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The Land Rich Cash Poor challenge...Help me keep The Sims 2 alive!

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I tried doing this last night but something weird happened, so, if there's a double posting of this I apologize in advance.

The Land Rich Cash Poor challenge was my favorite challenge for sims2, and it doesn't translate well for sims3. (At least not in my opinion.) I could only find the rules for it on one site, and it doesn't say who originally came up with it. Edit: The original creator is TreyNutz.


Here's Andrea. Why does this trendy chic want to leave the city to come rough it in the wilderness? Andrea has never been one to pass up an adventure. She's an Aquarius that likes guys with a cool look, so she's hoping she'll be paired up with a guy with custom hair and makeup. If anything, he better not be a blonde. In case you're wondering she's a pleasure sim.

Dirk admits that he's not big on the Great Outdoors, but he loves learning and experiencing new things. He a serious Scorpio knowledge sim. His idea of the perfect woman has beautiful blonde hair and wears perfume. The one thing he can't stand is a girl that does 'weird' things with her look.

Needless to say these two take one look at each other and are not pleased.
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    Day One:

    Maybe it's okay that they don't like each other too much because, boy, do they have work to do. They have to build a house and catch enough fish before winter sets in. I went ahead and bought them their first day objects: a bed and a counter/fridge. I only got a single bed because I know that by winter their house is going to be very small and it will be a while before they're willing to sleep in the same bed anyway so they'll just have to take turns. I got them the counter/fridge from Uni because they'll need some place to do the food prep otherwise it's going to be instant meals until they get a counter.


    Ignore, the grill in the back. It turns out that it wouldn't cook the fish so I replaced it with the fridge. I cheated, but only a little. :)


    It looks like these two are going to be fine.

    Well, that is until:


    Okay, all these trees around here and you have to go in your pants!

    This began what I'd like to call, the fish-hygiene cycle. Because for the rest of the day there wasn't much for them to do so I just let them use their free will.

    Step 1: Bait hook:


    Step 2: Cast out:


    Step 3: Fall on you bum:


    Step 4: Fish...for five seconds:


    Step 5: Beseech the player for divine guidance:


    Step 6: Do the sniff test.


    Step 7: Pass or Fail the sniff test depending on how you look at it:


    Step 8: Bait your hook again and start all over.


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    Day Two:

    I decide to sell a tree and give them 3 walls and toilet. I should have made it a shower, but I just can't stand watching them wet's disturbing. It seems that I forgot to take a pic of it, but I think you know what a toilet and 3 wall sections look like. Because, they couldn't take a shower they couldn't get their mood up to fish so I let them take turns sleeping and making sandwiches which they put in their inventory until they got hungry.


    It rained but they didn't seem to mind. Who knows maybe it helped them.

    And, there was a water balloon fight.


    A fun, easy way to keep cool and to make friendship happen in unlikely places.

    Day Three:

    Finally a shower...and since they were low on cash and they will need them...3 new wall sections.


    Dirk said that that shower was better than woohoo.

    Day Four:

    We sell some fish, because I'm beginning to worry that I might not be able to cook them. (I had experimented with placing a grill and trying to cook fish and it didn't work.) And, buy a new fridge, because I want to make sure they have plenty to eat and winter is coming. haha...couldn't help it.

    They fish some more.

    Day Five:

    Time for another set of wall panels and a door. Now we have a house...sort of. Time to move the bed in. We're set for winter.
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    Okay on the last day of each season you can choose to open up one of these things:

    - phones (land and cell)
    - televisions
    - radios
    - computers
    - garden sprinklers
    - stoves/cooktops
    - burglar alarms
    - fire alarms
    - ladybug lofts
    - fruit trees
    - aspiration rewards (except the ReNuYu Senso Orb and the weather machine)

    I wanted to open aspiration rewards because I wanted a hot tub, but neither one of these two had enough points for that. So, I chose the stove, thinking that a the very least they could make better quality meals. But, what I got was even better; now they can make fish! I suppose you need a full fridge, a stove, and counter to make them. Or, maybe the sims didn't have the skills before and I didn't realize it.


