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S4 BuildnShare Winners Circle


  • e1990re1990r Posts: 86 Member
    @BuildnShare Thank you so much for the constructive criticism. I will definitely take these into consideration for the next build.
    @FoundMarbles I absolutely love your build. Thank you for congratulating me.
  • withlovejulienwithlovejulien Posts: 587 Member
    Fabulous work, @e1990r and @FoundMarbles! Congrats to you both!!
  • abelhinha35abelhinha35 Posts: 2,156 Member
    edited May 2017
    Congratulation @e1990r and @Foundmarbles, well done to you both. :)
  • lisa17annlisa17ann Posts: 2,738 Member
    Congratulations @e1990r and @FoundMarbles great job on the build and sims :)

  • folalafolala Posts: 307 Member
    Congratulations @e1990r & @FoundMarbles !well done :)
  • Simming_SpoonieSimming_Spoonie Posts: 1,889 Member
    Wonderful builds both of you, @e1990r and @FoundMarbles - congrats to you both!!
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  • FoundMarblesFoundMarbles Posts: 447 Member

    @FaithofKaela , @e1990r , @folala , @lisa17ann , @abelhinha35 , @withlovejulien , :) Tanks-a-Millon (As they say back home) to all of you for your kind thoughts and warm congratulations. Everyone on this forum is a real winner, Big Time! (I would hate to be judging these challenges, what a tough call!) A good day to all.
    "Practice kindness all day to everybody and you will realize you’re already in heaven now." Jack Kerouac
  • AinsleyfAinsleyf Posts: 880 Member
    Congrats to @e1990r and @FoundMarbles!! Great creations! @Foundmarbles, you from Ireland?
  • FoundMarblesFoundMarbles Posts: 447 Member
    edited May 2017
    @Ainsleyf , Thank You! No, I am not from Ireland but some of my Four Bears were, :D If you's peraps referrin to my "Tanks-a Millon", "Ta Lrd Lov ya, darlin!", I's from ta east coast a Canada, a Caper, in fack. (Read as Cape Breton)
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    "Practice kindness all day to everybody and you will realize you’re already in heaven now." Jack Kerouac
  • AinsleyfAinsleyf Posts: 880 Member
    Absolutely referring to your Tanks-a-million. Droppin' dem dere Haitches, ya know...!
  • FoundMarblesFoundMarbles Posts: 447 Member

    @Ainsleyf , so where yall from, dare, Ainsleyf; dae do say it take one ta know one, (darned if I know exactly how to write it though!) ;)
    "Practice kindness all day to everybody and you will realize you’re already in heaven now." Jack Kerouac
  • FoundMarblesFoundMarbles Posts: 447 Member

    @Ainsleyf , I thought with those eggs on you profile you were perhaps from an eastern European country, now I'm thinking not!
    "Practice kindness all day to everybody and you will realize you’re already in heaven now." Jack Kerouac
  • AinsleyfAinsleyf Posts: 880 Member
    Haha @foundmarbles - I lived in Ireland for a while and have red hair, so, I used to get stopped a lot by American tourists asking to take my photo. I am, however, a Yank with Eastern European ancestry, so they'd look very shocked when after the pictures, I'd tell them to enjoy their holiday in my very Connecticut accent.
  • FoundMarblesFoundMarbles Posts: 447 Member

    @Ainsleyf You would no doubt enjoy my spouses "Southern Drawl", he is from Louisiana but only pronounces eggs with 3 syllables when he's mocking his roots, so to speak. I can mimic a little but most Yanks take me for a New Yorker. (Only lived state side for 6 months in California. (La Jolla area of San Diego) Loved It! They knew I was a tourist because I wore sandals and shorts while they were buried in Parkas. (in 68 degree weather!!!)

    Well, this was a bit of fun, thanks for the laughs.
    "Practice kindness all day to everybody and you will realize you’re already in heaven now." Jack Kerouac
  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,577 Member
    edited May 2017
    Established Results for Challenge #67 - Footprints in the Sand

    Your landscaping looks wonderful, those small bushes lining the front path and the stone boundary around the tree in particular stand out to me. Your interiors look gorgeous, your palette is soft without being insipid and your layout works well, I can see that it would translate well into gameplay. The basement is a great addition, with Kaiden’s room and the den down there. You made some great object choices and you have a good eye for placement.

