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Build-n-Share Challenge #169 **Winter Designer Showdown** Due January 31st, 2023**


  • lisa17annlisa17ann Posts: 2,741 Member
    What a wonderful and spacious build you've made @Ainsleyf I love that you kept that south western feeling with the exterior and interior of your build! :) I wish mine had that wonderful spacious feeling yours does! I'm not even sure how you accomplished that lol

    As always your build is a wonderful unexpected surprise @JasonAnthonySterling and I agree the playhouse is super cute! And, well worth the risk if you love it in your build! :)

    I'm almost done with mine and am feeling very uncertain now that I am seeing these wonderful builds :s I always try and get my builds done and posted asap so I don't rethink things haha Ah well it is what it is and it's just been so fun for me to join in on the Build&Share challenge which I rarely find time to do any more. So if anything I'm happy for that! I can't wait to see everyone else's wonderful and no doubt creative entries. Such a talented bunch of builders we have on the simming community! <3

  • onehummingbirdonehummingbird Posts: 123 Member
    edited April 2017
    @JasonAnthonySterling I know exactly what you mean! I had an epic, playable treehouse built, using room dividers and that "roof" thing. It all fell to the ground when I tested the download. :grimace: So I settled for a minicottage instead, and just sized up the roof detail instead of elevating it.

    I know you can create basement faux rooms in order to get elevation, but I just couldn't justify the cost for this build. Oh well!
  • Renamed2002180839Renamed2002180839 Posts: 3,444 Member
    edited April 2017
    @onehummingbird There is a trick to doing it (attaching wall objects to a wall and then removing the wall) that I didn't think of last night when testing and entering. I thought this morning about pulling the entry and doing this but decide- no, I've entered and it is what it is, lol. BUT if you want to ever try it with your tree house idea or something in the future it works great and I really can't believe it didn't occur to me last night! Maybe a lesson there- Don't Drink and Build! LOL!

    Anyway, go ahead and build the walls you need to support the roof thing from GT and anything else that requires a wall- of any type or size btw. Then when you are finished go back and replace the walls with the "Fence for Window Shopping" fence. It essentially disappears under whatever you place on the wall and the sims ignore and walk right over it AND EVEN BETTER wall placed objects still treat it AS A WALL! In that way the roof does not fall! I tested it this morning and it worked just as it should. I also had a problem with the wind chime and light fixture slipping and those all held too! I knew that, can't believe I forgot. Sometimes you can use the "draw a square" tool and sometimes for some reason objects react better if you use the "replace" tool in the build options for fencing and walls but in the end it works.

    I also thought after the fact that I should have added a sand box- I know, they're surrounded by sand already, ha! But I think it would have looked cute. I included a sand box in the tutorial/inspiration article I just finished for the Sims Community regarding designing toddler spaces for the spring. I should have tried it last night too. Oh well. Hope the fence/wall swap works for you in the future.

    EDIT: BTW this WILL NOT WORK if you have a raised foundation! Nothing will save removing the foundations! LOL! If that was the problem then it's a lost cause so far. It's the missing foundation that cause it to fall and you can only solve it by placing a foundation around and under the tree which would look... yeah, not good.
  • onehummingbirdonehummingbird Posts: 123 Member
    @JasonAnthonySterling wow, thanks for the helpful tips! I'll have to try your tutorial for a future build! In this case, I did build my house on a raised foundation so there's no hope for my treehouse this time. :lol:
  • FoundMarblesFoundMarbles Posts: 448 Member

    @BuildnShare : If I upload my build to the Gallery, bulldoze the lot and download it again, will it come back with every thing a "new" values. I am having a devils own time trying to keep track of build costs. When I need to shut down and come back later, the game has devalued most things so that when I maker choice changes or design changes I lose values but by the same token, if I make no changes, the whole lot value is reduced (I think) thus it is really difficult to say true cost if I do not complete the build at one go, (Not an easy trick). How can I calculate true costs?
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  • onehummingbirdonehummingbird Posts: 123 Member
    OFFICIAL ENTRY FORM (please copy and paste into your entry post)

    CHALLENGE #: 67 - Footprints In The Sand
    FORUM ID: onehummingbird
    ORIGIN ID: onehummingbird
    LEVEL: Established
    LOT: An Oasis in the Spring 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms
    LOT COST: $2,000
    BUILD COST: $122,988
    TOTAL COST: $124,988
    ENTRY DETAILS: This was quite a challenge for me and I think it forced me to improve my landscaping!!

