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The Delany Legacy

Hello! This is my second attempt at a Legacy Challenge, my first one just ended about an hour ago with the untimely dead of my brilliant founder. However, since I can finally post link and screenshots I am finally able to start a thread along with my Legacy, yay! I have seen a lot of awesome Legacy stories out there and I may go that way at some point, but for now I shall follow something closer to Sihara's example and keep this thread sort of a news and updates on my Legacy. Later I may decide to develop it into a proper story, I shall let you know.

Anyhow, without further ado here I go!

Succession Laws
  • Gender Law
    Equality: The Founder may be of either gender. Both boys and girls are eligible for the title of heir.
  • Bloodline Law
    Traditional: Children who are naturally born from the previous generation are eligible to be named heir. Adopted children are ineligible to be named heir unless there are no naturally born children, at which point they become eligible for that generation.
  • Heir Law
    First Born: The oldest, by order of joining the family, eligible living child is named heir.

Note: In case anyone is looking for it, you may find Pinstar's Legacy Challenge rules here.

The Founder is Alanna Delany

Alanna is a cheerful, creative art loving young girl ready to get a start on her dream to become a Paiter Extraordinaire. And if she's lucky perhaps she will find love and start a family of her own. With this in mind, she's moved to Willow Creek.

Here is Alanna's new home...or rather, new land. She has just enough money left to either buy some essentials (bed, toilet, shower etc.) or build a little room and a bed so she may sleep indoors at least.

Alanna didn't like the idea of sleeping and bathing outdoors so she opted for making a little room she could sleep in. She'll have to be a bit creative about the other essentials.

And that sets the starting stage for the Delany Legacy, here's hoping she doesn't meet an untimely end :p

P.S. If you haven't check out The Dracarys Legacy, you should, it's AWESOME!


  • KaelinKaelin Posts: 39 Member
    Looking forward to reading how things go for Alanna! Good luck. :)
    [url="http://moonbeamlegacy.wordpress.com"]The Moonbeam family legacy - a Sims 4 legacy story[/url]
  • Ace0fJacksAce0fJacks Posts: 58 Member
    I love Alanna's look. Better luck on the second go around! Ill make sure to keep an eye on this!
  • RoseAzulRoseAzul Posts: 497 Member
    :) Thank you Ace and Kaelin!

  • renzillarenzilla Posts: 717 Member
    Good luck with your challenge!
  • SiharaSihara Posts: 153 Member
    G'dawee thanks for the shoutout! I'll definitely be bookmarking to follow miss Delaney! I love her hair, btw.
  • YakuunYakuun Posts: 54 Member
    Alanna looks awesome! I love her hair
  • RoseAzulRoseAzul Posts: 497 Member
    Thank you! Yes, it actually took quite a bit of thought when I created her. I wanted something to show her artistic side, then I thought that particular hairstyle would do quite nicely :) .

    And now, on to a little update on how Alanna's doing thus far:

    A few days after moving in and getting a job, Alanna celebrated her very first promotion! She was so happy she treated herself to a few much needed essentials!

    A toilet and an outside trashcan! She really needed those, her inside trashcan had been full for a whole day!

    Happy about her quick promotion she was very motivated to keep up the good pace, so she headed straight to the Library to continue on the path of her next promotion!


    While at the Library she met a few people, most of them nice. However, her focus wasn't on socializing and making friends just yet. She wanted another promotion, her little "House" still lacked quite a few necessities and she wanted to get those as soon as possible. Going all the way to the local Gym for showers was getting annoying.

    In a couple of days Alanna was able to add a couple of things to her little home:
    She is now the happy owner of her very own shower, no more trips to the Gym just to use the shower! And she even had a little money left over to buy herself an art easel! And in a day or two, she would get another promotion for sure!

    Alanna was so happy about her recent accomplishments that she decided she would go and celebrate by going to the Nightclub and socializing for a little while. It was about time she met some of her neighbors after all!