    Suggestions: The front exterior of Summer House feels a little confused to me with the off centre gable roof at the front, and the mix of stucco, wood and brick. I’m not sure that the frieze between levels works particularly well on such a small home. The brief did specify a grid on view of each floor, so that we could ensure that no ‘extra’ space snuck in. Also, it helps us if your pictures are a little more organised and labelled, that is one of the things we look for in the Established category.

    Sante Fe Holiday Home is quite simply gorgeous! That abode style architecture works incredibly well in this environment. The red stucco fits the style well as does the landscaping. Your layout works really well, I can tell that you put a lot of thought into how the home would play. Your interior design is outstanding, the objects you have chose, your object placement and your use of clutter! The home feels extremely cohesive.

    Suggestions: I wonder if you have made the landscaping look a little more natural without the low fencing, if it would have looked a little less forced. I would have liked to see a little more of the rest of the landscaping around the lot. The front gated porch feels a little ‘off’ to me, this style of area is typically found to the rear of a build.

    Sim Challenge: The Johnsons are certainly enjoying their new digs! Love the traits you gave them.

    An Oasis in the Spring is such a wonderful creation! The architecture is simple, yet elegant and you did a great job with the exterior wall treatment choices. The landscaping in this place is amazing, that oasis is just beautiful and you have made such great use of terrain paints. Nice job ‘bending the rules’ with that micro cottage ;) Your interiors are well laid out and you have made some really great object choices that help the whole build feel incredibly cohesive. You have made great use of clutter to help the home feel lived in. Your interior palette is soft without feeling insipid.

    Suggestions: I wonder what the front porch roof would have looked like with more of a half gabled roof, the half hip just doesn’t quite fit the rest of the build. I’m really nit picking here, but a couple of your pictures feel a little ‘fishbowly’ to me, especially in the master bathroom. Try not to zoom out quite so far when taking your showcase shots.

    Sims Challenge: It was s lovely to see a day in the life of the Johnson’s. They all look so at peace with their new surroundings. Their traits are perfect and it’s nice to see that they are set on improving those all important skills.

    This is such a great modern interpretation of the brief. The architecture looks great. I really like the light lined driveway, very cool. Your interior layout works really well and I really like the fireplace area in the living room. You have made some great object choices throughout the build and your palette looks great. That back patio is lovely.

    Suggestions: The landscaping feels very bare around the side and rear of the home, I wonder if a couple of enlarged rocks and maybe some ferns dotted around the place would have helped it feel more grounded in the lot. Your interiors feel a little sterile, some more clutter dotted around the place, along with some wall art here and there might have helped it feel more homely.

    Sim Challenge: The Johnsons have settled nicely into their new environment and look to be enjoying themselves. Great traits!!

    Johnson's Vacation Home is a stunning creation! The architecture is superb, you did such a great job with the window choice and placement. Your landscaping is well though out, the hedges and trees look great. Your interior layout works well, you have really given thought to how the build will play. You object choices and placement is fantastic, the interior palette works well, those pops of blue help the monotone not feel overpowering, and great idea using a brown wooden floor. The whole build feels incredibly cohesive, and I adore that master bedroom, so soft yet not at all girly!

    Suggestions: The exterior wall treatments feel a little oppressive to me, perhaps a more plain area somewhere would have provided some relief from that very dark brick. I think some terrain painted paths between the rear patio and the other areas would have helped the back yard feel a little more finished. The children’s rooms are a little overpowering for me, too busy in the twins, perhaps using that very bright pattern on one or two walls in there would have made it a little less hectic. Kaiden’s room feels a little bland in comparison, very dark and almost claustrophobic with all that dark shelving.

    Sandstorm Mansion is such a unique creation, great use of windows to maximise the views from this spectacular build. Your landscaping is in keeping with the style of the build, you have made some really good use of the terrain painting tools and those little wild flower beds to the front of the build are gorgeous. The third story tower looks great and you did a great job with the roofing. The interior layout works well and you have made some great object choices. I especially like that reading nook in the tower, such a great idea.