    "An Oasis in the Spring" is a bit of a play on words. My inspiration for this build was the Okavango, a river delta in Africa that floods the desert with water once every year. For a short time, the desert becomes a lush grassland that sustains all life. I wanted to give the Johnsons the same feeling. They may be in an arid climate, but their backyard is a perpetual oasis.

    Reading the previous briefs, I noted that the Johnsons prefer muted, neutral colors and decor that is "neither too modern nor archaic." I went with a contemporary transitional style that I believe fits their aesthetic well. Classic, comfortable, and a little playful. Features like the full height chalkboard wall in the kitchen and mismatched chairs in the dining room add a touch of whimsy and fun - the Johnsons are on holiday, after all. The diagonal windows in the living room retracts to turn the room into an indoor-outdoor living space.

    The backyard features so many areas for fun. There's a lake for fishing and swimming - though, we recommend not doing both at the same time. :wink: A game table, picnic area and herb garden are steps away from the deck. Further back, there is a meditation corner, fire pit, and guest cottage. While these are all excellent places for Kieran and Kaye to relax after the kids are in bed, they're also perfect for entertaining guests. The guest cottage sleeps an extra 4 people! Near the cottage, there is a peaceful, circular vegetable garden. There is also a sandbox for the twins, with a safety gate to keep kids away from the lake.

    The kids' rooms are more youthful and energetic in their color palettes. Kaiden's room is delightfully kitschy, and features a second bed for any friends sleeping over.

    The reading nook and game room upstairs is where the Johnsons would spend a lot of their indoor time. Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves envelop a cozy seating area. This is a room that every sim in the house enjoys.

    While this home may not be in the Spanish Mediterranean style of some of the other Oasis Springs homes, I believe the charming and timeless design will attract much praise and envy from the neighbors. It is truly an oasis in the spring!

    SIM: The Johnsons on Holiday
    Kaye is a Foodie, Family Oriented, and Good. She's highly skilled in gourmet cooking, homestyle cooking, baking, charisma, and gardening.
    Kieran is a Genius, Perfectionist, and Bookworm. He's highly skilled in logic, handiness, charisma, and a few other things that I'm forgetting.
    Kaiden is Outgoing and a Slob (hey, he's a teenage boy after all). He's getting really good at fishing, and yes, he still loves bugs.
    Twins Kellie and Kerrie are identical, but their personalities are opposite. Kellie is clingy while Kerrie is independent.

    ROOM: N/A


    SPACE FOR PICTURES: (Only a maximum of two per entry, please)
  • SyddyB206SyddyB206 Posts: 353 Member
    OFFICIAL ENTRY FORM (please copy and paste into your entry post)

    CHALLENGE #: 67 - Footprints In The Sand
    FORUM ID: SyddyB206
    ORIGIN ID: SyddyB206
    LEVEL: Established
    LOT: Modern Vacation Home
    LOT COST: 3,000
    BUILD COST: 58,792
    TOTAL COST: 61,792
    ENTRY DETAILS: Beautiful modern vacation house! The interior is small, but has all the needed stuff. The kitchen has professional grade counters and a breakfast nook. The house features many faux fur rugs. The staircase is on the exterior of the house.

    SIM: I used CC, and CC doesn't work on The Gallery Website. If you search K Johnsons with Toddlers, that is mine.
    ENTRY DETAILS: Kaye's last two traits are Family Oriented and Neat
    Kieran's last two traits are Genius and Ambitious
    Kaiden's second trait is Geek, and his aspiration is Nerd Brain
    Kaylee's (the girl toddler) trait is Independant
    Kieth's (the boy toddler) trait is Clingy