    P.S. Alanna needs to work on her dancing abilities.... LOL

  • SiharaSihara Posts: 153 Member
    Loving your legacy so far! Its so interesting to see how different people handle the early poverty, I'm rooting for Alanna!
    Great start - privacy is so important :)
  • Selena14402Selena14402 Posts: 27 Member
    You're the first I've seen (including my own games) to opt with building a house right away instead of living on the lawn, it's interesting to see how that changes the start of the Legacy. Alanna is very pretty, hopefully she'll find the right man to help her make her house a home :)
  • RoseAzulRoseAzul Posts: 497 Member
    @Sihara Thank you! I wanted to do something a little different with Alanna :D

    @SALTPASTILLEN It is isn't it, lol

    @Selena Thanks! I went the traditional no home route on my previous Legacy attempt. I figured with Alanna I would try something I normally wouldn't go for. It's been interesting, and challenging in a different way lol.

  • RoseAzulRoseAzul Posts: 497 Member
    Time for a little update on the Delany Legacy!

    Alanna is doing rather well for herself, she has gone through not one but THREE more promotions!
    50enfS.png K34AUF.png 3OFtgz.png

    Along with her promotions Alanna discovered that her newly acquired Art Easel was a very sound investment after all! She's been able to create paintings and sold them to private collectors for a very nice bit of side money. Enough to help her expand her new home.

    She was able to add an actual bedroom to her humble abode. Her next goal in house building is a bathroom!

    But alas, Alanna's euphoric mood did not last long, one day she woke up and noticed that she looked like she was putting on a bit of weight. It wasn't much, but just enough to notice. Alanna realized then that since she had added a stove and a fridge to her new home, she'd been eating more but hadn't thought to exercise a little bit every now and then.
    And so Alanna decided it was time to start the using the Gym for something more than just showers! Soon she was on track to a more fit lifestyle. And as fate would have it, her visits to the Gym brought her more than good health and a slim figure.


    One day she ran into Cameron Roach an ambitious and active young man who is a bit of a glutton to boot. They hit off a rather lively conversation that soon evolved into a budding romance... once Alanna got past his odd sounding last name!


    Their budding romance soon flared into true love and they have recently engaged. Alanna hopes to have a bathroom built before they get married and he moves in!


  • SiharaSihara Posts: 153 Member
    Eeee! How exciting! I hope he brings her many babies, and cleans and repairs the house without dying!
  • RoseAzulRoseAzul Posts: 497 Member
    LMAO, thank you Sihara. I do love your perspective :D

  • RoseAzulRoseAzul Posts: 497 Member
    Alright, fair warning, this update will be longer than previous ones! But it's all great news I promise! :D

    So on the last update, Alanna had just become engaged to Cameron and she had but one goal she wanted to see through before the wedding.

    Alanna wanted to build a bathroom for her home before the happy coupled married and settled in together, and she accomplished it rather well!
    She also managed to get in another promotion! 981RwZ.png

    Finally Alanna was ready to have her wedding.

    That happy couple exchanged rings and vows of everlasting love.


    Alanna couldn't have been happier. In what seemed a relatively short time she had moved to a new town, spent most of her savings on a small but promising new home. She had found a job she liked and to top it all off she had found true love.


    Alanna found that, blissfully happy as she was, weddings were quite tiresome! She couldn't wait to go home with her beloved husband.


    The newlyweds lost no time. On their wedding night they decided was the perfect time to try and start their new lives together by trying for their first baby. For what could be better than to start a new family togher.


    The happy wedding and new husband brought much love and happiness, but it also brought some much needed funds that the happy couple used to build and remodel their home. Now, they are quite ready for their life together.

    And, in the speedy way that can only happen in SimUniverse, Alanna awoke the day after her wedding to a broken toilet... she had just gotten done repairing in time to swiftly turn around and throw up...she didn't even get a chance to mop up the mess from the broken toilet!


    And thus Alanna figured it would be a good time to do a pregnancy test.

    She figured however, that she might as well clean up the bathroom first, really she was just quite nervous. She wanted very much to be pregnant, how wonderful it would be if they could start their married life with a baby on the way!