    It took a day or so for the pond to freeze over, so, they could fish. Of course, the pond did freeze over, and I wished I could have bought them an easel or something.


    I thought, well, for the next two or three sim days I'll just put it on fast forward and make sure they don't freeze to death. But, then something unexpected happened. I paused the game quickly so that I could catch it.


    Why is Dirk giving Andrea a backrub? Is he trying to warm himself up? Is her uniqueness beginning to appeal to him? All I know is this: he did it out of his own free will.

    But, it didn't stop there before I knew it these two were in love.

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    Autumn...yes, I'm just going to keep talking to myself until someone responds or they delete my thread. :P

    Day One:

    I decided to unlock the flower bench (last day of winter unlock) and a phone (first day of fall unlock). I'll need the phone to open up transportation later on, and the flower bench gives them something to do until the pond unfreezes. I go ahead and buy an easel and a couple wall segments. I want to make a bigger room for them so that I can give them a double bed.

    So, we make flowers... paint... switch...

    Day Two - Day Five

    I'll cut the chase since I can't remember the exact order. We make the house big enough to add the double bed. Dirk fulfills his aspiration bar because he wants to learn the painting skill. Andrea, who's a natural at painting, starts to feel like a narcissistic numbskull (or whatever it is) because she wants to do the same 4 things each day all of which I can't fulfill. She wants go on a date, catch butterflies and fireflies (even when she captures them for some reason it doesn't register), and blog about a hobby. I didn't open up transportation and there's no dating on the home lot and no computers until I open that.



    Winter came and Dirk had enough points to buy a hot tub. So, staying warm was a lot easier this winter.


    They fished when they could fish and then painted or arranged flowers when they could not. At first, I was selling the paintings, but after awhile it began to feel like cheating. Andrea's paintings were selling for $600 a pop. By the end of autumn they had both completed their creativity skills.

    Despite all this, Andrea sinks into a deepening depression.
    Dirk tries to cheer her up, but she continues to cry.
    Soon, summer will be here and I can open up transportation and they can go on a date.

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    Note: Due to this weird bug I had to reset my game so things are going to look a bit different.

    Summer... We made a full year!
    Andrea has a completely differently set of wants now and slightly better aspiration bar. They're still fairly impossible under the current conditions: make a new friend, meet someone new, get a job in culinary or as an entertainer.

    Oh, and a dog knocked over some trash one night so now we have cucarachas.

    So, I have to decide between opening transportation so that Andrea won't slink into another depression, or phone services so that we can get rid of these dang bugs that could cause the flu. Sure, Andrea looks happy now, but just you wait. Plus, it means it's going to be even longer before I can give them their own business.

    In case you were wondering, I unlocked computers for the first day of summer. You weren't wondering? Well here's a pic anyway.

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    I decided to unlock transportation instead of phone services much to Dirk's sorrow.


    It just makes for a better story that way.

    So, they go downtown...well, to a shopping distinct, because I remember how Miss Crumplebottom ruined every thing. However, I did forget to make it a date. It's funny how you forget things when haven't played in a while.

    We sang karaoke.


    We went on the electric ball thingie.


    And, what...what...Dirk totally had a heart fart for that blonde!


    And, then this woman...


    Maybe we need to get home before something really bad happens.

    All and all it was a good trip, but no one went platinum.
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    (I'll actually comment so you keep it up)
    I've been enjoying reading this. It seems like a fun challenge! If I get around to it, I'll post here too.
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    hihi122122 wrote: »
    (I'll actually comment so you keep it up)
    I've been enjoying reading this. It seems like a fun challenge! If I get around to it, I'll post here too.

    Wonderful! Thanks for commenting. I really want to keep Sims2 alive.

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    When they got back they were desperately needing a shower and a nap. So, after taking care of that Dirk starting working on his cooking skill, and Andrea called one of the sims she met in Bluewater for a chat.

