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    Established Results for #BnS127 The Smell of Tea and Nutbread

    I enjoyed your choice of windows for the building. The location is amazing and a wonderful setting for a business. The side patio is a wonderful idea, especially in such a great location! The shop has an open, pleasant, comfortable, urban feel. Your use of clutter and decorative items is great! I enjoyed the gift shop, which is clever and super-cute. The family photos are a nice touch. I also like the roof outdoor family area. It is attractive, clever, and creative. The home decor is attractive and well put-together.

    Suggestions: The debug chairs and tables on the patio aren’t usable by sims, so technically you didn’t meet the full letter of the seating requirements (at least 5 tables that seat 2 - 4 sims).

    The spaciousness of the bakery kitchen and multiple stoves will make cooking as a family less difficult, plus the cupcake machine will be a great help. The Washington’s will appreciate this. There are some fun, colorful touches in this build, and the family is adorable. The blue and yellow work well together. Love the doors!

    Suggestions: The sides of the build are a bit flat. Try experimenting with bump outs/cut ins to give more visual interest.

    Your garden is very nice. It will help the Washington’s to expand their offerings in the bakery and at the dinner table. The bakery’s patio area is pleasant and airy. Customers will enjoy this. The cooking stations are a great choice and very practical for a bakery. Fun that the kiddos have the top floor to themselves – and their bedrooms are decorated very nicely. Love the rainbow theme! The living room colors, contrasts, and the stained-glass wall pics are striking.

    Suggestions: The lot elevation is a nice touch, but work on blending the transition to the surrounding terrain a bit.

    The outer appearance or your build works very well with the surrounding area. Sims will enjoy eating outside viewing the town and hills, plus they will enjoy the colorful, homey indoor eating area. It’s fun that fur-babies are welcome also! Your test kitchen is very nice I love the island & cabinets! The dining room is colorful, fun, and welcoming. The master bedroom is striking.

    Suggestions: I don’t think the lighting in you pics showed off your design to its best advantage. Try adding in some debug lights and/or taking pics at a different time of day to brighten things up.

    I love the front facade of this bakery! Cute use of the curved roof for an awning, and great choice of windows and doors for a retail space. I like the tones of red that are carried throughout, the dark wood, and the stone walls. Great counter and coolers, and what a cute idea for a play area! The feel of the decor is consistent throughout. Nice choices of custom wall art.

    Suggestions: There was a bit of unused space throughout. Building smaller and cozier can free up more money for decor while still maintaining functionality.

    I like your parking lot. Sharp and well done. The bakery kitchen is colorful and creative. There is plenty of space to move about and work on the different surfaces, plus the cupcake machine will be very helpful. I find the colors and layout of the of the customer seating area and shop to be pleasant and nicely done. The front door’s stained glass is a lovely touch. The home has many colorful, expressive touches.

    Suggestions: I would have liked to have seen some more Victorian touches on the exterior to add visual interest. The interior is so bright and lively… the exterior just doesn’t quite match up in comparison.

    Your fire escape & external stairway is clever. I like the fenced/gated entrance to it, which would allow for privacy if needed. The fountain seating area is a nice idea for customers. The urban, modern shop looks well stocked with a nice view. The children will enjoy their colorful rooms. I like the roof-top garden and lounging area. What a great view and place to garden (for those yummy baked goods ingredients) and raise bees for honey to cook with and to sell.

    Suggestions: I adore the exterior of this build, and I wish that the interior had the same charm and detail. Try to budget so that you can give equal attention to all areas.


    And the winner is… @AliSim19
    2nd Place goes to: @Mikkiness
    3rd Place goes to @SheriGR


    Sim Challenge

    Great job showcasing the family's clothing options. I'd like to see a little more in the way of candid shots and explanation of your trait and clothing choices.

    @Entrant’s Name ☆
    I love all the shots of the sims in their home, and your accompanying story/explanation of their lives. Good job showcasing their out fits.

