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    Expert Results - BnS 159 – Little Green Men

    Interstellar Abode is a great home for the Greene family! You have done a great job on the exterior design of the home. By using many geometric shapes and colors you have given this home a beautiful modern look. The decks are a nice addition, the half walls and glass combination are a great idea. The landscaping is well done and suits the world well. I like the few alien plants that you have included. The interior of the home has a nice design and is decorated well. Your color choices work well with the home, complementing the modern theme nicely. You have added so many nice skill and activity rooms for the family to enjoy throughout the house. It is a beautiful home!

    Suggestions: I really couldn’t find anything to suggest except that the family may appreciate some stairs inside the home rather than just ladders. That is really just a matter of preference though.

    You have built a beautiful home for the Greene family! You have done a wonderful job of the landscaping; the exotic plants, fountains, and flower gardens look great. You have created many nice private areas for the family to enjoy outdoors. Even including a small pool! The exterior of the home is well done. The white wall coverings with the round windows work well together and the glass rail on the decks suits the house nicely. The interior of the home has a nice layout and the geometric design features you have added look great. The design of the main bedroom is especially well done, and it is great that Martin and Marlene even have their own private terrace. Well done!

    Suggestions: I would suggest using the terrain paint tool around the edges of buildings and plants, it can really take your landscaping to the next level.
    And the Winner is .... @AfterMidnight

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    Congratulations on winning the expert level @AfterMidnight B)<3!

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