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The Aurora Legacy


    @Lizziemay12 - I would never break those two lovebirds up! But, I really wanted to give everyone a tip on how to get the apologize to spouse when angry to fire, because I had to so some research to get it right. PYI, just having them insult each other was not enough, so I had to have them get into a fight and then declare an enemy. Poor kids, I completely forgot they were left at the park and had them sent for, they arrived just as E&B were hashing it out.
  • KaelynaKaelyna Posts: 109 Member
    Love this legacy! Definately my favourite at the moment :)

    Just a question, I'm also doing a legacy at the moment .. but I'm just a bit worried about the Story Progression. In Sims 3 it was amazing, but from what I've seen in Sims 4 its very Sims 2 style e.g sims age and die but don't have babies. And we "can't" swap households during the challenge (I might end up bending this rule and just making an unofficial legacy haha). Just makes me sad because spares etc that I move out will never have any jobs or children of their own. And families like the Goth's are just gonna die out. Boo. Guess I'll find out in a few generations..
  • AnnabelleAnnabelle Posts: 248 Member
    I'm sitting here smiling at my phone like an idiot - this is such a beautiful legacy and I've enjoyed reading it so much... I can't wait for more updates!
    Thanks @Kaelyna that makes me so happy to hear.

    In the game options you can choose to enable townies to move into new households, the homeless townies you can view if you go into manage worlds and then manage households. Since I have already failed the dynasty I've decided I can add new townies as long as they are children or teens (so I can't just choose a partner, I still want some unpredictability).

    I was also weary of the no story progression because one of my favorite things ts3 was to have my sims marry townies and to always have my spares move out and have large families of their own. Now I will probably continue to do this, giving the spares a life after they move out. Probably not the most time efficient way to play a legacy, but more fun for me in game. I'm mostly interested in my sims living interesting and fulfilling lives :)
    Annabelle wrote: »
    I'm sitting here smiling at my phone like an idiot - this is such a beautiful legacy and I've enjoyed reading it so much... I can't wait for more updates!

    Thank you - it makes me so happy to hear. I do put quite an effort into writing it so it's nice to know people appreciate it (even though I would probably do it anyways).
    edited September 2014
    10. Better memories this time around

    "Boys always make the best friends!"
    -Cia Aurora (cited from The 3rd Immortal)

    Britta is working hard on becoming a social butterfly. She's halfway through her aspiration, just like Melker and it seems like she's looking at it as a competition - or is she? Yesterday she spend the entire afternoon talking to him when he was working on his typing. I guess Lucas has less time for her nowadays when he has a guitar to keep him company. Besides, Melker is no longer allowed to spend un-monitored time outside, at least not till he becomes a teen. He may not know what a cougar is (Mrs Caliente I'm talking to you) but I sure do.


    Look at this charming fellow, he's the new maid I got as a promotional present. No, the company didn't supply him, though if you know a company who offers that perk let me know and I'm completely open to changing my job.

    So far he has been very prompt, cleans even if we aren't at home and on the days we have the place in reasonable order he doesn't even charge us.


    The weekend is really the time we have to spend as a family and when it does we really have fun together - or at least adjacent to each other.

    Lucas is doing well learning the guitar and has now advanced to country music, something that is most pleasant to the Watcher's ears. He wanted to earn money from his craft and so we all set of to spend the day at the park. He promptly started playing close to the crosswalk, because he had read on musical forums that it's where sims tip the best. I don't think he will get rich from tips, but he did manage to get the full 100 simoleons before we went home.


    Brycen spent most of the day just snuggling and even making out - Melker and Britta said we were kind of gross and wandered off to do their own thing. At least we aren't picking fights this time around...


    All that time chatting had made Melker and Britta close, so when she needed a BFF for her aspiration requirements he insisted on it being him. Look at her happy face!


    And what do you know, as soon as they declared BFF status there were loads of kids running all over the pirate ship. It's nice to know we aren't the only parents who drop their kids of and take of for some private time.