    The next morning I bought a crib and a changing table...That's right I'm going to bring a baby into this plummed up situation. The
    challenge was getting a bit too easy so I thought why not.


    Andrea asks Dirk out to the Bluewater Baths and Salon because she's dying for a makeover, and she figures he needs one too.



    You can't imagine the memories that come flooding back to me as I take one look at that date timer... I completely forgot about it.


    Oh, dear, Goodness! What would Miss Crumplebottom say about this! Whack, Whack, with her purse...I do declare. That old battle axe... I
    glad she only hangs out downtown.

    Suddenly Andrea's in the mood to woohoo! I know you can do it in a dressing room, but can I remember how? There's no dressing room
    here... but there is some hot tubs... drat there all full!

    Yeah, get out the tub so we can greet you.


    Don't mind us.
    I know I shouldn't but I'm going to try for a baby. Yeah get out we have some baby making to do.


    Laugh my butt off ... I wasn't expecting that... it's spoiler I'm not going to tell you...

    Alright it's a dream date!

    Now let's do some shopping.

    The first one didn't quite work out.
    Fail! But, it kinda suits her.

    This was one's better, but you can tell Andrea's a bit nervous!
    She seems pretty pleased now.

    I think I'll keep Dirk's hair the same, now lets see if we can find some clothing around here. Now we're going to Amelia's Closet.
    Just like a guy... the moment he steps in a clothing store he starts playing a game. Andrea doesn't care she'll pick his clothes out don't you worry.


    They're not allowed to match each other's turn-ons, but clothing doesn't matter.
    Somebody's getting sleepy so we better get home.

    Yes, Dirk, you're going to have to leave you're new buddy behind.
    Here they are in their new get-ups.


    Yeah, I'm going to have to do something about these roaches soon.
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    It looks like we have mission accomplished.
    Fortunately the babies room is finished...or at least it's as good as it's going to get for now.

    Andrea wants to go on another date, but for now I think it would be better to just concentrate on her motives.
    Dirk looks very devil-may-care in his new clothes. I think Andrea'll win him over to the dark side for sure. The roaches have given Dirk the flu, and don't remember how that works, but he seems to need to go to the bathroom a lot.

    Yeah, we might need to do something about this bathroom.
    I think the wilderness life is finally getting to Dirk.
    Andrea has announcement to make...
    She's totally preggers!

    Dirk almost has the bathroom clean. Between a pregnancy and the flu this bathroom is going to be put to the test.
    What a cough...maybe I shouldn't make Dirk do all that work...but his motives are good at the moment.
    My original plan was to have Andrea get pregnant in the winter so that she didn't have to sleep the summer away, but I kinda like it when babies are conceived in unusual ways. Isn't that going make for a fun story when their baby is old enough to hear it.
    Andrea, you spend entirely too much time on the computer, young lady. Do as I say not as do.

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    Dirk is over his flu but not for long if he keeps messing with those buggies. He used to use his free will to clean up, but now he's so obsessed with his unwelcomed guests that he seeks them out to stomp on them. I'd try spraying them...but that didn't work as I recall.
    Okay I'll give it a shot since Dirk can't keep his mind on anything else. What do you know he killed them. There's millions more were those came from, buddy.
    Dirk, you're hopeless, you've been crying about those roaches all summer long.
    For a change of pace I decided to let him make pancakes for breakfast. I know they must be getting sick of fish.

    I decide that for the last round of "objects" before winter I'd let them finish their bedroom. I know it's a bit wacky, but it reminds them both of home.


    Dirk's social is low.

    He decides to call that Sandy Bruty, the blonde he checked out earlier, but she was not at home. Good, because you do have a baby on the way, Mr. Dirk. Okay, he's going to call...Abhijeet Deppiesse...what a name. Not at home. Malcolm Landgrad...that's right the idle rich are always at home.

    I think the roaches are gone, but it's been a day and neither of them have started stomping on them.

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    Winter begins with a fire alarm.


