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Build-n-Share Challenge #169 **Winter Designer Showdown** Due January 31st, 2023**


  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,847 Member
    And that draws challenge #19 officially to a close. Look out for challenge #20, it will be up soon.
  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,847 Member
    Challenge #20 - Oasis Valley Orphans

    Rose buzzes through, you put down your latest copy of Dwell and prepare to meet your new clients.

    The door opens and you are greeted effusively by a woman with platinum blonde hair and startlingly blue eyes.

    "Oh my dear, it's so wonderful to finally meet you!"

    Shaking hands you catch the scent of her perfume and find yourself wondering what it is.

    "Douglas has told me all about you and your wonderful team, and I find myself in need of an architect and builder."

    "Now, I have a very important brief for you, it's not something I have ever seen on Oasis Valley, but it is something that I feel very strongly about."

    As she catches her breath you go to speak.


    "I have noticed a huge number of orphans in the world, who all seem to be sent out on their own to fend for themselves, this seems an atrocious situation to me. Many a time, I have come across an exceedingly large expanse of land, with nought but a tiny little home, which can't hold more than the bare necessities."

    "I see." You manage to interject between sentences.

    "You created such a wonderful library for Douglas, I simply can't imagine another builder or architect I could entrust such a project to."

    "I want you to build an orphanage, but nothing like those austere prison blocks that are prevalent both here and back home in England. Somewhere the children will feel safe and able to learn the lessons of life, as well as a basic education."

    You wait patiently for her to start her next sentence, but find her looking at you expectantly.

    "So, you want us to build you an orphanage?" Your mind boggles, you have never undertaken such a task before.

    "That is correct." She says.

    "How many orphans do you want to cater for?" You ask, your mind racing.

    "Let's start with 12, shall we, we might have to look at another centre later on though."

    "So, a place for 12 orphans, did you want a dormitory style build or separate bedrooms?"

    "Hmmm, a good question, how about a mix of both, a dormitory for four, and bedrooms that sleep two, for both the girls and the boys. Is that acceptable?"

    "I think we can manage that. Did I hear you correctly when you said you wanted them to be able to access a basic education at the site?"

    "Yes, you did."

    "So a classroom or two then?"

    "Yes, that would probably be best."

    "How about a creche, an early years centre for the children and then a formal classroom for the teenagers?"

    "Why that sounds perfect! Oh, there would need to be a couple of spare bedrooms for staff and so on, and I would like to be able to stay on some occasions."

    This job just seemed to keep getting bigger and bigger you think to yourself.

    "Oh and a large hall, a multipurpose area, with a kitchen for meal times, assemblies, dances and fundraising events."

    "Is there anything else you can think of?" You ask, crossing your fingers that this is the extent of the mammoth task.

    "Apart from a swimming pool and a small gymnasium no, I think we have covered everything."

    "Except the budget." You add.

    "Of course, how forgetful of me, let's say a total cost of no more than $650,000 shall we."

    Breathing a huge sigh of relief at the funds available you say "Ok Miss Montpellier, I am hopeful that we can get this together for you in two weeks."

    "Wonderful, thank you for seeing me this afternoon, and I look forwards to seeing what your team come up with."

    The Brief:

    ☆ Total lot cost, no more than $650,000
    ☆ 50x50 lot in Oasis Valley
    ☆ Your choice of architecture and style
    ☆ 2 dorm-style rooms that sleep four, one for the girls and one for the boys
    ☆ 2 bedrooms that sleep two, one for the girls and one for the boys
    ☆ 3 ensuite double bedrooms, for staff and Miss Montpellier
    ☆ An office for the Miss Montpellier, which should double as a staff room
    ☆ A reception area
    ☆ A large multipurpose hall, with attached kitchen
    ☆ A creche area
    ☆ An early years learning space
    ☆ A formal classroom
    ☆ Your choice on how many bathrooms and how you locate them (apart from the staff’s rooms)
    ☆ An indoor pool and small gymnasium with changing facilities
    ☆ Full landscaping with an outdoor play area

    Sim challenge:
    Create Miss Montpellier, she is a genius who wishes to become a Renaissance Sim.

    Room Challenge:
    Create one dorm room that sleeps four, it can be for girls or boys. Your budget for this is no more than $16,000.

    Your deadline for this challenge is Wednesday 10th June, Midnight CMT

    Please use #BnS20 for your uploads.
  • kezflakekezflake Posts: 124 Member
    Oh my oh my, this really is a project and a half :smiley:
  • lisa17annlisa17ann Posts: 2,741 Member
    I'm terrified of this build if I'm being honest lol :o

  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,847 Member
    kezflake wrote: »
    Oh my oh my, this really is a project and a half :smiley:
    Well, we wanted to give you a challenge!
    lisa17ann wrote: »
    I'm terrified of this build if I'm being honest lol :o
    I am too, considering having a go myself...