    CREDIT FOR CC/RECOLORS: madmono Ultra Violet Skin
    SayaSims Contour N1
    Pxelboy Virginia Hair
    Alf-si eyeliner 03
    pxelpink simblreen eyeshadow
    SFS Spring Fling Lipstick
    simple simmer denim jacket accessory
    Aveira Celebration Pants
    LeslieM25 Retro Cat Eye
    Kenzar Lorac Pro Palette
    pxelbox dee blossom dress
    Simplesimmer Helen Hair
    simblob roxy hair
    SimLaughLove Short Sleeve Hoodie Trio
    Trillyke Jogging Pants
    Sentate Kourtney Sweater Dress
    Nolan Sims Pretty Breezy Maxi Dress
    Aveira SLYD Charlene Heels Recolor
    Simple Simmer Dimitri Hair
    Simple Simmer Dimitri Vest Suit Recolor
    Aveira Base Game Mary Janes Recolor
    Simplesimmer toddler hair short wavy hair
    Simplesimmer chloe dress toddler
    Standard Hero Swim Sim Clothing Pack
  • Renamed2002180839Renamed2002180839 Posts: 3,444 Member
    @SyddyB206 NICE modern exterior! @onehummingbird I really thought about doing a natural pond too. Yours looks really good! And, smart girl, I didn't even think about reading their previous challenge stuff, lol! Good thought on that!
  • TwtyBrd0707TwtyBrd0707 Posts: 93 Member
    CHALLENGE #: 67 - Footprints In The Sand
    FORUM ID: twtybrd0707
    ORIGIN ID: twtybrd0707
    LEVEL: Established
    LOT: Johnson's Vacation Home

    LOT COST: 2,000
    BUILD COST: 113,372
    TOTAL COST: 115,514
    ENTRY DETAILS: This is the Johnson's vacation home. This retreat offers a nice quiet place to vacation complete with no TV or PC lol. 3 bed, 1.5 bath, open floor plan downstairs, backyard to relax and play basketball or camp in. Sandbox included for toddlers. The toddlers in my game are twin girls.

    SIM: NA

    ROOM: NA


    SPACE FOR PICTURES: d5moSlh.pngUbbhbDD.png

    Sorry the pics are so big. Haven't done this in a while and can't figure out how I used to get them smaller.

  • Simming_SpoonieSimming_Spoonie Posts: 1,921 Member
    edited April 2017
    @FoundMarbles - sorry you are having trouble keeping track of your building costs, I usually use the testingcheats money cheat to give my Sim the exact amount of money for the brief, that way there is no chance of overspend! If you move a Sim onto the lot, hold down 'ctrl' 'shift' and 'c', a white text box comes up in the top left hand corner, type in there 'testingcheats true' (without the quotes), it should tell you that testing cheats are enabled, then just type 'money 125,000' (again without the quotes) and this gives you the exact amount of the budget. As for how to tell what your lot cost is now, if you go to upload your build to the gallery, the lot cost there is the correct amount, you do not have to upload your build everytime, just a handy way of keeping track of the costs. This takes away depreciation of items which is not allowed at @BuildnShare. Hope this helps.
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  • lisa17annlisa17ann Posts: 2,741 Member
    Wow wonderful entries everyone! I love how different everyone's builds are! It's great to see so many different styles from the same footprint!

    I'm just finishing up the pictures for mine now and will be putting up my entry form shortly. It's been so long since I entered a Build&Share Challenge and I had a great time building my house. It was very difficult for me to stay in budget and to use that footprint as I love clutter every where but, I hope it doesn't feel to bare any where and that I managed to build a house that is traditional enough for them with out feeling old fashioned! :/

    Hoping to see more entries and what other people came up with as well :)

    Thanks @BuildnShare I had fun participating and hope I can do it again soon. :)