    Suggestions: The brief did say you could not use foundation anywhere other than where there was foundation already, so the raised bubble pool is, unfortunately, off specification. Some of the areas of this build feel very cluttered and busy, especially in the kitchen, I'm not sure where Kaye would do any cooking! Be a little careful when zooming out to take pictures of your build, it can give a slight ‘fishbowl’ effect to the shot that makes judging quite difficult.

    'La Mirage' is a truly outstanding creation. You have made great use of windows to enhance the architecture of this modern build. The fountains out the front are a lovely touch and set the scene nicely. You have made really great use of the terrain painting tools on the path and the rear patio. Your interior layout works well and I love that sunken living and dining area. The retro themed object choices work really well throughout the home. Your palette is lovely and helps the home feel incredibly cohesive, you have made great use of the clutter items.

    Suggestions: Perhaps a little more terrain painting leading to and from that waterslide would have helped it blend in with the rest of that gorgeous back patio area. A couple of your screenshot have got that ‘fishbowl’, try not to zoom out quite so far when taking your shots.

    Holey Moley what an amazing holiday home for the Johnsons. This place is nothing short of spectacular. That southwestern style architecture is stunning and incredibly well executed. The landscaping is perfect, you have made such wonderful use of the terrain painting tools and your plant choices are outstanding. The soft and homely interiors look fantastic, those little pops of green help the place feel grounded without being overwhelming. There are so many lovely little personal touches throughout this build, you have made some really great object choices, everything blends so well together and your use of clutter is perfect. The little balconies and patios are a great addition and that natural oasis is just lovely.

    Suggestions: I’m really struggling to come up with anything you could improve with this entry. The only thing that I am personally not keen on, is that wooden flooring under the seating area in the secluded oasis, those very straight lines feel very unnatural in a very natural environment. Also, one other very small thing, try and ensure that your pictures are in order.

    And the winner is.....


    Congrats hon, this place is epic! We recommend that you move up to the Expert category :smiley:

    Second place goes to....


    Third place goes to....


    And I have to mention @onehummingbird as well, another truly magnificent build. Seriously, you have all completely blown me away with your creativity this round. Huge congratulations to all of you!

    Winner of the sim Challenge is
  • AinsleyfAinsleyf Posts: 880 Member
    Congrats to @withlovejulien and @glen1974 and @onehummingbird, and thanks to the judges for taking the time to hold this challenge and critique our builds..Woot!
  • folalafolala Posts: 307 Member
    Congratulations @withlovejulien @glen1974 @onehummingbird and @Ainsleyf ,well done all!!
    and Ainsleyf just because I'm dying of curiosity, where in Ireland did you live?
  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,577 Member
    Expert Results for Challenge #67 - Footprints in the Sand


    The Break is a fabulous holiday home for the Johnsons. The blue exterior walls make the build stand out in it's surroundings and is very cooling in this Mediterranean environment. Very creative of you to use shelves to frame the windows, this adds much interest, as does the fountain feature. You have made excellent use of the large outdoor area and created some wonderful 'rooms'. The bar and grill area sits perfect in it's nook, the firepit and pond are both well situated away from the toddlers area and the pool looks cool and refreshing. The reading porch looks so peaceful and relaxing with the plants adding colour and beauty to this room. My favourites have got to be the toddler 'splash pad' which looks so much fun, what a brilliant idea and also the playhouse, every toddlers dream, the pretend tea really made me smile! It's good to see you brought the blue theme indoors, this adds colour and vibrance to the open plan living areas and contrasts well with the wooden flooring and wall textures. Great little office nook and I like how you've placed the objects under the stairs. The breezeway to access the upstairs rooms is another great idea.

    Suggestions: On the outside edge of the fence, I would have added some grassy clumps here and there, just to break it up and appear more realistic.


    Family Get Away is a very appropriate name for this fantastic holiday home. The stone and stucco exteriors are very Mediterranean which contrast well with the brown shuttered windows and doors. Great idea to use high fencing, this provides the garden with much privacy. I really like how you've designed the outdoor lights at the front and also the balcony roofing which will provide lovely dappled light and shade. The landscaping blends in well with it's surroundings with your perfect choice of plants for this climate. There is just the right amount of green to add colour to the front without detracting from the build itself. The rear garden is stunning! I love how you've used terrain paint to create curving pathways leading to the different activity areas. There is certainly plenty for all here, the family will love this. The roofline is spot on and the interior layout is wonderful with all rooms easily accessible. Beautiful interior design, bright and sunny, giving a very happy atmosphere. You have shown much creativity providing unique and interesting features such as the wine fridge in the kitchen and the half walls combined with columns.