    And the winner is... @iampes23

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    O wow, thank you @BuildnShare for both the detailed feedback and the 1st place 😊

    Congrats @iampes23 on your sim win and to all you clever builders for such great entries!
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    Congrats to the winners!
    And now here is my secret, a very simple secret...

    Shhhhhh... I play vanilla

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    Congrats all!!!
  • wendyologywendyology Posts: 382 Member
    Congrats all! Beautiful builds.
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    edited October 2019
    Congrats to the winners!

    Also thanks for the feedback. I know the transition wasn't as smooth as I wanted it to be in places. If I had to do it all again I'd make the house narrower or maybe use a wider lot.

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    Nicely done you guys!
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    Congratulations to the winners! <3
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    Starting Out Results for #BnS 129

    Riverbend Colonial looks very nice. Great attention to detail in giving it that elegant colonial look. I love the front garden, it looks so neat and well-cared for. Nice spacious layout.
    I like that you included an easel in the library. Nice idea giving Candy and Sofia differently styled bathrooms.
    Some of the rooms seems a bit sparse on decor and clutter, even for simple and neat. I would have liked to see more of Sofia’s artwork on the walls, for example. You could have placed the kitchen cabinets differently or used smaller widnows so they woudln’t be covered or clipping into the counters. That dark staircase seems a bit jarring when the trim and most of the wood is white.

    What a nice beach house. I like the wraparound deck. Putting the wedding arch over the bench was so creative. That covered hot tub looks so luxurious.The interior is so bright and cheerful. Good idea to use the wall divider to separate the living and dining areas. Love the kitchen. That looks like the perfect art studio.

    Suggestions: Sorry, but due to the missing BNS129 hashtag, your entry is ineligible for winning. For future reference, if you forget to include the hashtag, you can reupload your entry with it as long as it’s done before the deadline. Check out the first page of the thread, there are some useful screenshot tips and tricks. A bird’s eye view showing the lot from above and captions would help improve your slideshow. Please consider organizing it with the layout views before the individual rooms rather than after.

    Senior Roost is so pretty! It has plenty of curb appeal. Those flower boxes are a lovely detail.
    Creative design and layout of the interior rooms. I like that plant and vegetables on the island, great use of the space The back porch looks like a nice spot to sit together on that bench enjoying the view or entertain guests. I’m sure Mikael enjoys fishing in that pond! Great craft room, looks like fun. I like the contrasting tiles in the upstairs bathroom. Nice sitting area and patio.
    Please try to take screenshots when the sky is brighter so they won’t be so dark. Alternately, you can try editing the brightness afterward. Some of your interior rooms, particularly the kitchen and mancave, seem a little dark. You had enough left over in your budget to use more lights, or more expensive ones. Try a lower camera angle, move away from walls, and experiment with zooming in or out to avoid fishbowl and slanted effects. I think Birgitta and Mikael would have appreciated some curtains in their bedroom for privacy.

    And the winner is… @serenityhyperion

    @Taoron and @wendyology, you have both been promoted to Established going forward, so you'll have to wait a bit to see your results.
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    edited November 2019
    Congratulations @Serenityhyperion nicely done.

    @Taoron Hurrah! We've been promoted.

    Thank you @BuildnShare the challenges have greatly improved my building.
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    @wendyology Yay! Congrats!

    Congratulations @Serenityhyperion !!!
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    Congratulations @serenityhyperion on your win. And congrats, too, to @Taoron and @wendyology on your promotions! :)
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    Thanks @Allears !
  • AliSim19AliSim19 Posts: 357 Member
    Congrats @Serenityhyperion 😊

    And yay @wendyology and @Taoron on your well deserved promotions!!
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    Thank you @AliSim19
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    Thank you for the feedback! @BuildnShare

    Congrats, incredible work @Serenityhyperion
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    Expert Results for #BnS127 The Smell of Tea & Nutbread

    Clever way to add in the parking requirement in the city - hover cars! I like the cozy seating and all of Jerome’s art on the walls. Good job on the retail counter and the kitchen. The upstairs apartment looks very cozy! Great use of space to get in all the required elements in a small area.Cute office area and creative laundry hidden behind the sliding door (so typical for apartment life!) The childrens’ areas are bright and colorful - they’re sure to love them.

