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The Starr Legacy! ***UPDATED 07/11/2014 - Chapter Seventeen: More Than One***

Kiingyy23Kiingyy23 Posts: 326 Member
Hi, Welcome to the Starr Legacy! This is my first Sims 4 legacy and I do tend to bend a couple of rules as you will see but nothing like mods/ money cheat etc just things like been able to move homes and stuff like that.

Anyways for those who want to know the REAL legacy rules they can be found HERE

Generation One Founder: Drake Starr
Chapter One: Drake Starr's Beginning
Chapter Two: The Weirdos Over The Road
Chapter Three: New & Old
Chapter Four: You Can't Wear White
Chapter Five: Moving On...
Chapter Six: Decision Time

Generation Two Founders: Enzo & Zion Starr
Chapter Seven: A Life Of Laughter
Chapter Eight: Mysteries Unsolved
Chapter Nine: Above and Beyond
Chapter Ten: Looking For The Lost
Chapter Eleven: Changes, Changes, Changes

Generation Three: Regina Starr
Chapter Twelve: Red Hair, Red Hands
Chapter Thirteen: Deep Within
Chapter Fourteen: Death Don't Wanna Play
Chapter Fifteen: Family Tradition

Generation Four: Ebony Starr
Chapter Sixteen: Love & Loss
Chapter Seventeen: More Than One

Please leave feedback either here or on the the story website.
I do apologize for the short beginning but weebly is a pain to use! Lol

You can take a look at all the Starr's and their homes HERE and download them via the gallery using my origin ID - Kiingyy23

You can also keep track of the Starr's Family Tree HERE

Happy Simming x

Origin: Kiingyy23
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