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3D Pruetts: Jan 12 - Stories by Jes2G

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It's story time!! :D Welcome to the home of all of my stories! I hope you enjoy them. Here are the stories you can find here:


Delicious Dishes & Dreams (aka, "Pruetts in 3D")
This is a story I'm writing for the Restaurant Challenge. It is a Pruett Family Legacy spin-off. You could also think of it as an alternate ending of Pruett Family Legacy. Jonathan Pruett always wanted to be a famous restauranteur with restaurants all around the world. Life throughs lots of curve balls at him. Will he be able to accomplish this dream?


Keeping Up With the Joneses (Completed May 2019)
This is a neighborhood rotation. Things aren’t what they seem in the Courtyard Lane neighborhood of Willow Creek. The seemingly quiet, middle class neighborhood is wrought with secrets, pretentiousness, and envy. It all started the day the Jones family moved in.

Discovering Juliana (Completed September 2018)
A young, foreign girl is forced to emigrate to Willow Creek to escape the poverty and violence of her homeland. She does not speak the local language and must learn how to survive on her own.

Pruett Family Legacy (Completed February 2016)
Xavier Pruett left home attempting to prove his mother wrong by not going to college and still being successful. He took the inheritance from his father's death and bought a plot of land in Willow Creek. He got a job and looked for a wife as he embarked upon a journey to forge a successful family legacy. From humble beginnings, the Pruetts rose from being just another family to becoming legendary pillars of the community.

Crazy Brady's Boot Camp (Season 1 Completed March 2016)
Six contestants embark upon a four week fitness challenge with celebrity trainer Brady Pruett (generation 7 heir in Pruett Family Legacy), his wife, Viviana Harmon, and the host, chef, and coach, Sugar Maple Bough. Each week, the audience (you, the reader) will vote for the top three contestants who deserve to remain at The Lodge. One contestant will be immune, and one of the other two with the fewest votes will go home.

F.I.S.H. (Completed January 2018)
In this Pruett Family Legacy spin-off, the Sims Intelligence Agency (S.I.A.) recruits a newlywed man to track down some local henchman of a Sims trafficking organization. He has to live a double life as he discovers which one of his friends is working for the trafficker. He gets used to having alibis and cover stories with everyone except his wife who is very attached to him. The real is not ridding the world of evil; it's how to keep his wife content without blowing his cover.


These are the untold stories of my Sims we don’t know well or haven’t seen. The titles of these stories are words, known and unknown, and the stories attempt to explain/define said word directly or abstractly.


The Wonder Kingdom
In this Pruett Family Legacy spin-off, Leliana thought the government was still after her and convinced Devan that they should leave town. They found a new life in Newcrest after they made a run for it under the pretense of their long honeymoon. See what's in store for them as they experience the life they always wanted together.

My SimSelves also make special guest appearances here and there to update you all on the goings on and also presenting their goings on.



I'd love for you to check it out! I'm doing the Random Challenge by @midnitetech, and I also made up a challenge called The Minimalist Challenge. Here are the guidelines if you'd like to try it! The first episode explains the guidelines in more detail and how I actually came up with this.

1. Create a Sim with three of the following traits: creative, genius, gloomy, goofball, hot-headed, romantic, self-assured, bookworm, geek, perfectionist, childish, clumsy, insane, lazy, loves the outdoors, neat, slob, squeamish, bro, evil, family oriented, good, hates children, loner, mean, noncommittal, outgoing
2. Select an aspiration from one of these categories: deviance, love, family, nature
3. Move your Sim onto any vacant lot and build a house and furnish it however you want with only these items: bed, dresser, couch/love seat, fridge, kitchen sink, stove, grill (if you want), fire pit, trash can, wood bench, and an island (width of at least 2).
4. Work on your handiness and gardening skills to survive!

Live completely off the land. This means your Sim will must not have a job. Your Sim will feed him/herself, furnish the house, and pay bills with the works of their hands. (e.g. produce and items from the wood bench)
Spend as little money as possible. You may want to track your finances to add a level of difficulty. Only purchase things that your Sim absolutely needs or will be helpful to them. (leaving this open for interpretation)
Furnish your house with handmade furniture
Prepare only food that you catch, grow, or harvest (turn on "fresh ingredients," and only prepare foods that you have all the ingredients for)
(optional) Find a like-minded spouse (e.g. with similar type traits--watch video (around 6:20) for clarity).

  • Get your Sim to level 2 of the handiness skill as soon as possible and craft plant pots/planters and get a garden going. Also, catch a fish the first day to have food for the next day.
  • Get your Sim to level 2 of the cooking skill to grill fruit and baked potatoes.
  • It would be most beneficial for your Sim to live on a lot that is near a public bathroom for easy accessibility.
  • If you want, you may purchase a portable shower and place it outside. (going to the gym a few times a day will get really old really fast!)
  • The long lifespan is probably your best bet, but for a real challenge, try the normal lifespan.
  • If you are doing the optional goal to find a spouse, you may turn aging off until the house is completely furnished and you are ready to get married if you would like.

When your Sim gets to level 5 and 10, give him/her something he/she really wants! (e.g. that pesky pool whim!!)
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