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The Sims 4 Feedback Thread - come share yours


  • DesiiAnoworDesiiAnowor Posts: 371 Member
    edited September 2014
    Thank you for creating this thread so we can share feedback.

    What you liked? -
    - Easy/Smooth Transition from town to town & area to area
    - Closed Neighborhood creates less lag on older computers
    - Ability for my Sim to multitask; this makes game play so much more fun and less frustrating. Likely to not get as bored as quickly with a family.
    - Build mode is relatively simple to use (especially when transitioning from Sims3). It seems like it wouldn't be that difficult for someone that has never built to learn.
    - LOVE LOVE LOVE that you can move an entire house to a different location on a lot; along with individual rooms without having to rebuild.
    - The roof tool is simple, and awesome. I struggled with a lot of roof designs in Sims3 and would often have to scrap a house because I'd get frustrated with the roof. Sims4 roof features are easy to use.
    - Adjustable walls, foundation, and ability to move windows and decor up and down without having to enter a cheat code. This is HUGE for builders.
    - 1/4 tile and 1/2 tile grid snapping for item placement

    What you didn't like?
    - Limited decor options; no CASt. I will say that you provided several decent coloring options, but the creator in me wants to be able to recolor and redesign items without having to use a MOD or CC.
    - Inability to place different size lots in build mode/edit town. I certainly hope this is going to be added later on as an EP or something.
    Most of the things I'd like to see have already been mentioned; CASt, different lot size options, pools.
    I suppose more a question than a suggestion: Is there going to be a store like we had with Sims 3 to buy content?

    Overall thoughts?
    I have only dabbled in playing as building is what I more interested in. However, I will say that what little I played has made me want to explore that part of the game more. I have spent most of today exploring in build mode.
  • pborisovapborisova Posts: 1 New Member
  • Blu_KennedyBlu_Kennedy Posts: 29 New Member
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    I liked the way you moved around in the Sims 3,cars and why can't we move over and look straight down on the lots. I find that very important while designing and doing landscapes. And where's the Downloaded? OH,and I HATE all those Blue boxes popping up every where! I can't find the option out of those. Where's our home site to download from?
  • gagaforsims3gagaforsims3 Posts: 4 New Member
    was excited to see and play the Sims 4....was disappointed this is beyond a base game. moving from one area to the next without a "map" tool is frustrating. spending more time with bladder, sleep and hungry issues. I do like the graphics and having both the build and buy in the same area. Really thought I'd get more for what I paid for.
  • MysticOneMysticOne Posts: 460 Member
    Ok, downloaded it, hit play, and nothing but music and watching various Sims clowning around. My cursor doesn't show and at the bottom is the, I guess, clickeable link to create sims, but since I have no cursor..... what gives? Not a great start for $70
  • chel0vechel0ve Posts: 12 New Member
    > @electrical_panda said:
    > I was so so excited to get the Sims 4 since I've been playing since the very first Sims came out. I grew up with the Mortimers, the soundtrack is a piece of my childhood. I got the Sims 4 early for my birthday and I watched every trailer and video available multiple times. I have to say all in all I'm a little disappointed. While some features are a great improvement, I feel overall the game has been very stripped down. While I'm still exploring so I may not have figured out everything and the game may have certain features that I just haven't found yet, but I will say the learning process has been more frustrating than fun. I will also add that the pointer device on my laptop isn't working correctly so I've had to poke around my keyboard for simple functions like zoom in and out so that may have something to do with it. With that being said here is a my feedback
    > Things I've enjoyed:
    > -Not having to switch between build and buy modes. It makes it simple to quickly throw in a dining room table to see if I need to adjust the size of the room or window placement.