    Suggestions: When using the open plan concept, I would suggesting using a colour scheme to blend the different areas. For example, the living area is turquoise and yellow. I would have used these colours through the dining area and kitchen or picked either one of these colours as a main and added a further colour in the dining room and kitchen. I always think it's good to see the colours flow from room to room.


    Summer Breeze is an absolutely adorable build, so quaint and olde worlde with enchanting features. This cottage style build looks as though it's just come out of a storybook. The facade looks clean and fresh and the dark fenestration and trims provide great contrast. The stone wall surrounds the build like a great protector and I love how you've used terrain paint to create unique paths. Your choice of beautiful plants really enhance this build and there are certainly plenty of outdoor activities for the family. Going inside is like stepping back in time with the wood and stone floors and your choice of wall textures. The reading nook looks still and peaceful, a perfect atmosphere and the kitchen is very well equipped. The bedrooms are cosy and homely and you have provided just the right amount of clutter.

    Suggestions: I couldn't see a games table in any of your pics, this was part of the brief. It would have been good to see more shots overall, it's good to see each room from all angles so we get the full picture. Regarding the build itself I would maybe have used a second texture on the walls in places, such as stone, just to break the paintwork up a little.


    A Family's Oasis is a gorgeous holiday home, decorated and adorned in beautiful Spanish style. The stucco walls of the exterior, combined with the dark wood and terracotta roofing are very Mediterranean and the landscaping gives the feel of a little oasis at the front with the fountain, rocks and beautiful plants. Fantastic use of terrain paint to creat the curved pathways, this adds so much interest to a build. The rear garden is well thought out and there are certainly plenty of activities for all the family. Great interior layout and I absolutely love the Spanish style of the living areas, lots of vibrant colour, the yellow makes for a sunny and cheery atmosphere and fiesta really springs to mind here!

    Suggestions: Certain trees are suited to certain climates, always choose trees to reflect the surroundings and theme of the build. In this case I would have stuck to the palm trees. The climbing plants upstairs by the yoga area seem to be coming from nowhere. I would have added pots underneath as a base for them to grow. Regarding the brief, I didn't see a games table in your pictures and the kitchen could have been better equipped with a microwave, coffee machine, etc, for example.


    Oasis Family Getaway is a wonderful modern build with a great choice of exterior wall finishes which blend together so well . The front entrance looks very welcoming with the potted plants, etc, grouped together and I love the roof structure above this area. Very spacious backyard with plenty of activities for everyone. Great idea to have a toddler safe swimming pool which really is superb with the stepping stones, water wall and rocks. The toddler sand pit is a favourite too and the seats are a wonderful addition here. The large windows bring lots of light to the interiors which have a good layout. The open plan concept of the living areas, together with the high ceiling, provides the area with a great air of spaciousness. The toddler room is absolutely gorgeous, the green and white scheme looks clean and fresh and the shelf on top of the window is a lovely feature, as is the curtain separating the areas.

    Suggestions: There is a lot of decking at the back which I feel needs 'breaking up' a little. Maybe add different floor tiles or mats under the tables and at the bar area, also more lounge seating would look good here. Lots of potted plants are great at adding more interest too.


    Mesquite Repose is a beautiful name for this dreamy and restful looking build which blends in so well with it's surroundings. Fabulous structural design, the contemporary architecture looks so interesting and I love the roof feature. The exterior finishes contrast beautifully with the dark trims and your choice of windows is perfect to give the facade the 'wow' factor. I love how you've used rocks to create the boundary of the home, this looks far natural than using fencing alone and also provides the yard with privacy. I was also impressed how you'd created pathways with careful planting, your choice of which is perfect for this desert environment. Going indoors the terracotta theme is cooling and beautiful and you have really brought this base colour to life with the addition of many bold and vibrant tones. Great interior design and layout, this holiday home has a very easy, comfortable and relaxed feel about it which is as it should be.

    Suggestions: The only suggestion I would make would be to add potted plants to the play area, just to give it more interest and colour.


