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The Sims 4 Feedback Thread - come share yours

Happy The Sims 4 Launch week!

For Simmers who are playing TS4 - we invite you to share your feedback in this sticky.

  • What you liked
  • What you didn't like
  • Suggestions?
  • Overall thoughts?

If you are experiencing issues, they are best posted here:

Or here:


  • kirahkirah Posts: 62 Member
    edited September 2014
    I am loving it! I'm playing it for several hours now and it keeps me busy and entertained with only small breaks to coffee (like now)

    About what I love the most so far:

    - The huge amount of sims that walk around in the neighborhood! I'm going for a family/home playstyle atm and not visiting the city that much so its wonderful my sims can meet new sims just by going outside

    - The group chat and how easy to meet a new sim and he just joins the conversation!

    - How sims now properly enjoy the parties and the party goals! in TS3 I always had major issues with sims getting stuck, getting bored, all trying to reach for the food at the same time etc... now they interact, eat, have fun properly! Oh not to mention the staff you can hire for the parties!

    - I liked the new realistic things added like pregnancy test, breast feeding and pregnant women being able to do more activities!

    - I like the achievements, the super fast 'save game' and above all, how smooth the game runs compared to previous versions!

    This is what I love the most so far but do note I didn't explore properly the community lots, the building mode etc yet!

    About what I disliked, I didn't really dislike anything horribly, I wasn't expecting it to have all the gameplay items I have at my TS3 because there I have tons of EPS and store content... but if I have to pick one, I would say I would love the city to be a bit bigger. A few more lots without compromising the current awesome performance the game has :)

    I was going to suggest that their needs would decay a bit slower but I just noticed I can upgrade that with aspiration points so I guess i'll work on it a bit since they seem to decay a bit faster than I was expecting
  • pinkangelsimpinkangelsim Posts: 389 Member
    Because I like to start with positive first. I have been a sim player for 14 years (as my children love to remind me), I have bought all the Sims games including the Eps, SP and sim store stuff. So far I love this game. I am hoping the positives outweigh the negatives.

    What I like: The way the sims have personality again. The way the game its self looks like. The art work is amazing, I love the pixar feel to the game. The multitasking, being able to talk to other sims while reading. Group interactions. How all the towns are connected, The map as a theme park feel to it. For me that makes it feel fun,love the game save.
    Things I don't like: So far only one thing, I don't like the load screen for my sim to go next door. I thought as long as they were in their neighborhood that there would not be a load screen.
    Not sure about suggestions at this time :) except a small one if there is ever away to not have a load screen in the neighborhood so my sim could go next door that would be amazing lol B)
    My over all thoughts: I thought it would feel a little more bare then it is. I really like the feel of the game. While I am not thrilled with the load screen to go next door, I can live with it. I don't mind the load screen to leave to go into the town. I think with new more fresh Eps meaning not the same old Eps this game will be a good edition to the sim franchise. I feel some of the nay sayers should give the game a chance. Not having toddlers, pools or cars is not a huge thing. I am still excited about this game!
  • BeckieGrubbsBeckieGrubbs Posts: 5 New Member
    I have been a simmer since Sims 1 and absolutely believe the Sims 4 is the best one yet!! I enjoy the world aspect, the build/buy mode is wonderful and I am thoroughly loving the way the Sims interact with one another. It did take me a few minutes to figure out how to build a house, having to use the arrow keys on my keyboard took a little getting used to, but once I got the hang of it I didn't have any problems at all. The idea of not having a lot of options really isn't anything new, it was the same with all of the other releases as well and I am sure we will see a lot deeper game available as expansions are released. The one thing I am a little disappointed in is that we don't have toddlers, I know they could be a pain when playing them, but I love my little ones!!
  • snerfusnerfu Posts: 11 New Member
    edited September 2014
    I'm about 2-3 hours in and I am really liking it. Sims 3 had become fairly unstable for me, and I think you have done really well to make a stable base game in Sims 4, really looking forward to future improvements and expansions on top of that. Great job guys.

    There are several things I really like. It seems like I have more time at home after and before work, big bonus for not having to leave for work an hour early. I like the mini tasks in Jobs to fulfill and the wants system is really cool. I've only been able to make my guy multitask a little bit, to watch TV and eat and to talk to someone while using the can. I look forward to finding more of these opportunities for multitasking.

    The only thing I am really having trouble with, and it's probably my fault with the learning curve, is using the build tools. For instance to build a deck on my existing house the only way I could figure out how to do it was to make a whole new room, put in floor tiles and then delete the walls around it. Anyone else build decks differently? Also the normal camera movement I with edge scrolling, I can't seem to move the camera down towards me. I'm resisting turning on Sims 3 camera compatibility because I want to do everything the new way.

    Finally my only suggestion so far: Please put in a way to disable the tutorials in the game menu. I was going to work one day and I saw something pop up about emotions and clicked on it and it dropped the hygiene meter all the way to the bottom after I had just taken a shower, had to go to work like that.
  • LuvTamareLuvTamare Posts: 48 Member
    I played for about two hours...I really had to get up early for work, So I couldn't do much...but...

    What I liked:
    The emotions- I enjoyed all the interactions
    The Multitasking is pretty cool, that was a plus
    I don't mind the neighborhoods, I love how many people kind of populate and are around to talk to and interact with
    The graphics and detail I can appreciate

    What I don't like so far:
    The camera angles are weird
    Edge scrolling can be quite difficult
    From what I saw, some tasks can take a really long time (not enough time int he day)
    The pop ups can be tricky, I clicked on and my hygiene went all the way down and their emotions changed

    I'm sure there will be more pro's and cons, but for now this is all I have...

    PS...Where can I get a list of cheat codes? I only know "motherlode" I'd appreciate it, greatly.
  • I would like it if you put a guide to all the build ad live mode controls inside the game itself somewhere, maybe in the help section? It would lessen the number of web browser I'd need up when I forget something to effectively nil.
  • SinahSinah Posts: 16 Member
    I miss having a way to turn off relationship decay, whether as a reward or a cheat. Having to maintain the 5+ friends for jobs when they stop being friends after like two days has always been one of my least favorite parts of the game.
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