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Build-n-Share Challenge #173 **Friends from College** Due May 31st, 2023**


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    @Issabella14 stunning build!! I love how rustic it looks and the outside fountain looks so good :) Can't wait to download this and put it in my game!
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    Really beautiful @gmcrozier ! Great architecture and I live your landscaping! Uscthat a tennis court? Very creative and well done as usual :)
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    CHALLENGE #: 20
    LOT: Harbor Haven
    LOT COST: 10,000
    BUILD COST: 555,743
    TOTAL COST: 565,743
    LINK TO ENTRY SLIDESHOW: http://imgur.com/a/lRICM)
    LINK TO GALLERY: http://www.thesims.com/en_GB/gallery/278E16500FB511E58CF4F65B554D27F7?category=all&searchtype=ea_origin_id&sortby=downloads&time=all&searchquery=EmmaLeeXOXO_C&max=25

    ENTRY DETAILS: Harbor Haven is a modern take on a orphanage with a college dorm feel fit for 12 orphans of all ages. Harbor Haven has a beautiful main reception area as well as a main office which Miss. Montpellier uses mostly. Harbor Haven has a formal class room, early childhood learning room, where children can develop skills such as motor, mental, and creativity. A music room for both children and teens where children can learn creativity skills, and piano, guitar and violin skill for the teens. An art and woodworking skill for teenagers to develop both painting skill and handiness skill. A bedroom for girls which sleeps 4,ideal for children as well as a bedroom for girls which sleeps 2, teens, joined by a bathroom. A bedroom for boys which sleeps 2, ideal for teens and a bedroom for boys which sleep 4, ideal for children, joined by a bathroom. A balcony where everyone can play chess, card games and bbq. A lounge where kids can kick back have fun, watch t.v. play games, and heat up some food when the kitchen isn't open. There is a outdoor play area for children to play on playground and monkey bars, a gazebo, and another bbq area. An outdoor garden for fresh produce as well. An fully equipped infirmary for when children get sick. A nursery for 2 little babies. A multipurpose hall, mostly used for dinning with an attached kitchen. An indoor pool and a gym connected by changing facilities for both girls and boys. 3 ensuits double bedrooms for staff, one for Miss Montpellier that also has another attached office. A lounge area for the staff where they can cook and watch tv.

    SIM: Leigh Ann Montpellier
    SIM ENTRY SLIDESHOW: http://imgur.com/a/IClhx
    ENTRY DETAILS: Miss. Montpellier, a classy young adult opening up her own orphanage.




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    Gorgeous builds everyone! I don't think I'll be able to get it done in time :( but I am loving being able to see all your amazing builds!!!
  • Ash072Ash072 Posts: 1,324 Member
    @Issabella14 - Little Saints is impeccable. I love the side chapel and your use of MOO. The entire aesthetic of the orphanage captures that mission/Catholic style! I liked your cafeteria with the use of the gates and barred-style windows...kind of a subtle hint at how an orphanage may seem like a jail to a kid! The interior pool is grand as well! So many good uses of MOO too!

    @gmcrozier - Wayward Winds is another great mission/Mediterranean style school! Love that tile work! Those designs really capture the eye. The landscaping is great too...nice use of the terrain brush! Really like the auditorium/stage! The science room is killer too. And cool idea to use the stairs as bleachers in the pool!

    @Emma-LeeXOXO - Harbor Haven is a great build also! I like the exterior spaces you added in on every floor and the topiary garden is a cute addition to the landscaping. Pool and facilities are excellent. Really like that you added a skills based classroom too with the art/woodworking room. Wish I would have thought of that along with an infirmary!
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    @Emma-LeeXOXO what a great build! Well Done! :) everyone has really gone above and beyond with this monster build!