  • lisa17annlisa17ann Posts: 2,741 Member
    edited April 2017

    CHALLENGE #: 67 - Footprints In The Sand
    FORUM ID: lisa17ann
    ORIGIN ID: lisa17ann
    LEVEL: Expert
    LOT: Family Get Away HERE
    LOT COST: $2000
    BUILD COST: $122,931
    TOTAL COST: $124,931
    LINK TO ENTRY SLIDESHOW: HERE Edited to add pictures with Grid lines as I to missed that in the brief for the pictures :s
    I decided to keep the rooms rather small in my entry as I wanted the family to spend most of their days and nights outside enjoy the sunshine and beautiful mountain views. Which can be done from the green lawn of their own back garden or from 4 different outdoor living areas. The house comprises of 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The first bedroom is a master suite, and although it’s small it has an en-suite bathroom and a rather large balcony for playing chess and relaxing on. The balconies is covered but, open in the center so Kaye and Kieran can snuggle up and watch the stars at night after the kids go to bed. There is a bedroom for teen Kaiden and has a small balcony that faces the front of the property. I purposely didn’t fill his room with an insect collection as I thought his major collection would be at the families’ normal home. The last bedroom is for the twin toddlers that has a fun animals theme in greens and white. There is also a family bathroom and hallway on the 2nd floor.
    On the ground floor you will find an entry that leads through an archway into the open plan living room, dining room, and kitchen. The kitchen is open to the dining are as well, so that the children can be watched while Kaye is cooking. The kitchen is well equipped for Kaye it even has a built in wine fridge. There is also a ¾ bath on the ground floor. From the dining room you can make your way out to the family games patio. It’s covered to give shade on those hot desert days and has a card table and dart board. From the living room you can make your way out to the covered reading patio (aka the reading nook) where you also have access to a painting easel. To the back there are lots of outside activates for the family to enjoy while on vacation. A little BBQ area, fishing pond, sandbox, and a fire pit with guitar for campfire songs, horseshoe pit, and monkey bars. It’s fenced in to keep the smallest family members safe from wondering into the road. The landscaping to the front is slightly more formal then the landscaping in the back. In the back the flower beds are spilling over with sunny flowers in colors of yellows, red, and oranges. I tried to give the exterior of the house a traditional look. On the interiors I mixed traditional and slightly more modern furnishings.

    Edit: I totally spaced putting a potty in for the twins lol luckily there is a little budget left so Kaye and Kian can buy one and bring it with them on vacation :p


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  • FoundMarblesFoundMarbles Posts: 448 Member

    @FaithofKaela Thank you so very much! I have been doing just as you suggest but lacked confidence that I was understanding the system correctly. It is good to know my instincts were correct. I knew @BuildnShare did not allow depreciation purchases, so I'm good. No inadvertent cheating!
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  • golden_glowgolden_glow Posts: 862 Member
    @onehummingbird Your build is gorgeous! I love the landscaping and @lisa17ann you use the terrain paint so well. Everyone's entries are so different. I was looking forward to this challenge but I don't think I'll have time. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else does though.
  • lisa17annlisa17ann Posts: 2,741 Member
    Thank you @golden_glow that's very kind of you. I actually love to do landscaping the most and that's always what people comment on in my builds so that makes me very happy :)

    It's to bad you won't find the time to enter your self. But, I too know that feeling! This challenge is very interesting with the provided footprint and I'm loving seeing everyone's interpretation of it! It's so inspiring to see so much creativity :)

  • CatsRuleCatsRule Posts: 357 Member
    @onehummingbird Wow. Your build makes me feel like any build I do is a plumming child's art project that parents can never figure out what it is supposed to be. (That's a compliment, by the way)
  • onehummingbirdonehummingbird Posts: 123 Member
    @JasonAnthonySterling thanks for the kudos!
    @golden_glow thanks, how kind! I enjoy your builds and look forward to seeing you back next time.
    @CatsRule haha thank you! :smile: I think I probably just spent too much time on this one.
  • FoundMarblesFoundMarbles Posts: 448 Member
    edited April 2017

    CHALLENGE #: 67 - Footprints In The Sand
    FORUM ID: FoundMarbles
    ORIGIN ID: FoundMarbles
    LEVEL: Starting Out
    LOT: Mesquite marvel ( )
    LOT COST: §2000
    BUILD COST: §122952
    TOTAL COST: §124952