    > -The build tools. While there are some glitches (building out wall nooks, it doesn't register as the room when placing floor or paint) I have been waiting to move whole rooms for as long as I can remember. I'm looking to building my own house in "real life" and so it's been a fun tool to pick up rooms and move them around to find a good floor plan that I like.
    > -Height options- Good and Bad- I love that I can select different sizes for my walls however I hate that it limits my door and window choices. I wish all door and windows were adjustable.
    > -Emotions- While I have played the game for over 10 hours tonight and only the last half hour was played in live mode, I love the role playing aspect of the game which is why I play it. I create very in depth back stories to my characters and the emotions really help me bring them to life.
    > -Create a Sim functions- One.word.Awesome However I feel like clothing is VERY limited. My only other complaint is that for necklaces and earrings, you have to switch from clothes to the head and then select accessories again. Also when certain clothing items are selected, it limits the accessory options like tights and what not. But the actual push and pull features are beyond words.
    > MULTITASKING- Hallelujah
    > Detail- The detail is amazing. Rugs actually have trim and things look very real. The decor is awesome. I actually want to live in my kitchen.
    > Things that I've disliked-
    > -No Camera control- You can't change the camera angle other than birds eye view or a very weird top angle. HATE IT!!! The most frustrating part.
    > -Buy mode- I hate the drop down list for functions. I don't know why they would have rooms listed in grid form and then give a drop down list for features.
    > -Limited features- I know I'm beating a dead horse here....but no pools. Which means no swimwear. I don't care much about toddlers, however I didn't know there would be no cars or forms of transportation of any kind? Not even bicycles? Granted I haven't left my house yet so I don't know how they travel but I built a garage and then searched aimlessly forever through drop down menus, to find a "model" car and get very excited then get very confused why it was so small. I feel like the game is extremely stripped down, no doubt to make expansions necessary and cost fans a lot of money. I don't feel like they are very loyal to their fans. Give us something without giving us a nose bleed. For real.
    > -Very limited decor- There are like 4 counter options. I mean really?
    > -Limited personality traits- I don't like only being able to select (3 or 4, can't remember) They added emotions but stripped down other crucial parts of the human make up.
    > -Time- it seems to go EXTREMELY fast, or maybe the sims are faster? It makes having more than one family member pretty difficult. I had free will turned on but they kept ignoring my actions to do their own so I turned it off. However actions are completed so fast I can't keep up with three people and their emotions and wants. It leads to playing most of the game in pause lining up actions and then playing for a few seconds only to pause again and do it again.
    > -Locked features- I can't get an upgraded pots and pans set unless I get my character to level 10 as a painter? Say what???
    > -Small neighborhoods- Teeny tiny, miniature. You only have 3 lot options and a few houses. It's completely ridiculous. I haven't explored it in live mode but just having to select my house was a huge let down.
    > -Buttons- While I love being able to play on a less crowded screen, I feel like I'm constantly trying to find everything in individual drop down menus. Took me forever to find out if my Sim was hungry or not.
    > -No basements
    > -Limited life time wishes- I wanted my Sim to be athletic but the only aspiration that went with it was being a body builder. Nothing about sports.
    > -Can't adjust Sim height- With all the push and pull features I really thought you could make them short or tall.
    > -Walk styles- While I like the idea of being able to select a walk, I feel that most of them are really strange looking. The goofy walk looks like a rabid warewolf.
    > It's now 11am, and I haven't slept yet because I've been playing this game so obviously it isn't terrible. However I don't know how long it will keep me occupied without expansion packs. I'm sure I'm forgetting a ton more things I had thought about, but this is it for now.