    To be honest, I never use anything that gets unlocked on the first day of each season, with the exception of stuff that's already been unlocked. In most games I garden, but in this one with winter always around the corner there's never enough time for the crops to grow before they die. I tried that before. All the good stuff gets unlocked on the last day of winter.
    I really like their new room, if I do say so myself, it looks like they really are living in house now. Look at the roses that Dirk bought Andrea on their dream date, they really spruce the place up.

    Andrea's a bit lonely so I have Dirk call Malcolm over since he's the only friend they have at the moment.
    What's happening!
    Omg, Dirk boil some hot water the baby's on the way!
    Ah, how cute. They have a little girl named Eraina.

    Isn't Malcolm a such a great guy for driving all way up here to the wilderness? I mean, trucks won't even come through this time of year. He's here just in time to see the baby. It's amazing what can happen in less than a sim hour.

    Do I see some male bonding going on? Guys can be so cute.

    Let's put the baby to bed... And, show off our new bikini...
    Wow, Andrea how ever did you get you body back so quickly? It's only been 2 hours since you had her!

    I know we should be fishing but they have more fish then they could possibly need. Hot tubs are so much more useful in sims2. Sims actually stay in them longer than a minute, and can work on their social, hygiene, and fun.

    Malcolm says, "Yeah, I hear they can make scrambled eggs in sims4."
    Dirk says, "Scrambled eggs, I've never heard of such a thing. What about hot tubs do they have those?"

    "'Do you know that our child was conceived in a hot tub," Andrea asks. Andrea you barely know this guy!
    "Yes, woohoo it's an excellent way to make best friends."

    Time for a diaper change.

    Maybe we should buy a trash can for the first day of autumn.
    Is Bonehilda available in 2? I don't think so. I don't care for the robots because they are like sims. I just want to flip a switch and be done with it.
    It's winter, and Andrea's standing outside in bikini and her temperature gauge says she hot.

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    Morning dawns and Dirk decides...

    It's a good day to get chased by angry bees.
    Oh, dear goodness is Dirk going to die? He just became a father! Can Andrea help him? No. Should I call the fire department or something?
    Phew...he's going to live. Dirk, you had me worried. I have never seen that happen before.
    It's interesting that right after that happened he got a want to blog about nature. "Yes, Virginia, nature does have a dark side, and there is no Santa Clause. I been disillusioned. Nature is evil. Can I please go back the city now?"
    It appears that Dirk's love of nature is more resilient than all that, he has a huge smile as he picks up that rod. You're a braver soul than me. If I had been chased by a mob of angry bees I don't think that I'd ever go outside the house again.
    Don't worry Andrea, you'll be able to sell that boot as soon as you open up a store.
    They fish until they can fish no more.
    So far Eraina has been pretty easy to take care of today she needed her diaper changed twice and two bottles.

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    An interesting parcel got delivered at Dirk's feet the next morning.
    Dirk, who had been birdwatching, just stops and stares.
    Gingerly, he touches it.
    Out pops the magic genie.

    It appears that Dirk has 3 wishes...

    He can choose wealth, peace of Mind, the power to cheat death, beauty, and long life. wise they're actually doing pretty good. Peace of mind...that sounds dull, besides if sims had anymore peace of mind they'd be ooze. Cheat death...could be helpful in this game. Beauty... what exactly is that going to do? Long life... I don't need an elder that's going to hang on forever.

    Anyone want to help me choose?
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    I always did the money thing, but cheating death is useful when their skills are low.
  • AthenaOnyxAthenaOnyx Posts: 3,912 Member
    @hihi122122, Thank you, I know which direction to go.
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    I Love sims 2! Keep Sims 2 Alive Forever!!

    I looked over the rules to the Land Rich Cash Poor Challenge. Wow, what a long list. I've never been into following someone else's rules to a challenge for the sims. I just play and do my own thing. I have always wanted to try out having a homeless sim or family though. Just never stuck with it. Also I'm sick right now with a headcold and the "rules" looks like an inmpossibly long wall of text!

