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Color Magic 0.5.0 released

I've just released a new version of Color Magic. You can download it at
This version adds two new features.

First, thanks to VelocityGrass, I have added the full list of Categories and Values to the flags editor.

Second, I now have Color Magic read the registry and detect if you have CAS Demo and/or The Sims 4 installed. The old method of browsing to the .package file is still supported as well but since the full game has 22 .package files vs the single one from the demo, I had to improve the process a bit.

I'm not 100% sure this detection will work for non en_US (English) installations of the game, so if you have problems with the game selection dropdown box, please let me know.

Grant (granthes)
Developer of Sims 4 Modding Tools -- Sims 4 Stuff n Things


  • ChaotinaChaotina Posts: 43 Member
    Thanks for updating!
  • KitOnlyHumanKitOnlyHuman Posts: 2,561 Member
    @granthes Thank you as always!
  • ChiixsanneChiixsanne Posts: 62 Member
    Thanks you for the update ^^
  • JussyHJussyH Posts: 25 New Member
    Thanks :)
  • Srikandi715Srikandi715 Posts: 1,753 Member
    edited August 2014
    Just to clarify, if you are getting TS4 on Origin and have already preloaded, with this version of Color Magic, you can look at and reskin ALL THE CLOTHES IN THE FULL GAME. Right now.

    I think the excitement level is insufficiently high ;) I'm having a great time browsing through the catalogue!
  • simfeetundersimfeetunder Posts: 2,260 Member
    I'm crossing my mental fingers (and occasionally my actual fingers) so hard that someone buys a thing I'm selling so I can get the game *bounces around*
    I'll download the update shortly, thanks @granthes (and @Srikandi715 for the additional info!)
  • ChangkraChangkra Posts: 152 Member

    This is amazing, thank you so much for doing this :D
  • MomGinnyMomGinny Posts: 310 Member
    @granthes, thank you so much for this release. It's great, I'm really excited. One question - is there any way to make it so when you "Save As" and then go back to the package selection screen CM doesn't default to YA Female Full Body? I'm working on a set of child hair recolors and it would go faster if I didn't have to reset my filter categories between each one.

    Totally a nitpicky thing, but I thought I would mention it in case anyone else would like attention called to it as well.
    My Sims || My CC Creations || My Simblr || OID: MomGinny
  • kingstrikerkingstriker Posts: 18 New Member
    Thank you! :D
  • ladykatra101ladykatra101 Posts: 22 New Member
    can you use this on hair and is there place where i can learn how to work this
  • LaoiLaoi Posts: 11 New Member
    > @ladykatra101 said:
    > can you use this on hair and is there place where i can learn how to work this
    Yes, this works for hair.
    There is a tutorial that uses this tool here:
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