    While pretending to monitor Britta's and Melker's playtime we proceeded to have a really nice outing in the park. It was good for us to take this time to work on our relationship after the rocky couple of days. It was also nice to just sit and observe the people around us, there hasn't been much time for that so far in this legacy.


    All that time in front of the computer seems to have helped Melker with his motor skill, he now has no trouble to get from one side of the monkey bars to the other.


    Britta soon got a good group of new friends going, and hasn't stopped talking about maybe inviting them all over to our house since. Maybe we will have a kids party - is that even a thing?

    BTW, that old lady in the background is my enemy - she was the old lady who beat me up the other night. Notice how cool I am about this, not even bothering to go over to her with a hand buzzer. I think some of those kids might be living with her, I'll probably have to go all Stepford wife on her - I'll out nice her for sure. Oh the sacrifices I make for my children's future (and my own).


    Britta made one friend for real today, his name is Cody and he's a little charmer. Geeky she said he was too, that all right in my book - I play video games at work.


    *I am a little annoyed about the loading screens and being unable to manage sims in multiple locations. I realize I might have a wee little issue with my poor sims all end up spending time together everywhere.
  • LynnwoodLynnwood Posts: 2,975 Member
    Great update! Little Britta (and the other kiddos) are coming right along! I love her sun-glasses . . .

    I too am a micro-managing-watcher, lol. I can tell you, one thing to cure you of it (or at least help you relax the grip) is trying to play an ISBI. It will either let you learn to let the simmies be sometimes, or give you a stress aneurysm. Both are possible . . . :P I kind've agree with you on not being able to control sims on another lot. It was one thing when they were 'frozen in time' like in sims 2, but with this it does feel like you're missing out on some things. My trick is I wait until the sims I won't be traveling with need to build a skill. You can choose for them to work on said skill while you're away, much like you can choose work performance.

    PS I just bought the Giekes a recycling trash bin. I LOVE IT.
    @Lynnwood - I love that sunglasses have real transparency now, I can still see my sims eye! I never used them in ts3 because it annoyed me to not see their eyes, but now I adore them :)

    I have tried the ISBS - it did not end well. A huge fire swallowed the family - it might or might not have been started by my sim who was the sole survivor. She went on to live in a very straight laced house where she had 4 children and 13 grandchildren before passing to the other side. She was a trooper, if only with a sordid past...

    The one issue I have with the manage sims on other lots function is that it's not very reliable. I set the sims to sleeping, and then they are wandering around the house with a 1/3 of their needs bar left when I return. Maybe I should set them to skilling and see if they have more perseverance then..?

    The trashcan is the best! Wish I had one at home (like many wondrous things in the sims, but not the level of reliability on appliances from ts4 - it's appalling!)
    11. Promised

    "We found love as teens, and haven't looked back since."
    -Selma Aurora (cited from the 2nd Immortal)

    Wohoo - it's still the fastest way to raise the fun bar...but now when Brycen is an elder is also raises my alarm bells, too much exertion, might kill him - so we are keeping it to once a night. Brycen is not as worried as me because "what a way to die"...


    Now that Lucas is a teen he is required to do more chores around the house. Leaky faucets is not his friend. My poor little dreamer, he would rather play on his guitar than earn his keep.


    I am determined that Brycen shall complete his aspiration before he dies, he has brought so much happiness to my life that his deserves to succeed.

    Since the lounge is the place to go once you turn an elder that's where we have our dates these days. We were exhausted and nervous about what the kids were up to - but it was nice to get some private time anyway.

    Note the man with a questionable choice in headgear behind us...


    Another sim who choose to don a hat was Asa (remember him from my spouse fishing days?). Maybe he's into Assassins Creed or has just joined the Stormcloak rebellion - either way, I'm glad I chose Brycen.


    Here's a pic of us going home from our date, exhausted and needing to pee - the story of our life...


    Since joining the journasit branch of the writers career Brycen has been dressing very smartly when he's off to work (considering he's mostly in his PJ's at home - bad watcher!). It suits his personality so well, and is really a good look for an elder sim, my heart flutters.