  • Zita1966zZita1966z Posts: 9,626 Member
    edited May 2015
    @buildnshare You certainly outdone yourself with this huge project lol. Some additional info please.
    1. Making a slideshow for this build is going to take so many pictures which would be very time consuming..would it be ok if you can just take one good picture of every room instead of the required different views per room?
    2. Would cc be allowed for this build and if so, would it disadvantage a persons entry?

    Thank you
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,227 Member
    lisa17ann wrote: »
    I'm terrified of this build if I'm being honest lol :o

    Me, too!!! :#
  • NhicksNhicks Posts: 1,580 Member
    lisa17ann wrote: »
    I'm terrified of this build if I'm being honest lol :o

    I think I might have to third that motion LOL.... the wheels are wanting to turn though LOL
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  • lisa17annlisa17ann Posts: 2,741 Member
    edited May 2015
    I keep trying to think about it but, then I die a little inside and go hide under the duvet! hahahaha! :D
    Post edited by lisa17ann on

  • KementariKementari Posts: 923 Member
    Quick question. What is the difference between a Creche and a Early Learning Facility? Google is showing me the same thing really.
  • GuruFanNo1GuruFanNo1 Posts: 389 Member
    I am considering this one as a beginner, if I make it in the time limit, I'm such a slow builder I think this will take me a month to do lol But I will try :)
  • Liziann1Liziann1 Posts: 1,461 Member
    I am excited ! just hoping to fit it all in on time :)
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  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,847 Member
    @Zita1966z - nope, I'm afraid we will need a full presentation of your build if you want to enter. Custom content is always allowed unless specifically mentioned and it doesn't harm anyone's chances should they prefer to use it or not.

    @Kementari - we were aiming the creche at baby/toddler sims and the early learning facility more at grade/primary school children, so a little more formal than the creche. Hope that helps to clarify things.
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,227 Member
    edited May 2015
    @Zita1966z The entry for Elevate was similar in size and it didn't take that long to do the pics. I think the build is what is daunting. ;) I think I'm going to create another monster! lol!
  • gmcroziergmcrozier Posts: 1,052 Member
    edited May 2015
    Just an FYI this is a lot that has issues with ground tiles. Ever since the update that included basements, there are several lots that have a glitch were there are places on the lot that you can not cover with tile. It is only on the ground, not within rooms or on platforms.

    NVM apparently it has been fixed (for this lot anyway)
  • misscbongmisscbong Posts: 736 Member
    Wow...this is going to be a tough one! I haven't ever made anything like this, so I'm looking forward to the challenge of it
  • benlow11benlow11 Posts: 83 Member
    I am so looking forward to this one, hopefully I get to do it. June is kind of a busy month for me. :)

    @gmcrozier- The bug that you were talking about-does it prevent us from copying tiles once we have placed them too? I know you said it wouldn't let us place tiles on the ground and that the bug may have been taken care of, but in my build for challenge #19 once I placed tiles on the second floor of my build I could not copy them with the eye dropper tool. Just curious. :)
  • kaichen04kaichen04 Posts: 376 Member
    edited May 2015
    benlow11 wrote: »
    CHALLENGE #: 19-Double Take
    FORUM ID: benlow11
    ORIGIN ID: benlow11
    LEVEL: Established
    LOT: Double Vision
    LOT COST: 3000
    BUILD COST: 151,750
    TOTAL COST: 154,750
    LINK TO ENTRY SLIDESHOW:[email protected]/sets/72157653170816218
    Ling to Gallery:

    I love how each home has its own colour scheme. The backyard area is great. The barbecue gazebo is an interesting idea. And the pool keeps it interesting.
  • Zita1966zZita1966z Posts: 9,626 Member
    @BuildnShare Thank you :)
    @pammiechick lol I'm actually looking forward to this one and your "monsters" always turn out spectacular, so no worries there. <3
  • benlow11benlow11 Posts: 83 Member
    Thank you @Issabella14 and @kaichen04. :)
  • KaileKaile Posts: 2,383 Member
  • Ash072Ash072 Posts: 1,324 Member next build was going to be a huge one...this works out really well! Think I will be entering my first round of this here challenge! Yee-haw!
  • KaileKaile Posts: 2,383 Member
    im now having the same issue with my latest build "frozen" it gives me the opps message. do I really have to reinstall the game? D::(
  • NhicksNhicks Posts: 1,580 Member
    Kaile wrote: »
    im now having the same issue with my latest build "frozen" it gives me the opps message. do I really have to reinstall the game? D::(
    Me too
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  • Ash072Ash072 Posts: 1,324 Member
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    Kementari wrote: »
    Quick question. What is the difference between a Creche and a Early Learning Facility? Google is showing me the same thing really.

    CRECHE stands for Children Receiving Education in a Catholic Home Environment. As far as decor goes, it's a play area/learning area for preschoolers/kinders.

    EDIT: It's also French for manger or for a day care.
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