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    I hope you guys don't mind me resurrecting this a bit. I know you guys have been/are busy hence no replies to people. But I hoped you guys might have a little time?

    I was wondering if its possible to make either a script or package mod that allows us to add to the genetic pool. At the moment when a sim have a baby, the baby inheritances from both parents in terms of face structures, skin color etc but I have noticed that green and blue hair color isn't genetic and same with skin details (to pick an example)
    I had a look at your Client_GeneticTags file and had someone with a better knowledge about those things, change some numbers, add some lines etc, but nothing seemed to work, so I assume its not there you do it (if possible). Couldn't find any other files that mentions genetics.
    So yeah I was wondering if we are able to add so more is genetic.

    I would suggest bringing this topic up in the Mods/Custom content section of these forums. Since the SimGurus are involved in official game content, not mods, other experienced modders are who you would need to ask about this question.

    So far, this forum thread has been used for asking technical questions about the game and official game content/packs. On the other hand, this also could be considered a question of "why doesn't the game select green or blue hair". On the other hand, if the green or blue hair is custom content, it would not be included in the pool of "natural colors". PlantSims are included in the official game if you completed the task within the deadline (or used buydebug after the event was over to create the portal tree) but they are only a temporary life-state - Sims revert to "normal" within 5 or 7 days (I forget which).

    What you would be looking for is a mod, not custom content. Custom content recolors/restyles content that is already in the game. Mods actually change game behavior in some form, and typically require script mods to be enabled in game to run.
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    @SimsILikeSims Sorry but incorrect. I am not asking for mods or help to make a mod. I am asking if the GAME CODE allows you to do so. No one has made a mod with this yet so therefore I assume the code has not yet been modified to allow you.
    It is a technically question as they would have to modify their coding in order to allow modders to do so unless their engine or coding cannot being modified to such an extent. If I go to the mod section I'll be told its not possible, which I already figured, which is why I am here asking if it could be made a possibility since the mod squad doesn't deal with the in engine nor coding, at least that is my understanding.

    I appreciate you try and answer my question, but I am pretty sure the SimGuru's are capable of booting of me off to somewhere else if I am really in the wrong. Beside nothing wrong in asking, even if it had been a mod question. Worst case they'll just ignored me or told me to go somewhere else. Again I appreciate your help, don't take it the wrong way.
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