    I had to put this picture here because it shows just how much of a teenager Lucas is now. Always checking his phone, even if he's supposedly spending quality time with his dad and siblings. I wonder who's sending him messages?


    Britta and Melker have developed a curious habit of doing their homework on the bathroom floor, blooking it from use for anyone else. Most peculiar.


    Today when Britta's friend Cody came over there was an unfortunate incident. He walk in on Brycen in the shower. Then he ran home crying... Poor Brycen was most uncomfortable for the rest of the night.


    Aha! I now know why Lucas was on the phone constantly. He's interested in a girl! Tonight after we had all gone to bed I could hear hims frantically cleaning the living area - and then the doorbell rang.

    Her name is Mika Susa and I think they met at school. She's outgoing and loves the outdoors, so they might also have met in the park while Lucas was out hunting for tips.


    In true Aurora fashion I was keeping a discreet eye on their "date" - hello they are teens! Don't I look innocent...


    I think Lukas has been asking Brycen for pointers because he sure was smooth...


    Mika never stood a chance, and now I have a potential daughter in law. Good, having grandchildren is something I'm looking forward too.


    *I love that sims start wearing weird cloth combos - I was never annoyed by that in ts3 but always found it amusing (as long as it wasn't my sims) so I am happy it's back in ts4. Like many I also seems to have a strong gathering of elders in the lounge - strange...
  • VanityHighVanityHigh Posts: 1,300 Member
    Awww what a charmer that Lucas is haha
  • EudanilEudanil Posts: 85 Member
    Loving this legacy story! Your writing style is great, and I haven't at all been refreshing in hopes for your next updates a bit too often :p .

    Regarding the hole "rules" of it, as long as you keep close to it and make a story to remember - that's all that matters I think. :)
  • LynnwoodLynnwood Posts: 2,975 Member
    Dawww, go Lucus! Lol, I don't have the patience to pair off all of my spares and manage their lives in this game but I salute anyone who does. In TS3 I'd only go so far as find someone to marry them to, then they got shipped off to the land of SP. In TS4 they'll prolly just get shipped off . . . but not Trevor.

    Trevor is special. :P
    Lynnwood wrote: »
    Trevor is special. :P

    I second that!
    Eudanil wrote: »
    Loving this legacy story! Your writing style is great, and I haven't at all been refreshing in hopes for your next updates a bit too often :p .

    Regarding the hole "rules" of it, as long as you keep close to it and make a story to remember - that's all that matters I think. :)

    Thank you! I have at least 1 more chapter in the books, but now I need to play some more to see where this story goes....

  • RoseAzulRoseAzul Posts: 497 Member
    Awesome update!

    12. Deserted streets

    "Invite a bunch of random sims, call it a party and voila! Friends. That's how I roll."
    - Klara Aurora (cited from The 1st Immortal)

    To help me in my aspiration the watcher has bought a crafting table. All I need to do is stand there while one of the kids color and say "oooh that's nice" or "have you tried some glitter - you can't go wrong with glitter". It's a piece of cake! Besides, if I leave the room for a second and come back in while they are still working it even counts as mentoring them twice! My children the artistic prodigies - or not...


    I had a burning ambition to own an observatory. I had kept it for several game weeks, ever since I was pregnant with Melker. One day the observatory appeared in the backyard! Oh joy!

    Two days later the evil watcher put it in the family inventory where it ranks up the bills but never gives me any amusement. Sadly my dream of becoming an astronomer must die.


    Britta has spent the last couple of days working on her last step in becoming a social butterfly. She hogs my computer constantly chatting to kids she met at the park to make new besties.


    With a promotion comes new responsibilities, and Brycen now has to interview sims and write articles about them. Just our luck that the streets are deserted. Brycen spent an entire afternoon eating cake and waiting around to see if someone would walk by. No such luck - drastic measures are needed.


    In desperation he went next door to interview the neighbors. There was a heated argument between the husband and wife so he left pretty quick once he got what he wanted.

    A neat thing about Brycen's interview skill is that he now can find out anyone's traits by just interviewing them about their life. This is bound to come in handy one way or another...