    EXACTLY this, so far.
  • Stephanie2010Stephanie2010 Posts: 109 Member
    edited September 2014
    OMG. I love the personalities of my Sims, but there's zilch to do with them! I really wanted to love this game and play for hours...I can't though..it's just too dull. I feel restricted and limited creatively, which is disheartening since that was a MAJOR draw for me when I began playing Sims games. It looks great graphically though...so there's that bit.
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  • jodysanjodysan Posts: 14 New Member
    I bought the Sims 4 and returned it. For me it felt like windows 8.1 - windows does too much for you. This is true of the Sim's 4. If you like to do stories of movies go for it. I find it so very limited in what I can do. It has little for creativity. Maybe after you clever creative people get involved I may buy it. I like using mods to create people of all sizes and shapes. I have mermaid fairy frog head people, small troll people. and on and on. So far - not for me.
  • RedPixie34RedPixie34 Posts: 1 New Member
    In some future-but-soon-patch, could you please make the sim hold still when I am trying to choose makeup? During makeup and earrings it seems that they move their faces and change expressions ten times more than any other sim-creation movements. It is pretty frustrating.

    Thanks for asking for feedback, and thank you for all your hard work to make this game come alive.
  • RachelSelenaRachelSelena Posts: 3 New Member
    No option to adopt???? My sims are lesbians, and I used to could adopt. Do not see an option for that. At least make a fertility clinic!! And where's the map? I can't see the whole town to let my sims go anywhere. All I can see is their poor house.
  • leanthony2010leanthony2010 Posts: 2 New Member
    I was nervous at first, but this game is pretty great! No bugs, no lag,took less than 20 minutes to download, and it doesn't take much space.
    My only gripe is with the town map, other than that this is a cool game! There are a lot of side functions that make for great game play ! Another plus is that the menu is exactly the same as SimCity's!
  • that1chickthat1chick Posts: 11 New Member
    What you liked
    ◊ Multitasking
    ◊ Emotions/Feeling: I also like that certain emotions unlock different interactions
    ◊ Build Mode: Still getting used to it, but I think it's a major improvement over Sims 3
    ◊ Buy Mode: Again, still getting used to it, but I like the overall design better
    ◊ Graphics
    ◊ Landscaping Looks Awesome in Willow Creek (haven't played Oasis Spring yet)
    ◊ Sims' Animation
    ◊ CAS
    ◊ Higher Customization of Voices & Sims' bodies
    ◊ Sims 1-3 Characters Return
    ◊ Moodlets Remain
    ◊ Memory system MUCH better than it was in Sims 3
    ◊ Adjustments to Athletic Skill (Push Ups, Etc)

    What you didn't like
    ◊ No toddlers
    ◊ No cars, bus, carpool
    ◊ Neighbors' houses require loading screen -- albeit, the loading time was really short for me
    ◊ Careers somewhat limited -- miss the medical career
    ◊ Baby stays in the bassinet, would like to be able to do more with the baby with an expansion pack (i.e. take strolls, hold in rocking chair, be able to carry it around with you with one of those strap on baby carriers)
    ◊ Limited color options in buy mode

    ◊ Nothing that I don't think will likely come with an expansion pack in the future.

    Overall thoughts?
    ◊ Amazing, I really love the new features and the updated graphics. My Sims truly feel like individuals now and I love how easy it is to customize your Sims this time around. It takes a little getting used to, but it was worth it to me. I can tell a lot of work went into this and I was amazed at how much landscaping was done in the areas between the houses. I just love the views around my Sims' houses and really look forward to seeing more as I continue to explore the game.
  • UntrustedlifeUntrustedlife Posts: 555 Member
    edited September 2014
    What I liked:
    Gameplay feels solid, I genuinely enjoy this game. (Looking at reviews it makes me think those reviewers never actually played the game) don't trust metacritic guys.
    Graphics are nice, and game is smooth. (sims 3 was smooth for me though, so not much of a change)
    Building has been improved greatly, feels great (reminds me of spore actually)
    The UI is stellar once you get used to it.

    What I didnt Like:
    To Be honest the 2 things that gripe me about this game is a: The aspirations are far too easy to accomplish, took me two days to fulfill my sims aspiration..... (in game) seriously, only 2 days. In the sims 3 it took your sims entire life. It doesnt feel liek a real accomplishment.
    And the removal of ghosts, why did you remove ghosts they were such a cool story aspect (especially in sims 2, in sims 3 they felt tacked on)

    Overall Thoughts: Its a good game, but it could be improved...quite a bit.
  • kymber13kymber13 Posts: 274 Member
    I played for about 2 hours last night, and today for about 4. I have the same issues with the camera noted by others; when my Sim was fishing, I couldn't zoom in on her to see what she caught. Game play is smoother, and I like that you don't spend so much time waiting for them to finish doing something that you don't have time for your Sims to actually have fun. There's less wasted time in that there's no driving to work, but after work the Sims come right home, whereas in Sims 3 you had the option to stay in town and eat at a restaurant or catch a movie. I still don't get how the Sims leave their neighborhood....there's no World View button to choose a venue or destination - what am I missing? I got pretty bored just playing in the neighborhood area around my Sim's home, but didn't know how to go anywhere else. There's a lot more Sim interaction, which is great for game play. I also like the new CAS, so much easier.....but all of the Sims look the same after a while because of the limited hair and clothing options...take a look at the Sims in the Gallery and you'll see what I mean. I'm not thrilled with their cartoony look. I miss CASt dearly! I loved all of the creative options and making patterns that could be utilized in game. :'( On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest, after my limited initial game play, I'd have to give it a 7. Hopefully that will improve as I learn how to navigate in the game and visit venues and other neighborhoods.
  • WillowWillow Posts: 268 Member
    edited September 2014
    What you liked:

    Better graphics, sims look more alive than in 3. They creeped me out in sims 3.

    CAS is better than ever in terms of making sims look like real people.

    I like the interactions with other sims more and house building is rather amazing.

    The load times seem way better than sims 2, but maybe that's because I had so much CC.

    There are a lot of new decorations and I haven't even had a chance to see it all yet.

    The multitasking really is awesome though and had to LOL when my sim ordered pizza on the toilet.