  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,928 Member
    That marks the end of challenge #20. Challenge #21 will be up soon, I wonder what will be in store for you guys next?
  • Zita1966zZita1966z Posts: 9,626 Member
    @buildnshare Please dont shout lol Challenge 21 on the way, will challenge 19 establish results be up soon? :)
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    A Community Challenge, choose one lot and help us build Newcrest together

    It had been a bit of a long trip, but you have to admit it was worth it. On one side of you a wide river winds its lazy way along. On the other side of you are spacious empty lots fronted by a tree dotted avenue. The area is blissfully quiet. You stop next to a cherry tree and close your eyes, basking in the moment.

    “Beautiful, isn’t it?” The unexpected sound of Douglas Curtis the III’s voice very nearly makes you climb the tree next to you. After he gets his laughter under control, DC3 claps you on the shoulder. “I didn’t mean to startle you, my friend.”

    You smile at him, trying to reclaim some dignity. “Its fine. I was starting to doze off I guess.”

    “It’s a long way to drive I know, but I hope you’ll find it worth the trouble. Have you had a chance to drive around?” He asks, starting to walk along the river’s edge.

    You follow, nodding, “I have. It's a lovely area. There’s a lot of space and plenty of open lots. Which one is yours?”

    He grins smugly, “All of them.”

    “…All of them?” You stare at him, unsure of what you just heard.

    “Yep. 15 lots, situated in 3 neighborhoods.” He gives you the wide, charming smile that he usually gives before handing you a challenge. He runs his fingers through his sun-streaked hair before delivering the gauntlet. “I want you to build all 3 neighborhoods.”

    Your jaw drops. “You- what?”

    “I want you to build up the 3 neighborhoods. A tribute to my generosity to the people of Newcrest,” He says, making a grandiose gesture towards the town center.

    The sight of his ego poking its head out makes you relax. This is the DC3 you know and sometimes love. “What did you have in mind, Doug?” You asks, pulling out your tablet to make notes.

    “Well, Neighborhood 1 has 2 20×15 lots, 2 30×20, and 1 40×30 lot. I intend for this be for low-income houses. Starter homes if you wish. Prices ranging from 13750 to 20k, with 0-2 bedrooms. 1 of the 20x15s I would like to be a community garden/ park. The 30x20s I thought would fit multiple row houses, and then maybe the 40×30 could work for an apartment building or condos. Naturally all housing should have some kind of outdoor space, like a patio or something and landscaping.”

    “All of that is feasible,” you state, taking notes feverishly.

    He waits till you finish before moving on, “Neighborhood 2 has 3 30×20 lots, 1 40×20 and 1 40×30 lot. I’d like these to be medium income. Single houses on individual lots for more established families looking to move up in the world. 2 to 4 bedrooms with prices ranging from 30-50k.”

    “Okay.” you say at last, “And the last neighborhood?”

    “Think high income, large generational houses. There are 2 40×30 lots, 1 30×20, 1 30×30, and 1 50×40 lot. I’m thinking at least 4 bedrooms, garages, lots of high-end touches. Prices will range between 150-250k. I’d like the 30×20 lot in this neighborhood to be a high-class gathering spot.” He smirks, “So what do you think?”

    “I think I’m going to need help.”

    “I have utter faith in you,” he says before delivering a wink, “Just don’t work my lovely Rose too hard.”

    Build requirements:
    All housing must have the basic requirements for Sims to move in and live
    All housing must have landscaping
    Please chose one lot and let us know which lot you have chosen. (Lots in italics, we will accept one more of these lots. Lots in red, fully claimed please do not ask to build another.)