    Thanks to out higher income we could afford to buy the most comfortable and expensive beds to the whole family. It feels strange to say that the four beds costed more than the entire house we built...


    We have now come to the point that we no longer care if our guests see us in our PJ's. We are just happy that they come over so Brycen can interview them. Also, when the kids aren't around we don't feel the need to pretend to be grownups you know...


    We went back to the lounge for our 3rd date that would bring Brycen so much closer to the aspirations completion. This time we went during our day off and when the kids were in school - so much less stressful, and less exhausting for us.


    The man with the hotdog hat was there, seems he's a regular.


    One gold date and eighty or so romantic interactions later we just need 50 more romantic interactions and his aspiration is complete. We celebrated with the only kind of passion that doesn't give my dear hubby the exhausted moodlet...


    ...and then we brought all the people at the lounge to our house to celebrate. Honestly, it's like we can kidnap people and force them to hang out at our house. Well, we can't force them to stay, but we can force them to come over in the first place. Operation "Brycen will get this interview" is in play.


    IN a foreshadowing of what was to come, Melker is the only child of ours who autonomously choose to play with the doll house.

    Melker: *girls voice* But darling, we really need new drapes - just look at this place!


    Hey, watch the TV! Oh well, I guess Mika is over again. She is sure spending a lot of time at our house these days.


    At least she is helping Lucas work on his aspiration, here he is serenading her and completing the second step of the musical genius aspiration. I'm not sure if she digs it though...

  • renzillarenzilla Posts: 725 Member
    Great update!
    renzilla wrote: »
    Great update!

    Thanks :)
    13. What glitch? I thought it was great!

    "I disregarded all that happened and went to my 'happy' place."
    - Klara Aurora (cited from The 1st Immortal)

    Today is a double whammy of a birthday bash. I prepared myself with a refreshing jog (not that refreshing when you consider this is the second time since the beginning of this file that I have done so - my poor aching everything!). But the watcher wanted me to look my best, and in order to prepare myself for our communication time I wanted to put my best foot forward.


    Deciding on some change of pace we went to the park in Oasis Springs this time. Some townie brought the green horns while Melker blew out his candles.


    Que the unibrow.

    Emelie: Might want to change that dear...

    Melker: What? I'm smoking, besides I'm not sure I trust your fashion sense....

    So, he became a snob...and wants to be a Mansion Baron.

    Unfortunately he also seems to have inherited all the worst features from Brycen and me put together. His nose is particularly strange and his chin as well (especially viewed from the side). But I am sure I can find someone who'll love him despite his faults (and somewhat poor attitude).


    The it was my turn to blow out the cake...


    I'm skinny again! Without having to exercise more than once!

    Watcher: Well, that was strange...

    Emelie: No! It was great - what are you doing?

    Watcher: Saving and closing the game, I've got dinner to make.

    Emelie: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...........


    Watcher: Ah, back to normal I see. It must have been a glitch.

    Emelie: I hate you right now. Just go away.


    Watcher: Aw, don't be like that. We almost never talk.

    Emelie: Fine talk while I have some of this delicious cake to chase away my pain.

    Watcher: Is that such a good idea if you want to loose...*silence*

    Emelie: Take that watcher!

    So, the Watcher and me are still not speaking. We'll see about next birthday. My pain was doubled when I had to share cake with my old enemy. At least I was still younger than her...


    Britta used the party as an excuse to become the center of attention. It wasn't even her birthday, and she had people flocking around her. To be fair, I was not really cheerful, so I can understand if people kept their distance.


    As the day wore on the hunger pangs told Lucas to start grilling. He called Mika and she was right on time to watch him prepare his first meal. He is well on his way to becoming skilled in all the arts a sim needs to survive.


    Flirtation is one art he has down pat.


    While the rest of us mingled, Melker was checking out his new looks in the bathroom...

    Melker: OMG, my mother was right! The brow has got to go! But hey, other than that I'm hot.


    Brycen was gathering info on the locals.

