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The Disney Princess 10 Gen Challenge!


  • putacece4lyfeputacece4lyfe Posts: 1,734 Member
  • olivian524olivian524 Posts: 1 New Member
    I love this! Might have to try it for myself!
  • AahanaAahana Posts: 36 Member
    I am currently playing this challenge, I am on 3rd gen-Cinderella. I am following the original story by giving modern touch. So far it has been great fun. Next gen will be Aurora and I am thinking of adopting three kids(the three fairies), who would later on have to take care of Aurora once Cinderella and her husband is forced to abandon her.
  • Sims3fan1986Sims3fan1986 Posts: 442 Member

    I am on gen 6 going on to gen 7 soon
  • arlielarliel Posts: 576 Member
    This isn't really quite part of the main story, but it's sweet, so I wanted to share.
    Tiana's brothers, I noticed, have been really great with her son and they are off to a great start with her daughter (Aurora).
    X3pAqjOm.png eqU7Jjcm.png
    biDgd46m.png RHI91HQm.png

    I just love seeing these moments with the uncles, especially since I'm planning to move them out soon to start their own families. (With the 2 ladies sitting down in the 4th picture, actually. :) )
    Uncle Jaz (the one holding tots in pic #1, 4, 5), I know is especially going to be a great dad when he finally has kids and he doesn't even have the family-oriented trait. Uncle Val is just the "fun" one I guess. Haha (There's been a lot of times he's randomly played with them.
  • anastasialabeijaanastasialabeija Posts: 1 New Member
    So does the second generation have to start with a child from the first gen?
  • SaphiregirlgamerSaphiregirlgamer Posts: 3 New Member
    Can Cinderella have kids before getting married
  • arlielarliel Posts: 576 Member
    Anastasia: I don't know if I can answer your question very well, and OP hasn't been around for about a year I noticed, but this challenge at least somewhat follows basic Legacy rules. Child of first gen becomes heir of second gen. Child of second gen becomes heir of third gen. So on and so forth. However, in some cases, you can also have an adopted child become the next heir. Or if one's heir doesn't have any children, or they feel any child of theirs is unqualified, a "niece" or "nephew" for example can also be named next heir. Maybe even grandchild.

    Saphire: In the Disney Cinderella story, her birth mother died when she was a child, so of course Cinderella was unmarried at the time. So that's the reasoning for "May not marry until mother dies". But OP doesn't say anything about having to be married before children come into the picture. So I don't think marriage before kids is a criteria. Also, in earlier pages, OP has told people that "rules" are more like a basic guideline and it is still the Simmer's own game, so they can change things as they see fit. Some people haven't even followed the order the OP put the heirs in. So you go and have them babies! Haha
  • SaphiregirlgamerSaphiregirlgamer Posts: 3 New Member
    How do you get back to the rules?
  • hunniboo1hunniboo1 Posts: 1,146 Member
    How do you get back to the rules?

    just click first at the bottom of this page and it will take you back to where the rules are
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  • SaphiregirlgamerSaphiregirlgamer Posts: 3 New Member
    So, I got onto generation 2 and ummm I see snow walking by pregnant! Sooooo my sims broke the rules :/ sowy
  • arlielarliel Posts: 576 Member
    Hey, OP doesn't say ONLY 7 children ;)
  • AahanaAahana Posts: 36 Member
    Yay, I am a member now, I can finally post pics.

    So this is my order:

    1. Snow white

    2. Tiana

    3. Cinderella

    4. Aurora

    5. Elsa

    6. Belle

    7. Rapunzel (My current generation)
  • swcheppesswcheppes Posts: 2,788 Member
    It's been a while but I have a new chapter to my Disney Princess Legacy!

  • putacece4lyfeputacece4lyfe Posts: 1,734 Member
  • simbreeamaazingsimbreeamaazing Posts: 16 Member
    I've been thinking about making Newcrest into a Disney and magical world with the sorcerer, mermaid, fairy, and werewolf mods...
  • swcheppesswcheppes Posts: 2,788 Member
    New chapter is up for my Disney Princess 10 Gen Challenge legacy story!

  • Emma-LeeXOXOEmma-LeeXOXO Posts: 546 Member
    Hey Guys,

    I started a YouTube Channel and I'm doing this challenge! Click Below!


  • putacece4lyfeputacece4lyfe Posts: 1,734 Member
  • ShimmerFaeShimmerFae Posts: 1 New Member
    I totally didn't know this challenge existed but my kids and I started this challenge in a slightly different way though still doing Snow White first, just because my kids wanted a large Disney family in the Sims. I am glad that so many others like this idea. I will definitely be incorporating some of the ideas on here for future generations. Thanks for the continued inspiration.
  • EnchantedTreeEnchantedTree Posts: 5 New Member
    I gotta try this! It sounds so much fun!!
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