    426 Sandy Shoe Lane is a fabulous contemporary build which looks very clean and neat. The exterior textures blend in well with the surroundings and the red section really gives the build some definition. The balcony and 'pathway' to the outdoor dining are great aspects which bring interest to the home. The large windows work well with this design and will bring in lots of light to the interiors. Fantastic choice of plants for this climate and the layout and design of the outdoor areas are wonderful. I particularly like the outback area, wow! I would certainly like to relax here by the bonfire with the guitar playing. The natural desert landscaping really adds to the atmosphere. It's good to see you've brought the exterior colours indoors to the open plan living areas. These are wonderfully chic and stylish and I like how you've divided the areas. The kitchen is an absolute dream with all the top of line appliances. You have shown great creativity in this build, I love the powder room with the baby changing and the way you've designed the bedside tables in the master bedroom.

    Suggestions: The wall textures in the master bedroom look good but I would have chosen plain paint in maybe an apricot colour to replace the white walls. I think this would contrast better with the windows and curtains. I also think the front landscaping at the front could be enhanced by placing small stones around the pebble 'paths'. This would define the 'paths' and add more interest to the build.

    The winner of this Challenge is ....

    It's a tie for second place, which goes to ....
    @folala and @gmcrozier

  • FoundMarblesFoundMarbles Posts: 447 Member

    :smiley:@glen1974 , @Ainsleyf , @folala, @gmcrozier, And especially @withlovejulien , @onehummingbird , @lisa17ann , WINNERS! ALL! Congratulations :smiley:
    "Practice kindness all day to everybody and you will realize you’re already in heaven now." Jack Kerouac
  • glen1974glen1974 Posts: 86 Member

    Wow, I can't believe it, thank u so much. I didn't have much faith in my build this time so am really thrilled. @withlovejulien @Ainsleyf @onehummingbird congratulations guys. Thanks @BuildnShare for the comments ,much appreciated as always.
  • LumineyLuminey Posts: 49 Member
    I can't seem to find the challenge I participated in, but I did see the results a while ago. Thank you everyone for the feedback. The money limit really did me in with the decorations. I'll be sure to take that advice and apply it to my personal builds in the future.
    icon by alexiadraws
  • withlovejulienwithlovejulien Posts: 587 Member
    Congratulations @folala @glen1974 @Ainsleyf @gmcrozier @lisa17ann @onehummingbird and everyone who submits their builds!

    Thank you @BuildnShare for running the contest and judging and taking time to write great constructive criticism!

    I'm thrilled! :) Expert! Wow! Thanks!

    Thank you, everyone!
  • onehummingbirdonehummingbird Posts: 123 Member
    @BuildnShare thanks for the feedback and for awarding me with the sim challenge. Congrats @withlovejulien @folala @glen1974 @Ainsleyf @gmcrozier @lisa17ann!

    I'm devastated I didn't even place for this build at all.... I spent sooo much time putting every meticulous detail into this build and really thought it would be worthy. :frowning: I think I'm going to call it quits for now with the build challenges, but maybe I'll return sometime. Good luck on the next challenge, everyone!
  • popettypop2012popettypop2012 Posts: 1,318 Member
    Congratulations to all the winners and to @BuildnShare, thanks so much for your feedback and for hosting this challenge.
  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,577 Member
    @BuildnShare thanks for the feedback and for awarding me with the sim challenge. Congrats @withlovejulien @folala @glen1974 @Ainsleyf @gmcrozier @lisa17ann!

    I'm devastated I didn't even place for this build at all.... I spent sooo much time putting every meticulous detail into this build and really thought it would be worthy. :frowning: I think I'm going to call it quits for now with the build challenges, but maybe I'll return sometime. Good luck on the next challenge, everyone!
    @onehummingbird - the results for this round were so incredibly tight. You were our honourable mention simply because we thought your build deserved a huge amount of credit for being fabulous, you very, and I do mean , very narrowly missed out on a place. It is, of course, up to you, whether you wish to participate in future challenges, but this challenge has never just been about winning. It's about taking part and learning more about building with your fellow simmers. We would be sorry to see you go, I'm sure I'm not the only person who has seen something in one of your builds and used it in a future build.

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