    Suggestions: Be mindful of picture angles and avoid fishbowl effect (created by zooming in/out while in camera mode). The stairs up to the apartment needed some sort of wall covering (looked to be bare drywall).

    This build has so much charm and curb appeal! I love the gables, and the grey (blue?) and white siding. Great idea to have outside tables, and the build is perfectly positioned on the lot chosen. The front entrance is beautifully done. The interior layout of Steeped is fantastic. I like the window seating, and the retail counter is just perfect. The family’s living area is lovely and efficient - cute office area and laundry room. Is that a MOO’d changing table? Very clever!

    Suggestions: Not a whole lot to add - a couple of the living area rooms (living room, master bedroom) didn’t have the same level of detail as the others. But very lovely build overall.

    The rooftop “secret garden” is very clever and a nice hidden spot for the residents. The bedroom for the twins is very sophisticated with the neutral walls and subdued colors. I like your use of the double doors - very clever! Cute use of wall stickers in the toddlers’ room. The tea service counter is nicely done - love the hanging herbs and the pastries. The reading nook is a great idea. What a unique and whimsical roofine - love the use of sonte on the turrets and the siding on the gables. The ivy on the turret is a nice touch as well. Lovely landscaping, especially the bridge leading the the front of the shop, and the plants surrounding the stream.

    Suggestions: The slideshow seemed a bit out of order? Leading with the lovely exteriors would have given a better first impression. The interiors lacked some of the charm and detail of the architecture and landscaping.

    Nice building layout - I like the idea of the drive through, and it’s nicely done. The deck for the family over the drive through lane is a clever idea. Love the ordering window! The handicapped parking spot is a nice, realistic touch. The interior of the shop is lovely - great counter, and I like the brick walls. Nice selection of tea-themed custom art downstairs. Love the outdoor seating areas! Cute entry way to the home - love the realistic touches in the storage/entry area like the shoe rack and umbrella stand. You handle the Sims 4 colors deftly - it’s not easy to match/blend colors like yellow and turquoise this well. The little nursery is adorable and love the dino-themed toddler room! Great balconies for extra living space.

    Suggestions: More prominent signage near the front entrance would help differentiate this as a commercial building - the back entrance from the parking lot looks more like what would be expected at the front.


    And the winner is… @AlJay


    Room Challenge

    Cute changing table for the twins. Good idea to have storage for each child. Cute idea to include a stool to help the little ones reach the sink! Some rugs on the floor (decor items or ones created from carpeting (and other flooring) would be a nice touch.
    And the winner is… @Talea12345


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    Congrats @ @Ajlay2000 and @Talea12345 !!!!!
  • wendyologywendyology Posts: 382 Member
    I second the congratulations to @Ajlay2000 and @Talea12345 , beautiful work!
  • SimTresaSimTresa Posts: 2,662 Member
    Congrats to all the winners!

  • AliSim19AliSim19 Posts: 357 Member
    Congrats @AlJay and @Talea12345 😊
  • DevilariahDevilariah Posts: 124 Member
    Cangratulations @AlJay & @Talea12345 !! =)
    @BuildnShare Do you know when the #129 Established results will be published?
  • AlJayAlJay Posts: 810 Member
    Thank you everyone :)
  • SerenityhyperionSerenityhyperion Posts: 57 Member
    Oh wow thank you! I didn't realize I had won - thank you so much for your kind words. I greatly appreciate the feedback and will definitely be incorporating your advice into my future screenshots.

    Thank you again!
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