her NTH husband nearly wet himself twice, he didn't. He has also been going to work every day so far. I'm waiting for this goodness to come crashing down. Maybe when Charlotte gives birth the havoc will come.

    @Shadami I am not good keeping track of points either.
  • silveRose82_silveRose82_ Posts: 116 Member
    Our generation B heir has a new update today: Bailie Otts: 02

    I'm loving Bailie as heir so far, and am excited to get generation C started.
  • LynnwoodLynnwood Posts: 2,963 Member
    edited April 2020
    @SimCave - I love how he's wearing a suit for their elopement and (typical Erratic sim) looks like she's wearing pj's lolol. Toddlers make everything crazier. Good luck on keeping your No Fails streak alive!

    @silveRose82_ - Congrats on the update! I added your blog to the links list, FYI. Sry it wasn't done sooner.
  • SimCaveSimCave Posts: 80 Member
    NTH Autonomous Play with firstborn daughter, Monica Hay.
  • ShadamiShadami Posts: 4,037 Member
    Can I post a spoiler to my ISBI story since I haven't had time to write it yet? XD because things happened and I want to say it. Lol
  • LynnwoodLynnwood Posts: 2,963 Member
    @SimCave - Dawwwwww

    @Shadami - LOL that's entirely up to you. It won't hurt MY feelings. :wink:
  • SalemSvartulvSalemSvartulv Posts: 119 Member
    Hi there!
    I've been silently lurking this thread for a while, thinking about starting my own ISBI but not doing it, until I finally cracked and started "King of Fools" a couple months ago.
    This is my founder, Thaddeus King. He lives in a starter lot in Willow Creek, and wishes to become a Freelance botanist

    He has gotten throught quite a bit of adventures so far, and you can read it all here if you want to!
    King of Fools

    And so, my reason to fianlly come here is a a question about something that happened in my last playsession. I'm gonna put it under a spoiler i canse somebody starts reading the blog and doesn't want to get spoiled lol
    So yeah, I bought a lottery ticket just because, and somehow, Thad was my first sim ever to hit the jackpot lol and my question is...does that money counts towards the "earning 100,000 simoleons" points? he got 1,000,000 just like that! It feels a little weird lol
    Also, what the ❤️❤️❤️❤️ do I do with so much money? lol!
  • ShadamiShadami Posts: 4,037 Member
    I noticed this:
    My founder had twins. Boy and girl. Happy toddlers. Then as children it seemed like they were putting fake smiles on. As teens they got really moody and sad. I experimented and gave them each an outfit using other gender clothes. They were both smiling again and the boy even wore a wig and a skirt to his birthday party. He chose to switch into that outfit. Awww my babies want to be the other gender. <3
  • silveRose82_silveRose82_ Posts: 116 Member
    edited April 2020
    Oh wow, @Shadami That's quite the story twist, but how cool you were able to figure it out and they seem happy again. :) I love little things like that.

    @SimCave So cute!!! I love the playtime like that. So cute.

    I think it counts, but I don't feel like I'm sure enough to say for absolutely certain!

    @Lynnwood No worries at all. I have been loving this challenge, and am happy to share it with others. :) I've got a long way to go, and really I blame @mojot89 for making it seem so fun with her Wilde's. :smile:
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