    Neighborhood 1: Starter homes
    20×15 – Community garden/ park. Total lot cost no more than 20k
    20×15 – starter home, 2 bed, 1bath. Total lot cost no more than 13k
    30×20 – Row Houses, (at least two homes) 17k, 1-2 bedrooms, 1 bath. Total lot cost no more than 20k
    30×20 – Row Houses, (at least two homes), 1-2 bedrooms, 1 bath. Total lot cost no more than 20k
    40×30 – Apartment house/cheap condos, (at least three homes) 0-2 bedrooms, 1 bath. Cost of build before lot cast added no more than 39k

    Neighborhood 2: Established homes
    30×20 – single family home, 2-3 bedrooms, 1-2 bathrooms, total lot cost no more than 30k
    30×20 – Duplex, 2-3 bedrooms per side, 1-2 bathrooms, total lot cost no more than 40k
    30×20 – Single family home, 2-3 bedrooms, 1-2 bathrooms, total lot cost no more than 30k
    40×20 lot – Single family home, 2-3 bedrooms, 1-2 bathrooms, total lot cost no more than 40k
    40×30 – Single family home, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, total lot cost no more than 50k

    Neighborhood 3: Generational Homes
    30×20 – High-end community gathering spot, total lot cost no more than 150k
    30×30 – Single family home, 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, total lot cost no more than 150k
    40×30 – Single family home, 5 bedrooms, 4+ bathrooms, total lot cost no more than 200k
    40×30 – Single family home, 5 bedrooms, 4+ bathrooms, total lot cost no more than 200k
    50×40 – Single family home, 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, total lot cost no more than 250k

    We are going to allow two of each lot to be built for this challenge so that our lovely simmers have some choice. Lots will, however, be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Please let us know which lot you would like to build for the community, we will then allocate that lot to you. This challenge will not be judged as such, there will be no winner. We will, of course, provide constructive criticism if you wish. There is no room challenge this time around, but please feel free to provide sims for your homes.

    Please use hashtags #BnS21 and #BuildNewcrest for your uploads.

    A reminder, if you wish to provide media for your build to allow us to give you feedback, please ensure that it is in the form of a slideshow. No videos please, as these make the process a lot more cumbersome.

    Deadline: Wednesday 24th June, Midnight CMT.
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    rosemow wrote: »
    Hello BuildnShare :)

    I have started a build challenges link thread if you would like to post the details and link to your challenge thread there. The link is
    Thanks @rosemow - will update our front page :)

  • Zita1966zZita1966z Posts: 9,626 Member
    O my Count me out This 2 much work. Sound exciting though :)
  • Issabella14Issabella14 Posts: 1,656 Member
    Wow this sounds great but it is far to big for me. This will take me at least 2 months to build. Wont be participating this time round. Good luck to all.
  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,928 Member
    You all only have to chose one lot to build, we aren't asking you to create the whole neghbourhood!!
  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,928 Member
    @Zita1966z - we are still working on the starting out and established results for #BnS19.
  • Green_Girly100Green_Girly100 Posts: 296 Member
    Hi everyone
    It's been awhile since I've been here, but I saw the FB post about a new round, and this look like an awesome project!!

    May I please join with:
    Neighborhood 3: Generational Homes
    40×30 – Single family home, 5 bedrooms, 4+ bathrooms, total lot cost no more than 200k
  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,928 Member
    Lovely to see you @Green_Girly100 :D Consider your lot claimed.
  • LebannaLebanna Posts: 1,157 Member
    Going to claim a real challenge!
    20×15 – starter home, 2 bed, 1bath. Total lot cost no more than 13k
    Writer for Platinum Simmers

    Gallery ID: Annabelli_22
  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,928 Member
    Yay!! Will update the front page :)
  • Zita1966zZita1966z Posts: 9,626 Member
    edited June 2015
    @Buildnsahre Apologies for the misunderstanding/reading of your post:

    I would like to claim: Neighborhood 3

    30×30 – Single family home, 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, total lot cost no more than 150k
  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,928 Member
    No worries @Zita1966z - consider it claimed @Zita1966z :) Updating the front page.
  • Ash072Ash072 Posts: 1,324 Member
    I'm feeling crazy...so I will do the project housing for neighborhood #1- 40×30 – Apartment house/cheap condos, (at least three homes) 0-2 bedrooms, 1 bath. Total lot cost no more than 20k
  • folalafolala Posts: 307 Member
    Could I claim neighbourhood1 30x20 row house 20k? Should be a good challenge...
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