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    Established Results - BnS 139 - Remote Education

    You have done a very nice job of designing your portable unit. The exterior is well done and the awning above the entrance is a nice touch. The landscaping suits the Selvadorada area nicely. The interior has a nice open concept and I like your creativity on the computer stations and storage areas. It was thoughtful to have added multiple laundry units as well. I was very pleased with your picture presentation as you showed the items stored away as well as how they will be placed during use.

    Suggestions: I don’t really have a lot of suggestions. The one thing I did notice was that the garbage can in the teacher’s quarters was placed in front of the coffee maker. As well as the placement of the storage for tables and chairs may be a bit inconvenient to bring up and down the stairs. But no big deal, just as long as you don’t ask me to help clean up.

    Your modular container facility looks very nice. The landscaping is nicely done and the different textures on the exterior work great to identify the different units. On the interior your layout has a nice flow about it and it is great that you have added different learning stations. The teachers quarters look comfortable and the industrial kitchen should function very nicely. It was nice to see that you added a lot of clutter details as well.

    Suggestions: Although beautiful, I am concerned that you may find that you get leaks in your roof due to the direction of the slope. And I’m not sure if it was intentional but your foundation is different from the rest in one corner.

    Your portable community classroom works very nicely in the eco-friendly neighborhood where you have placed it. The design of the exterior and the property layout work well together. Having the outdoor garden learning area is a good idea as well. In the interior you have done a good job of creating an open concept learning area. Using the bookshelves to separate the study area was a great idea and I especially like your design of the kitchen.

    Suggestions: I would have liked to see a few more detail items added to your build, like toilet paper holders and hand towels. It also would have been nice to have a bit of a description by at least some of your pictures. It really helps the judges get an idea of what you were thinking.

    Your Selvadorada International School is nicely done. The landscaping suits it’s surroundings well and It was nice to see that you added outdoor playground equipment for the kids and toddlers. On the interior you have created a nice open concept feeling with even flow between the activity areas and the bathrooms have a great placement. On the second level Your teacher’s suit is beautifully done and the en-suite is very luxurious.

    Suggestions: One thing to be aware of is the slope of a roof. Where there is a valley on a roof there are often problems with leaks. Another thing that would have been nice as well is if you had chosen a wall covering with tile for a backsplash in the kitchen area.

    And the winner is .... @KitelDesigns



    Room Challenge

    Your bathroom is stunning. It is practical and luxurious at the same time. The floor length mirror is a great addition to the room and the tub is perfect for the teacher to be able to relax after a long day and enjoy the sights and smells of the beautiful flowers on the wall behind it.

    Suggestions: I don’t have many suggestions, just that it might have looked nice to add hand towels and a rug by the sink.

    And the winner is .... @icanhassims



    Sim Challenge

    Janet and Nawwaf are a wonderful couple. You have given them a great life story, especially the fact that they get to go back to Nawwaf’s home country to help others. The children that you have created for them to teach are so cute! You have given them each a great personality.

    Maria Sanchez is a very nice-looking teacher. I like your choice of outfits for her and her personality should work very well with teaching. I love that you have given the students uniforms. You have made each child special and have done a great job with all of their outfits.

    And the winner is .... @icanhassims

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    @BuildnShare The pulley/platform near the storage for tables and chairs is designed for them to load the items onto it to help raise and lower it, making it easier to bring things up and down from that storage area
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    Established Results - BnS 140 - A Fresh Start

    Bright New Start looks like a great place to relax! The colors used for the home’s exterior suit the tropical environment in Sulani well. Very creative additions and fixtures in the rooms. I particularly thought that the plants by the bathtub were a creative addition. The interior has a very relaxed feel to it, which Mr. Downey appreciates!

    Suggestions: Mr. Downey would’ve wanted to see bigger windows facing the water. I would suggest going for windows that let in a lot of air or bigger glass windows to provide a better view of the sea. The landscaping around the build could also use a bit of terrain paint, particularly around the plants. Lastly, extending the roofing over the windows just slightly could help protect the home from the sun.

    This is a wonderful tropical home by the sea! Good choice of lot to build this home. Great use of color throughout the whole build. I like how there is a theme going on here with the consistency of the colors. The balcony area of the home is well thought-out. Overall, this is a very coordinated build that Mr. Downey might like.

    Suggestions: While Mr. Downey likes the home, he is a bit concerned about the placement of the hot tub out on the waterfront. A bit more space around the hot tub would probably ease his concerns. Moreover, I think that using L-shaped stairs instead of ladders would be better for Mr. Downey in the long run.

    What a lovely little tropical home! I admire the trellis of greenery by the side of the house. Putting a grassy area for the dog to around on deck is a creative idea! Nice use of color coordination throughout the whole home. You made use of wonderful colors throughout the whole build. Great job!

