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The Disney Princess 10 Gen Challenge!


  • CircuseendCircuseend Posts: 31 Member
    Thank you so much for the challenge! I'm having so much fun with it ;D Snow currently has 1 child, 2 toddlers en 2 newborns in the house and I feel really bad for her :')

  • MilsenMilsen Posts: 1 New Member
    I’ve recently gone back to this challenge (: I’m finishing up Cinderella, Tiana is currently a child (: I was just thinking of a way to incorporate the newer packs (: Mulan could be in the military career from strangerville, Elsa could be a spell caster from realm of magic, and Belle could go to university and get a distinguished degree in literature from discover university (:
  • ArdrunaArdruna Posts: 18 Member
    My Tiana is currently a toddler, and looks just like her mother, Cinderella! I thought she'd get Henry's dark hair or eyes, but nope! She's redheaded too! Meanwhile, the Dwarfs (biological children of the Evil Queen) are all elderly now, and their children are teens (except Dopey's twin sons, who are still in grade school). The Queen's elder daughter Cora now has a granddaughter Evie, who is also inexplicably redheaded after 3 prior generations of dark hair, but she's still cute. Younger daughter Raven has 4 kids now, the eldest in high school. And Cinderella's stepsisters are married off with kids of their own now, and the Queen and the Wicked Stepmother have both died. Progress!
  • CircuseendCircuseend Posts: 31 Member
    Seems like we're all around the same gen! My Tania is currently a child and it makes me miss the toy ovens from the Sims 3 more then ever :') Anyway, here's my Ella!


  • Piglet030807Piglet030807 Posts: 1 New Member
    Wow! Its really fun, I started when I first saw it so Snow White has 4 children and is in her third trimester.
  • AnnieTheSimmerAnnieTheSimmer Posts: 4 New Member
    Hey! I just started my challenge. I seem to be the only one who built a lookalike house...I made a little wooden cottage surrounded by trees, in a back corner of brindleton bay
  • AnnieTheSimmerAnnieTheSimmer Posts: 4 New Member
    So my Snow White just gave birth to triplet boys! My first triplets ever, this is going to be interesting...
  • CircuseendCircuseend Posts: 31 Member
    So my Snow White just gave birth to triplet boys! My first triplets ever, this is going to be interesting...

    Good luck! Snow's gonna be a very busy mommy the next couple of days :')

  • AriissAriiss Posts: 175 Member
    After watching this thread for YEARS, I've finally started my own challenge! I've got 4 kids so far for Snow White, Cinderella was her third, it's pretty chaotic! I'm not selling plants or doing paintings or anything to earn money, so it's just dad out there trying to earn some cash! Those once the kids hit teens they'll be helping too!
  • pradaprada Posts: 1 New Member
    Hey guys, just started the challenge and I'm really confused. Are one of the dwarves supposed to be Cinderella?
  • CircuseendCircuseend Posts: 31 Member
    prada wrote: »
    Hey guys, just started the challenge and I'm really confused. Are one of the dwarves supposed to be Cinderella?

    Yes! Snow just needs to get 7 kids, a small reference to the 7 dwarves. The kids don't have to be named after the dwarves themselves tho. Then Cinderella's kid will be the generation of Tiana and so on (:
  • ArdrunaArdruna Posts: 18 Member
    > @prada said:
    > Hey guys, just started the challenge and I'm really confused. Are one of the dwarves supposed to be Cinderella?

    I saw the challenge linked elsewhere and the wording didn't specify the Dwarfs had to be Snow's kids, so I did mine a little differently: I had the Dwarfs as Snow's stepbrothers, and Cinderella was her only child.
  • ArdrunaArdruna Posts: 18 Member
    My Tiana just hit childhood! Which is nice since she has younger siblings now: little sister Ashlynn, and then I was hoping for the youngest to be a little brother, but surprise! Cinderella's third pregnancy turned out to be triplet boys, Chad, Daring, and Dexter! So there are now five kids in the house instead of three! ...and oddly enough, two of the triplets are vampires!
  • AriissAriiss Posts: 175 Member
    edited December 2019
    My Snow White and her hubby Travis! YGVntZ9.png
  • BlackhelmetmanBlackhelmetman Posts: 28 Member
    Great idea! I need to do this!
  • TulleChristensenTulleChristensen Posts: 2 New Member
    May the princesses have jobs?
  • simmershea35simmershea35 Posts: 1 New Member
    Can the next gen princesses (like Cinderella) move out once they turn playable age/ can other family members move out once they turn playable age?
  • jheyjuneicejheyjuneice Posts: 268 Member
    @TulleChristensen Yes they can, mine both had jobs

    @simmershea35 Once the next gen ages up into young adult then their generation begins so you can move them out
  • jheyjuneicejheyjuneice Posts: 268 Member
    So I took a long break but I've been playing again. Still on generation 2 with my Cinderella and added a good few new chapters.


    Read here

    If anyone would like to link to each other's blog also let me know :) The ones I have at the side I think are inactive now.
  • daftoafdaftoaf Posts: 1 New Member
    whoop! I only just discovered this, but here is my sims 4 Disney Princess Legacy challenge so far. I've kinda worked through it a bit so far, but I mean, still only on gen one!
    My family tree so far: https://www.familyecho.com/?p=F5KWT&c=65arp4yvvh&f=910599705478964640
  • ella_r2100ella_r2100 Posts: 1 New Member
    I think Merida should have a fling resulting in a child, that could be Ariel who could be raised by her dad if you wanted to continue on the legacy. Just a suggestion, thought it could work well.
  • evansims827evansims827 Posts: 1 New Member
    i feel like if you have strangerville, Mulan should go into the military career, not astronaut, i think the military career came with strangerville at least
  • bsktcasebsktcase Posts: 4 New Member
    Hey everyone! I'm new to playing sims and doing challenges, I just started this one today! So I'm currently on gen 1 with my Snow White but she seems to struggle to find any guy she seems to like; other than one dude who just so happens to be a vampire so I don't know if I can/should allow her to start life off with him.
  • GirlySwagGamerGirlySwagGamer Posts: 3 New Member
    some things I have wondered aren't mentioned in the rules so i hope you still consider me a winner(when i complete it) because some things might be different
  • bsktcasebsktcase Posts: 4 New Member
    I got so scared my generations would end with my Snow :s because she had two sets of twin boys but luckily she had a set of twin girls recently
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