    I know in my latest sims 2 'hood my first sims' house was way too big. She was "House Rich" but cash poor, big time. I removed the whole upper story of her house. It was sad but I had to do it. Then I got her to aquire lots of money trees. And NO CHEATS! No money cheats. I DID stick by that one rule I made for myself in this particular neighborhood. Watering and tending to the money trees takes a lot of time but it's worth it for the simoleons.

    Anyhow I've enjoyed your pictures!

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    Dirk ponders his options for a moment and considers the knowledge he could gain from having a near death experience.

    He declares, "I wish to cheat death!"


    And, with the wave of the genie's strong arms, Dirk's wish was granted.


    Dirk, ever the gentleman, decides to give one wish to Andrea. Andrea, who realizes that they are not ready for another child at the moment, wishes for a long life so that she can have few extra childbearing years.

    For their last wish they wish for money, because you can never go wrong with that.

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    @Zorba2357, I'm so glad you're enjoying it!

    Yeah, the challenge isn't for everyone, but it's fun for making stories because it really writes itself. Hopefully, the Memory Lane section of the forum will last a long time. I remember how sad I was when the Sims2 section disappeared on the Sims3 forums.
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    Now that the day's excitement is over Dirk and Andrea settle into their routine. I have Andrea do some novel writing, because I know that's not cheating and they will need some start up capital for their business. I'll let Dirk finish his painting and then maybe do some flower arranging later on.
    Another creepy clown painting for Eraina's room.

    I decided against letting Dirk 'flower,' because Dirk only hasn't got the first talent badge for it. When Andrea's done, I'll have them switch. Andrea's on her silver.

    Eraina's birthday's tomorrow. Too bad I can't buy her a cake.
    What's this? More money. Alright!
    I'm almost afraid to let them sleep at the same time because I know that wishing for wealth increases your chance of burglars. But, I like keeping them on an "honest" schedule. Yes, sims do as I say not as I do. It just makes for better lighting for pictures. Excuses, excuses. I'll keep my eye out for bandits.
    Drat, not again, you little varmit-cutiepie! Come back here, Kobe, so I can smack and pet you!
    Andrea heard the racket and jumped out of bed so she could 🤔🤔🤔🤔 the problem in the bud. She couldn't take another week of Dirk's whining. [Didn't know that was curse word :/ ]
    Wow, they sure are fast, hopefully, this is all of them.
    Andrea takes care of 'em, but not before contracting the flu. So much for that golden talent badge.
    Flu or not, Andrea's too awake to sleep so I move the baby bottles closer to trash to make life easier for her. It's not cheating because it real life she could have put them in a bag and only made one trip. Excuses, excuses.
    Yes, Andrea has the flu and I'm making her arrange flowers in the snow. As far as I can tell it doesn't really matter, and soon she'll need to go to bed anyway.
    I don't think we'll tell Dirk about the cucarachas. He's just had too much trouble with bugs lately.

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    The day started off innocently enough.
    Dirk gets really lonely while working on his novel so it's the perfect time to let him make a friend. Who should he call. All his male acquaintances are barneys. I know, I know, I'm too superficial, but I like for my sims to look cool. What the hey I'll let him call Sandy, there's no harm in them being friends right?
    No, Dirk, don't put the baby down in the snow. What's wrong with you?
    Eraina's about to age up, how exciting!
    Now they have a little black-haired beauty. And, as you can see they barely can contain their joy.
    Dirk wants to teach her how to walk, talk, and pee like a regular lady. So, he gets right on that.

    Better wake up, Mom and Dad, and bring the shotgun.
    Wake up, I mean it!
    No! He's got the bag out. Wake up! I 'x'ed out the bed icon moments ago!
    The bathroom door! No, not the bathroom door!
    Andrea, finally you're waking up. I don't know what he just took. The bathroom door's still there after all.
    No, he took one of the Nature awards...not too bad. But, it did have memories!
    He's sneering at them! What's he going to do next. Dirk looks so peaceful.
    Andrea runs into the bathroom.
    What about Dirk? You're going to do something about this, aren't you, Dirk? He runs into the Eraina's room. To protect the baby right?