    Suggestions: The glass roof over the library seems too much; this can be remedied by adding roofing in segments and placing a skyroof in the center. I particularly recommend this video that has tips about adding skyroofs to a build: Moreover, I think it would make more sense to place the lounge chairs in the library facing the windows so that Mr. Downey can enjoy the view while reading.

    First of all, I like your slideshow and descriptions. It was well-written for this tropical home that you made! Great work on using natural wood throughout the whole build. The landscaping outside looks inviting. It was good that you added large windows overlooking the water. Overall, this is a cozy home for Mr. Downey!

    Suggestions: Some of the interior choices in the build seem uncoordinated with each other. I would’ve liked to see some consistency in the furniture choices throughout the whole build, like those that would fit in a tropical setting. Also, I think that it wouldn’t make sense to have a fireplace with a chimney for a tropical home. Lastly, it seems odd to put stone on the second floor instead of wood. It would make more sense if the stone was on the first floor, as most tropical homes that use stone are built that way to prevent them from being blown away by hurricanes.

    This build seems to have an industrial feel to it! Having a very high ceiling gives the interior of the home more openness. The interior of the home is well-cluttered, and adding the small vet clinic is a great idea. The home itself reminds me of one of those refurbished warehouses converted for home use. Great job!

    Suggestions: Although I admire the use of the high ceiling inside, there is an excess of windows throughout the whole home. A home can still have open-ness and wonderful views without putting windows on the whole exterior. Using a mix of opaque and glass-only exteriors can give a build more sophistication.

    What a wonderful and cheery beach home! Great use of bright colors and wood that helps it contrast. The light blue theme is consistent, just like the pristine water outside. It was very thoughtful to add a vestibule for removing shoes; helpful if someone comes in with sand in their slippers! The views provided at the balconies are breathtaking, thanks to the generous veranda space and big windows. Wonderful work!

    I think this build would look better if the skyroof was somehow incorporated into the first floor roofing instead of being extended to the second floor. Rework the roofing along with the front door area just a little bit and it will look more cohesive.

    This is a wonderful lakeside home! It has a very contemporary feel to it. Wonderful interiors, and I think the bathtub area was a really creative part. I can see some very creative use of the MOO cheat in the build as well. It looks quite detailed even if it was built on a small lot. Great job!

    Suggestions: The judges of Build n Share primarily grade your build based on the screenshots in your slideshow, so we would’ve loved to have seen more pictures of your creation. You can take better screenshots in Live Mode, then press the Tab key, move around with the WASD keys, and take screenshots from there! Adding descriptions in your screenshots will also help a lot. Hope to see you in the next challenge!

    I like your reinterpretation of Pier Palace! It certainly has a natural but contemporary appeal to it. Generous use of windows throughout the whole build. The interiors are probably this build’s greatest appeal; I can see some creative use of MOO to create certain objects as well as some wonderful color coordination. The MOO fireplace is probably my favorite. Well done!

    Suggestions: While it’s not necessarily a bad thing to have variety, I think it would be better if the rooms had a consistent theme or style throughout the whole build. Other than that, this is a wonderful home.

    What a cheerful-looking build! I like the use of big windows throughout the whole house. Great use of skyroofing to give the interior more light. The interiors are well-coordinated, with a consistent theme seen throughout the whole build. Overall, this home suits the beach house contemporary theme well.

    Suggestions: I think that the house could use some extended roofing, just to give the interiors more shade and to prevent the inside from becoming too hot. I’m also not sure if putting a sky roof over an open-air veranda bar is a good idea. Moreover, when taking screenshots, try to avoid zooming out a bit too much.

    It was a difficult decision, but there were three that really stood out among the rest.

    In third place, we have… @RachelShennan
    For second, it is… @Soloushen
    And the winner is… @AfterMidnight


    Room Challenge

    What a cute library with pop art! Nice use of color and natural wood here. It is a wonderful library that appeals to Mr. Downey’s love of animals.

    This is a wonderful library for Mr. Downey! Love the use of beachy colors for this one. Great color coordination inside.

    And the winner is… @icanhassims

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    Expert Results - BnS 140 - A Fresh Start

    You have built Stephan and Nefertari a beautiful home. The landscaping is well done and suits Sulani nicely. The roof looks great and the skylights add a nice touch. The pastel coloring compliments the house well. The layout is creative and flows nicely. You have decorated the interior very well with great use of clutter objects, making this house look like a home.

    Suggestions: The loft was a nice open space but that did make the room seem like it had a large empty area in the center. Also, it may have been nice to have added a rug in the 2nd and 3rd floor bathroom.

    And the winner is .... @Linzlulubell



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