    Fortunately for Alanna, her wish has come true!! She is expecting a baby! Cameron was absolutely ecstatic.

  • Selena14402Selena14402 Posts: 27 Member
    Yay! Nooboo!
  • SiharaSihara Posts: 153 Member
    Eeeeee! I'm so excited! Your Heir will be coming soon! I got that exact same bathroom, lol. It works really well as joint bathroom and nursery-I've noticed husbands and wives don't get embarrassed when their partner walks in on them using the utilities, and by hiding my babies in there I keep them out of the path of all the children I have underfoot. Nothing more frustrating than a screaming baby and a child just making it worse and getting in the way so the parent or teen can't change the diaper already. Of course, that's also because this bathroom is the one off the parents room, and the children share another one on the other side of the house. I'm also LOVING your screenshots, very jealous! And the Wedding ceremony looked beautiful! The Dracarys ladies have just been eloping in a hurry, tsk tsk, hehehe.
  • RoseAzulRoseAzul Posts: 497 Member
    lol Sihara. The Dracarys ladies are expert taskmasters! They are to be admired on their absolute determination. :D

  • RoseAzulRoseAzul Posts: 497 Member
    Update time!

    Newlyweds Alanna & Cameron have settled in nicely to their married life, along with the joy of expecting their first baby.


    Alanna spend some soothing time painting. She was in such inspired moods she quickly produced her 5th Masterpiece thus far! In anticipation of their newest family member, they put together a little nursery room.


    Not knowing the gender of the baby they tried to settle for mostly neutral colors.


    Cameron was a loving and doting husband to Alanna through the whole pregnancy. He did all the cleaning while he was home and even tried his hand at home repairs. While he is not as efficient as Alanna, he was not about to let his beloved pregnant wife do any difficult tasks while he was around.


    Then at last, Alanna found herself in labor! Both Alanna and Cameron felt home was the best place to have their first born baby. It all went as smoothly as one would expect and soon they found themselves face to face with their newborn baby.


    They happily welcomed their firstborn child into the world! A beautiful baby girl! Their little heir: Evelyn Delany

  • Ace0fJacksAce0fJacks Posts: 58 Member
    Congratulations on the baby girl! :D
  • RoseAzulRoseAzul Posts: 497 Member
    Thank you Ace! :)

  • RoseAzulRoseAzul Posts: 497 Member
    This will be a short but very happy update:

    Kameron has been a very doting father, I think Evelyn has turned into daddy's little girl.


    However, they do grow so fast it seems. Evelyn has left infancy behand and is now full into childhood.


    Other than her skin tone, I think it's quite clear that physically Evy favors her father's genes rathe strongly.


    Looks aside thought, Evy seems to have inherited her mother's creativity along with a childhood aspiration of being an artistic prodigy. We'll have to wait and see if Evy grows up to be more art oriented or if she develops some of her father's traits or other ones altogether.

    Alanna and Kameron were so happy to have their first baby that as soon as Evy entered childhood they decided to go ahead and try for a second pregnancy. Things however, got a little busy what with a child now able to move about with needs and wants of her own. Alanna had completely forgotten about their pregnancy attempt she didn't even do a pregnancy test. One fine day she found herself looking pregnant after she got home from work. And what a surprise that was!


    On hearing she was going to be a big sister Evy was so happy she decided to celebrate her own way...


    By playing her violin for the very first time. She....needs quite a bit to work on it though....sounds like nails on a chalkboard!

    And that concludes this update on the Delany Legacy for now! Thank you kindly for reading and commenting, it is much appreciated!

  • ohohraptor87ohohraptor87 Posts: 98 Member
    edited September 2014
    Yay Nooboo!

    Edit: Whoa I guess I'm a bit behind! Didn't see that second page! Haha!
  • RoseAzulRoseAzul Posts: 497 Member
    lol it was a busy day yesterday lots of updating :D

  • RoseAzulRoseAzul Posts: 497 Member
    Quick update!

    Alanna has given birth to her second baby, a boy! The Delanys are happy to welcome Carlisle into the family!


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