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(TS4 Creation's "Just By Bree")


  • BreeMilesBreeMiles Posts: 8,212 Member
    Ok everyone so i'm getting ready to upload or add to the gallery my very first The Sims 4 DNA Request build!! Keep checking back here, in a few it will be in the gallery for you and I will have plenty pictures here for you to look at!!
  • BreeMilesBreeMiles Posts: 8,212 Member
    edited September 2014
    Here is my first TS4 DNA Request build for our very sweet PixsiDust2. This is a wedding venue built in Oasis Springs but can be set in either world. Build on a 40x30 lot! The lot type is set as a Lounge in order to show in the drop down list as a place to have weddings! I tested to make sure it was in the drop down list for weddings!! Pixsi dear I hope you enjoy the venue I created for you dear. It has a beautiful flower garden so you will be able to have lots of beautiful pictures dear! It has very beautiful setting areas outside and inside, It has a gazebo for small wedding outside and a large area on the inside for large weddings! It has a room for the Bride to be and also a room for the groom! It comes with 1 and a 1/2 baths, and a very large reception area on the inside. Outside it has beautiful water fountains with dancing water and also dancing water around the Gazebo. It also has a grill and picnic area outside! This is a very nice Lounge to hang out in even if you are not renting it to get married in! You can find this creation in my Gallery by using Hash-Tags, #BreeMiles, #DNA, #TheSims4, #Lounge, #Wedding, #Venue!! Or find it by using Origin ID in the drop down box, BreeMiles
    Without Further Ado!


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  • AIRIS6962AIRIS6962 Posts: 5,163 Member
    WOW Bree dear !! It´s so beautiful !! It´s perfect !! <3:D
  • Rc_shabbaRc_shabba Posts: 183 Member
    awesome work I really like it B)
  • BreeMilesBreeMiles Posts: 8,212 Member
    Thank You very much Airis my sweetie!! <3<3
    Thank You Rc_shabba I'm really glad you like it sweetie!! <3<3
  • itguyinscitguyinsc Posts: 5,765 Member
    WOWZERS! This is stunning, Bree. Your landscaping and decor is fabulous even without MOO. Great work my dear! <3
  • marrecarmarrecar Posts: 14 New Member
    Looks really good! I am not much into this kind of designs, there is only one color and 50 shades of the same, but it's well decorated and furnished. Great work!
  • SimsikeikoSimsikeiko Posts: 169 Member
    OMG! That's incredible!!! <3
  • BreeMilesBreeMiles Posts: 8,212 Member
    Thank You very much dear Marrecar! <3
    Thanks so much dear Keiko!! I love the pic sweetie!! :D<3<3
  • sashrafsashraf Posts: 2,960 Member
    Beautiful wedding venue and a wonderful build!
  • illusieillusie Posts: 11,789 Member
    Bree, you outdid yourself. That is stunning! I love it! {hug}
  • littledismal06littledismal06 Posts: 19 Member
    Wonderful work! Now I just have to get one of my families to make enough money to live in one of these beautiful houses. Thank you for sharing.
  • pixsidust2pixsidust2 Posts: 330 Member
    Oh Bree it is simply stunning! Thank you so very much! I can't wait to get in game with it. thank you, thank you, thank you!
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  • BreeMilesBreeMiles Posts: 8,212 Member
    edited September 2014
    Thank You Sash dear!! <3<3
    Illusie dear Thank You very much! <3<3
    Littledismal Thank you very much also dear! <3<3 P.S. you don't need money for the Venue dear! Just place it down and have your sims enjoy it dear!! <3
    Pixsi my dear! I'm so very happy you like it dear! I just had my sims get married in it and it works very well! <3<3
  • follyfootfollyfoot Posts: 3,450 Member
    Stunning build Bree :) Such beautiful landscaping :)
  • tyenetyene Posts: 65 Member
    Fancy! Very nice wedding venue. I love boudoir/powder room area. It's too fancy to call it lounge/bathroom area! Perfect for glamorous wedding
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 157,407 Member
    Ole Time Wedding venue is so very nice! :) It looks so very nice how you have done the outdoors areas! The water fountain features look so very nice! It looks very nice how you have done the flowers and plants through the outdoors! Very nice places where sims can enjoy sitting at the tables, enjoying being in such nice floral surroundings! Sims will have fun playing chess at the chess table and enjoy doing painting on the easel in the outdoors art nook area, enjoying being in the sunshine. Very nice gazebo! It is a nice place for sims to enjoy an outdoors wedding! It looks very nice how you have set up the chairs there for the wedding guests to enjoy watching the wedding ceremony. Nice outdoors picnic table area for sims to enjoy cooking on the grill and eating their meal at the table, enjoying the outdoors air and nice flowers around them. Very nice exterior design of the wedding building! The rooftop towers are very nice! The building looks so very nice! Very nice furnishing of the interior of the wedding building! It looks very nice how you have furnished the rooms for the bride and the groom to get ready in! Very nice sofas that you have placed in the rooms for the sims to enjoy sitting resting on before they get married. Very nice colour shades that you have used in these rooms! The wooden flooring looks nice. The mirrors look great there, and it looks very nice the type of and colour of the curtains. The floral screen shade is a nice touch there. It looks very nice how you have set up the wedding ceremony area! It looks very nice how you have set up the seats for guests to enjoy sitting on. The balloons look nice on the walls. The bathroom looks very nice! It looks great how you have placed the cabinets on the wall over the sink,and the robe hanging on the wall looks nice. The pink and blue colour of the room looks very pretty. Very nice reception area! Very nice furnishing and layout of this area! It looks very nice how you have set up the tables and chairs for sims to enjoy sitting at after the wedding. It looks very nice how you have placed the display cabinets and kitchen cabinets! Great bar area for sims to enjoy having a drink from. Sims will enjoy listening to and dancing to music from the stereo. The blue walls look very nice. It looks very nice how you have placed the floor mats under the tables. The floral and other pictures on the wall looks very nice.
    It is a very nice venue to get married in! It is very nice indoors and outside! :)
  • BreeMilesBreeMiles Posts: 8,212 Member
    Folly my dear Thank You very much! <3<3
    Tyene dear Thank You very much! <3<3
    Rose my sweet friend Thank You dear very very much!! <3<3
  • suepeasuepea Posts: 1,832 Member
    Oh, Bree! You have outdone yourself! What an amazing accomplishment for your first request build in S4. Will favorite it as soon as I can get into S4 -- not allowing myself to spend too much time with it until my current DNA request for S3 is finished.
  • IdontrcallIdontrcall Posts: 19,347 Member
    Your wedding venue is absolutely gorgeous, Bree! So beautiful. I want to see it in game so badly...lol. Maybe tomorrow I can get it in there!
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  • misscbongmisscbong Posts: 736 Member
    Wow, your builds all look amazing! The wedding venue is fantastic!
  • GlenkarriGlenkarri Posts: 2,181 Member
    Amazing work Bree, the grounds are to die for love it :D
  • WrathofCathWrathofCath Posts: 4,397 Member
    Absolutely Gorgeous, Bree! I've heard a lot of negativity about the terrain in TS4 but yours looks Stunning! :D An Absolute Perfect First Request for DNA! :D<3
  • LissykinLissykin Posts: 1,954 Member
    Wonderful work, Bree! I love the way you were able to make the very limited color choices work so well. Gorgeous!!! :D
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