    Someone's got to call the police. Dirk protect Eraina. Andrea, see if you can all the police.
    No, not the bed! No, he took another award. Are those worth money or something, I've never checked. He's taking another one! It could be much worse.

    Andrea, can't you run to the phone? They were getting a call when I clicked on it that's probably the problem.
    There goes the last one.

    Finally, Andrea makes the call.
    But, I daresay, he's going to escape.
    Maybe not, maybe not.

    Stop! What are you doing? He's right there.
    You let him get away.

    Yep. Officer Demi Love just shrugs, "Sorry, it looks like he got away."
    Andrea says, "No plumbob, officer, he's on foot, maybe your car can outrun him."

    Officer Love says, "No-can-do, It's happy hour Krispy Kreme. Have a nice day."

    Where is justice?
    Dirk, if you heart fart, I swear I'll hurt you.
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    I am having a blast reading all of this! :D
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    I used to think that sims had it easy, boy, I'm I beginning to change my mind. Getting chased by swarms bees and getting robbed in the middle of the night while I'm trying to sleep in my bed is not my idea of good time. And, their lives is so short, although I paused their aging before Eraina was born they still have less than 15 days to be an adult.

    I wonder if sims ever think, "why don't I get to use motherlode, why won't my player 'kaching' me until I'm rich beyond belief?"

    And, I'll admit that Andrea and Dirk might just be getting the rawest deal of them all. Okay, I'm not locking them up in tiny room until they starve to death, but...anyways.
    Ah, Andrea misses her plaque; she earned that trophy!
    Suddenly, Dirk doubts the security of his home.
    Even the little nooboo wants to see the ghost of Gordon King!

    The best thing we can do, guys, is move on. Good things are on the horizon, trust me.
    Andrea decides to call some of her acquaintances and tell them all about what happened; and, having a cool story to tell puts a smile on her face.
    Dirk and Eraina are bonding through learning. They both went platinum when she learned to talk.
    By nightfall she learns how to walk too. I wish I could buy her an xylophone. Maybe tomorrow...
    Andrea finishes her book, Land Rich; Cash Poor: The story of two unlikely friends that battle the wilderness together and find love. I hope it sells well.

    I put them to bed and this shows up... I don't know if I can take anymore surprises. At least, it looks like a happy van with wings and a... brief case?

    No, it's a book with wings. It must be Andrea's book. I didn't know she would get a hard copy of it.
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    I'm not sure how, but Eraina managed to escape her crib and is now playing in the toilet. Dirk's the one that has the most energy so I figure he'll be one to deal with situation.

    "If you play in the toilet, young lady, you'll be at the mercy of the tickle monster."

    All that's left for Eraina to learn is how to go potty, it's not technically fall yet, so, no potty chair from the truck.

    She could use some sleep so Dirk puts her back to bed so that she'll be well rested for her lessons.
    It didn't take long for her to catch up on her sleep.
    Autumn arrives and so does a new burglar alarm.
    Eraina gets her potty chair and wobbly wrabbit head. I decided to have her learn charisma now because toddlerhood is the only time a sim can gain fun while learning charisma.
    She gets right to work. Andrea and Dirk can now open a store. But, they have wait until Eraina's a child since there's no baby sitting services yet.
    I'm a little nervous about putting those paintings there, but that wall needs something.
    Andrea earns her gold talent in flower-arranging, but she's too uncomforable right now to use it. Once we start making those snapdragons we have truly arrived.
    Andrea takes care of her discomfort by writing a novel. Yes, this is a truly industrious family.
    The next day they get two dining chairs.
    And, Andrea and Dirk get to have their first proper meal at a table. Andrea sees this a perfect opportunity to tell Dirk the good news. "I got my royalty check today, I earned nearly three thousand simoleans from writing about our experience."
    Dirk says, "awesome, between that and genie's money we will being setting up shop in Bluewater in no time. All we have to do is wait until Eraina's old enough to go to the shopping centers."
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