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Serial Romantic aspiration - meet other teens?

So, one of my teen sims has the Serial Romantic aspiration but I can't seem to meet any other teens anywhere? In The Sims 3 you could at least get to know the sims you go to school with but if you select "meet classmates" in The Sims 4 it only helps with the social need and doesn't lead to any new relationships. Please help?


  • meggiewesmeggiewes Posts: 1,066 Member
    I've noticed that the game only really seems to spawn elders, adults, young adults, and children. I'm going to be making a lot with some teen townies in it to put in my townie bin for dating purposes and of course have other houses with teenagers.
  • TsutaTsuta Posts: 63 Member
    I was able to find a lot of them by just looking for Sims that look a little bit smaller and leaner than usual, as they seem to walk by my house a lot, and double-checking all my relationships to see if any of them have 2 traits rather than 3 - those would be teens I just didn't realize were teens! You could also go into the house management from the world menu, and add teens into some families who live in the towns so you'd know where to find them.
  • emilyyyemilyyy Posts: 50 Member
    I usually choose to create a whole new family filled with teens for dating purposes.
    Lack of children seems to be an issue for me too. Sims 3 had an awesome system for making friends while in school. Need it back so bad!
  • diddlochcoojdiddlochcooj Posts: 51 Member
    Thanks so much all of you !
  • ElectraPotatoElectraPotato Posts: 155 Member
    Same issue! It's such a lonely life as a teen in this game unless you create a bunch yourself. I think it'd be cool if they either brought back the bring a friend home option or made some new areas where age groups specifically hang out so you can meet up with other sims... idk something like that.
  • DariuDariu Posts: 3,120 Member
    In my story my sim sons needed a girlfriend
    Not much if any teen sims
    So i made two female teen sims
    One is a loner bookworm
    the other is a typical bad girl.

    And they are not related and living with an unrelated elder woman nicknamed "Big Mama"

    Irony is.
    The evil jocky sim is madly in love with the quite, mute bookworm

    And the good genius and hardworking sim is madly in love with the bad girl.

    And as story develops. The evil jock will be a good person

    The good genius will be evil and manipulative when his heart shatters till but dust in the wind
  • ModerateOspreyModerateOsprey Posts: 4,293 Member
    I don't think it is just me, as I have seen someone else post this as well, but teens seem to congregate in the parks in the middle of the night!

    If you are willing to mod your game, then there is reduced elder mod available. If not, then go into the household management screen and delete any townies you don't like. Finally, these townies won't have babies and stuff by themselves, so you can always add teens to their households yourself, then sneak out to the park one night :)
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  • AkramAAkramA Posts: 2,717 Member
    I always had teens in my game because I have aging on so every time there will be another child turned into teens. I always go to oasis spring's juicebar because it seems like it's the teens place to hangout. I also found a lot of them at the park at night
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  • chensaytaylorchensaytaylor Posts: 700 Member
    Usually I have just one or two teens as well but when I went in to set up my Social Study and evicted ALL the houses before I put in my YA simmies, now wandering around there are a TON of townie teens. More girls than boys. I have never seen so many teens in the game... lol.

    Maybe the game generated them because the main population base was YA now?
  • SkellySpadesSkellySpades Posts: 328 Member
    Yea, I use the cas.fulleditmode cheat to make some of the townie Young Adults into teens and move them in with an adult.
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