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Demo stops loading after EA logo

The thing doesn't load more often that it does load.
It basically freezes the screen after the EA logo pops up. Sometimes I hear the music going on, sometimes it's just silent.
I always end up having to kill the program with Task Manager.
Any solution?


  • QuelsimmyQuelsimmy Posts: 531 Member
    Seems like I found a fix, I turned on Compatibility Mode.
  • lady8janelady8jane Posts: 350 Member
    I found that having a lot of stuff running in the background can also cause this. And this also means stuff like having a browser open with many different tabs. Especially if your computer is a little older.
  • QuelsimmyQuelsimmy Posts: 531 Member
    My computer was newly built this month and it still did that while nothing else was open. It's still weird but compatibility mode fixed it for me.
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