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Sims 4 CC by KitOnlyHuman (CAS)

KitOnlyHumanKitOnlyHuman Posts: 2,586 Member
edited December 2014 in CAS Custom Content
Hello! My name is Kit. I am a mother, gamer, housekeeper, and chocolate lover. I've been playing since The Sims 2 but this is my first experimentation with delving into CC. Beyond my love of The Sims, I am a member of the MadCast Gaming community so I play a bit of everything. Feel free to add me, follow me, and chat me up! My username is always KitOnlyHuman. My Build/Buy CC is HERE!
tumblr_inline_nb2wrb5wxF1rir3me.png tumblr_inline_nb4px5uD8H1rir3me.png tumblr_inline_naim3rLTgM1rir3me.png
tumblr_inline_naim23ctiq1rir3me.png tumblr_inline_naim3hYT091rir3me.png tumblr_inline_nam7mnF9f81rir3me.png
tumblr_inline_naqqbnpQR31rir3me.png tumblr_inline_nbftklIM7j1rir3me.jpg tumblr_inline_nc0132AqXl1rir3me.jpg

tumblr_inline_nb1sp7sEmw1rir3me.png tumblr_inline_naim8kpGFy1rir3me.png tumblr_inline_nc7msgPAj91rir3me.jpg

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  • midnightpearlmidnightpearl Posts: 6,578 Member
    very nice! great job!
  • PrincessFayth6PrincessFayth6 Posts: 5 New Member
    Wow. These are really great! I really love the skirt! :smile:
  • KitOnlyHumanKitOnlyHuman Posts: 2,586 Member
    very nice! great job!
    Wow. These are really great! I really love the skirt! :smile:

    Thank you both so very much. I'm just starting out. Did some recolors that'll be up in a bit, just trying to get them not to crash the game and all show up. =P Glad I like tedious coding work. Lol. Or I'd go crazy.
  • MomGinnyMomGinny Posts: 311 Member
    These looks really cool! I love the university outfit. Great job for your first time out. :)
    My Sims || My CC Creations || My Simblr || OID: MomGinny
  • KitOnlyHumanKitOnlyHuman Posts: 2,586 Member
    Added more to the OP. =D
  • rollersk8chikrollersk8chik Posts: 72 Member
    Awesome! :D
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  • NormanYapNormanYap Posts: 33 Member
    Love that Superman hoodie. I am a big fan of Superman so I might use it in my game.
  • CrazyboutTheSimsCrazyboutTheSims Posts: 2,739 Member
    wow you did an awesome job for your first time.. I really love the colors on all of them and especially on the dress on the bottom.. thank you for sharing. I hope to see more of your creations.. :D
  • MadameButterflyMadameButterfly Posts: 116 Member
    Aww, look at the cute llama skirt!
  • pinkstar6206pinkstar6206 Posts: 62 Member
    Wonderful job!! Can't wait to see what else you come up with! Thanks :)
  • xox_sugarlips_xoxxox_sugarlips_xox Posts: 98 Member
    Those look awesome!
  • DarklingDarkling Posts: 6,327 Member
    edited August 2014
    I amazed by how fast the CC community has bypassed the default replacement stage and already mastered making non default items. You guys rock!

    As for your dress, I couldn't wait to try it and it is gorgeous in game. No crashes or issues either. I've added your Tumblr to my folder of TS4 CC creators and will be checking it regularly. :)

    Yelena loves her new frock!

  • jessathemessajessathemessa Posts: 2,342 Member
    That looks great! I like CC that feels like it fits in with the rest of the items. This totally fits in but is almost more amazing than the other dresses. LOVE. Must have. Thanks!
  • skm36skm36 Posts: 2,754 Member
    Beautifully done.
  • KitOnlyHumanKitOnlyHuman Posts: 2,586 Member
    @Darkling - I'm only starting out and I'm happy that you added me to your list of people to watch! I'm aiming to come out with something new almost every day. (Except today, my gentleman took me clothes shopping. How ironic!) I'm so glad Yelena loves it! She looks like a fashion forward kinda chick!
    @jessathemessa - You made me blush so much. I didn't want to change too much about the dress but emphasize on parts of the dress mesh that I liked. The shiny belt needed a bit more shine, the folds of the front were painted in by hand with more highlight and shade (more folds added), and so on. I love the art of the game, and my goal is to make unique items that still fit into the ambiance of the world around them.

    @skm36 - Thank you very much.
  • kiwisims4kiwisims4 Posts: 36 Member
    clever idea to mask the specular of the shiny belt mesh
  • HighMagisterHighMagister Posts: 1 New Member
    edited August 2014
    Nice! Any way you could make the No Regrets tanks for males? Please? :)
    Post edited by HighMagister on
  • TaheraTahera Posts: 1,001 Member
    You made some great recolors. I especially love the sport dress. The Lama on the skirt is too cool :)
    Have a nice day!
  • KitOnlyHumanKitOnlyHuman Posts: 2,586 Member
    Nice! Any way you could make the No Regrets tanks for males? Please? :)
    I intend to make everything for men too yes! Time is limited at the moment. (School starts next week for the kids! Thank goodness!)
    Tahera wrote: »
    You made some great recolors. I especially love the sport dress. The Lama on the skirt is too cool :)
    Thank you. I love the little llama on there. I figured it would go perfect with a cheerleader outfit.

  • KitOnlyHumanKitOnlyHuman Posts: 2,586 Member
    New fruit collection added to OP. ^.^
  • simfeetundersimfeetunder Posts: 2,260 Member
    New fruit collection added to OP. ^.^

    The sundresses are so cute! <3
    I'm working on a pikachu sundress and PJs that are done similarly. cool!
  • azyalaazyala Posts: 14 New Member
    NICE! I love the sundress!
  • fozzybear98fozzybear98 Posts: 110 Member
    Thank you!
  • KitOnlyHumanKitOnlyHuman Posts: 2,586 Member
    @simfeetunder @azyala @fozzybear98 @rosemow
    Thank you all.

    @HighMagister Now to make some more male clothes. =)
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