    Brycen: So, how's married life with Sophia?

    Alexander: Who?

    Brycen: Oops, sorry wrong Alex...*awkward silence*


    Once home Melker changed into new clothes. The unibrow is no more. Instead he insists on wearing a hat at all times, says it's a fashion statement.


    The Watcher has done a partial renovation of our home. It is easy to move around in but looks even worse than before. The only upside is that Brycen and me now have an en suite bathroom, and that there is a bar in the living area.

  • RavenAngel888RavenAngel888 Posts: 13 New Member
    Loving this here even more than in Carl's (I'm Magpie2012). I think its because the pictures look bigger and clearer here but I could be mistaken...
    Loving this here even more than in Carl's (I'm Magpie2012). I think its because the pictures look bigger and clearer here but I could be mistaken...

    I think it may have something to do with the green on the sides. Carl's interface is much easier to use though, and they have short cut buttons to the BBCode, which is why I always post there first. But I do like to chat with a wider story community so here I am. I'm not really keen on starting my own blog, so I like hosting my stories on forum sites.
    edited September 2014
    14. The kids are at work

    "Child labor? It's the legacy way."
    - Elise Aurora (cited from the 4th Immortal)

    After the huge disappointment of the birthday glitch I was resolved to start over. I had a new habit of always jogging before work, and despite doing it for several days nothing was happening. I guess the Watcher gave me a kind of reverse glitch...


    Lucas has joined the Barista career and needs to gain mixology skill so he's now making juices left and right. It's a regular cash cow since a §10 drink will net §50 in the trashcan. Keep it coming - we need that extra cash.

    The only negative thing is that he goes to work before school (5 am-7 am) so he's had to cut back on his nights with Mika.


    Brycen is very happy about the new bar and his private bartender. He claims this is how a sim is supposed to spend his elder days, sipping drinks and hanging out in his PJs.


    Since Melker needs to hang 15 pieces of art to advance to the next step in his aspiration, he's taken up painting. He's just started out but he claims his art is top notch.


    He also joined the retail career to give the masses better taste. Here he is practicing charisma in order to increase his sales performance. Since he works in the evenings (6 pm - 10 pm) he isn't as close to his siblings as before, but he's closer to his father than ever before and since Brycen has fewer days left I think it's a good thing to prioritize this relationship.


    Apparently Melker thinks the social bunny is the height of good taste, since he hasn't painted any other painting since he started...


    As Britta works on her social butterfly aspiration she has made a friend that might be her soulmate. He's a super adorable guy that goes by the name Halberd. His trait is listed as active - but the way he acts it should be dramatic. And he has pink frames!
    (and green eyes - but that's just something the watcher cares about...)


    Just look at the two of them - could it be fate?


    Um, Melker maybe you should slow down. Seems all the boys are developing somewhat of a juice habbit. This has lead to a lot more broken toilets - time to level up some handiness.


    Here's a pic of Lucas in his work clothes, he looks really good in that hat. Maybe something for a future wardrobe?

    Post edited by SALTPASTILLEN on
    This is just a pic update to show how the genetics are in the family at the moment.

    First Lucas. He's the sim that stole my heart even though I knew he could never be the heir. He's soooo like Emelie, pudgy middle and all. The two features he's inherited from his father are the nose and the dark eyes.


    Poor Melker has gotten a real hodgepodge of features. He has a chin that marches to an entirely different drum than anyone else. He has Emelies eye color and nose though. He is also the only sim that has a slimmer frame in the family - I think it's because he has the physically gifted as well as active trait. He also was more active than the others as a child...


    It's still hard to see how Britta's features will stretch as she grows. But she carries strong genes from Emelie. The one ting she has from her father is the dark eyes.

  • LynnwoodLynnwood Posts: 2,975 Member
    Somehow I missed yesterday's update! :( But I'm all caught up now. I seriously LOL'd at Brycen asking Alex about Sophia. Too cute! And the social bunny paintings!! *dies* Awesome updates! Can't wait for more.
    @Lynnwood - I just couldn't help it...
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