    What you didn't like:

    The new baby interactions while interesting made the baby seem more like an object rather than a family member. It's tied to it's crib and you can't carry it around with you or taking the baby on walks from what I can tell. I don't like that there are no toddlers, I find the family aspect of this game greatly lacking, there should have been MORE stages of life, not less.

    I can't stand that there are no pools, swimming, or water interactions. And I guess there is no weather in this game either. I would like to see some thunderstorms and property damage from extreme weather conditions.

    And where is the gardener? Watering all my plants alone is time consuming. My sim would like a bicycle if there are to be no cars, would be nice to see her leave the property rather than just vanishing. I also can't find the option to send my sim to work, though they have been good at sending themselves.

    I am not sure I like how when you purchase books they are in your inventory and have to be manually put into the bookshelf. Maybe I am missing something here but it seems way to time consuming.


    Um, they really need to go back to sims 2 in terms of family dynamics and aging. New versions of the sims should have more family options, not less, they need to make children part of the family again and not try to skip over that part as many of us enjoy the idea of babies and spending time teaching our toddlers skills.

    I always felt there should be MORE life stages (10 stages) baby, toddler, young child, child, preteen, teen, young adult, adult, middle age, and elderly. To me that would be a more realistic age range and I am very disappointed at the execution of this in Sims 4. The teens are the same height as adults *facedesks*, they really need to figure out height adjustment for sims.

    Overall thoughts?

    I think that graphics wise this is much better than I expected. I want to see the expansions address all the issues I listed above so I can have the experiences I had in Sims 2 which, sadly, this game falls short of its predecessor in many aspects. I think this is a good baseline, but they should not have released the game without the family aspect being much more rich and in depth than what I am experiencing.
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  • Deedee_DaydreamDeedee_Daydream Posts: 10 New Member
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    What's up with the search function in the gallery? Always comes up empty! When I click the #thesims4lb on the home page in trending topics, I should see the #thesims4lb content but it comes up empty and I KNOW that stuff is there, so what gives?

    OK it's because it defaults to Maxis instead of "All" - you should fix that :)
  • KnowthepandaKnowthepanda Posts: 1 New Member
    What you liked:

    Better graphics and the fact I could do more editing to the face.

    I like the fact that my Sims is more emotional.

    What you didn't like:

    Family tree being gone,

    Toddlers being gone,

    I hate I have to load for everything, its very draining on my eyes.

    I hate the camera setting
  • Mikejames1980Mikejames1980 Posts: 1 New Member
    Overall I love this game. I have noticed that Pools seem to be the biggest complaint but I don't remember them being in Sims 3 at launch either. I have to say I really do miss the exchange. That in my opinion was one of the best things about 3. I know we have the Gallery but it has nowhere near the different types of content as the exchange. I hope that down the road we get the ability to share clothes and items in the Gallery. Obviously I am comparing a launch game to one that has not only been out but very expanded. I do look forward to getting pools and hottubs though.
  • TiyaMarieTiyaMarie Posts: 33 Member
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    (double posted)
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  • TiyaMarieTiyaMarie Posts: 33 Member
    Hello, My name is TiyaMarie aka Tish. I started in Sims with Sims 2. I Loved It! I became a "Master Builder" and was Very Familiar and patient with building cheats to do so. I built Awesome Community Lots, and Homes (Unique to what was in the community). My lots were good enough, that I was given my own section on a web site with my creations. I built things like: Swimmable Lake, Drive-In Movie, Christmas Tree Farm (like where you go to buy your Christmas Tree)... It had a place to buy decorations for Christmas and baked goods, and hang out and drink Hot Chocolate... A Swimmable Waterfall, Bars, Stores... Anyway... I also met many other players, developed friendships, and had fun playing with them, and sharing screen shots, stories, content, sims ect. Many dropped out at Sims 3. I bought the game reluctantly, but was pleasantly surprised with the open neighborhood, Create a Style, got comfy, played, built, and Hung out for the ride. I felt warm and cozy in Sims 3, (Sims 2 as well) but more so in 3. There were things I missed, but nothing that couldn't be found in a Mod out there. The store Content for Sims 3 was also Amazing! With All that said... I don't know what I am going to do now. I have played all afternoon, and also attempted a build. I am sad. This game is not making me feel warm and fuzzy, It's making me feel Restricted and Boxed in. To see some of the hood, but you can't even walk there, what a nasty tease. Can't Edit neighborhood... Can't change the color/pattern of anything with ease, cant do, soo many things. The emotions are ok, but frankly, I feel they are super exaggerated and not all that realistic, and this system also adds almost too much. I don't like to always have to chase a goal. I prefer to just relax and play most times. I like playing, stories, building.
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