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You might have seen this before...but it has fun ideas!

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Hi Simmers!

Now that the game has released worldwide, we are so excited to see your questions, comments and feedback. It helps us continue improving and learning about the game as it takes on new life in YOUR hands. As you've seen there are some big differences from previous base games! We originally created this Player’s Guide as a sort of "Field Guide" to try highlight some of the features and content in The Sims 4 that might be harder to get to quickly or even random to stumble upon. After seeing you all jump into the game and get so involved in your own stories we thought we should share it with you too (even though you smart simmers have figured out a ton of it already!). We hope it inspires you to try something new in your game and keep simming. Thank you!

And if it were an object in the game I'd name it...
Fun Fun Player Guide 9000
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