    ENTRY DETAILS: 3.5 Baths, in fact, 1 on the 1st 2 floors and 2 on the third floor, a handy thing with 2 toddlers. Given that they want privacy, a high solid fence surrounds the property. There are generous recreations facilities on the sub-level, keeping noise well away from the second floor reading room. The exterior provides a few adult relaxation areas and has a great pond and bonfire area. The pond provides for further recreation via fishing. The children's area is fenced in for toddler safety and filled with interesting objects beyond the kids catalogue, old steps for climbing and other useful sculpture. I saved a lot on landscaping and small objects with "DEBUG" and terrain painting.I do hope my landscaping has improved this round. Over-all, this build tends to the traditional but gives a strong nod to modernity without being overpoweringly so. As is the Johnson preference colors are muted with the exception of the toddler room. (All children's favorite colors are primary and especially red.) I tried to make it spacious as well as not over crowded with stuff.
    I tried to compete the second round as an intermediate but in the end thought that was a mistake. On seeing established builders, the works leave me in awe! I hope my retreat will not count against me.

    SIM: Link to Gallery Upload


    ENTRY DETAILS: I reinvented an earlier entry for Kay and Kieran and then added the teen and toddlers. It seemed reasonable for the sake of consistency. Kaye is a Foodie and hopes to have a Successful Lineage. She is the domestic type and a creative soul. Though the new home seems to hamper her cooking skills! Very family oriented, she manages to spend almost equal time with the children and the husband.

    Kieran is a Perfectionist and hopes to become Fabulously Wealthy.He has business savvy and is a genius. He is of course very ambitious. All of this seems not to get in the way of his being an attentive father and husband! He spends aas much time with the family as mom.

    Kaiden is Out Going and hopes to attain the title of Whiz Kid.He is a cheerful learner and a genius like his dad. Kaiden spends a lot of time looking after his young siblings and is an exceptionally fine brother.

    Kris is a little boy toddler and and generally a Charmer but pron to temper fits over things like bedtime and potty training.

    Karry is a little girl toddler and a very silly child. She is more inclined to tears than tempers. She loves banging pots and pans around. She is also fascinated by fish in the pond.

    We were asked to show the Johnsons enjoying their new retreat house so I posted a lot of pictures as I tried to capture them using most of the amenities and areas. I apologize if I went overboard on the use of home pics.

    CREDIT FOR CC/RECOLORS: N/A (DEBUG, MOO, Hidden objects, Etc.)


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  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,848 Member
    CatsRule wrote: »
    @onehummingbird Wow. Your build makes me feel like any build I do is a plumming child's art project that parents can never figure out what it is supposed to be. (That's a compliment, by the way)
    Hi there @CatsRule, and welcome to Build n Share! We do have categories for all our challenges, why don't you give it a go? We only offer constructive criticism and many of the wonderful creators here were in the Starting Out category before working there way to the amazing builds you see here!! (On a side note, <3 your signature gif!)

  • lisa17annlisa17ann Posts: 2,741 Member
    CatsRule wrote: »
    @onehummingbird Wow. Your build makes me feel like any build I do is a plumming child's art project that parents can never figure out what it is supposed to be. (That's a compliment, by the way)

    I've been building since the original Sims came out and her build made me feel the same way. lol It's so easy to be impressed by all the talented builders in the sims building community but, as long as your building for your own enjoyment you cant really lose. I am still learning new tips and tricks after all these years. I'm sure your build will be beautiful and unique to you :) I hope you join in!

  • Renamed2002180839Renamed2002180839 Posts: 3,444 Member
    Great to see all the different styles flowing in. I'm always amazed at how we all see things so differently based on the challenge outline! @lisa17ann is right @CatsRule - just build for you and you'll always have something in the end. YOU really only have to make YOU happy!
  • onehummingbirdonehummingbird Posts: 123 Member
    @lisa17ann whaaat?! I think your builds are spectacular!! @CatsRule I bet yours are too!!

    I've been building on the sims for over a decade. The builds I'm seeing in the "Starting Out" category are lightyears beyond what I was making when I started out. This is a great and supportive group no matter your level! The fact that everyone is coming up with completely different and uniquely interesting builds is why I stay on this thread - and why I hope you'll submit a build, too. :-D
  • lisa17annlisa17ann Posts: 2,741 Member
    Thanks @hummingbird41556 don't get me wrong I like my builds and I always build because it makes me happy. I too have been building that long! How old are we?! Lol :o But, I certainly do get amazed by the talent I see in this building community! It's inspiring and wonderful and I feel so happy to be a part of it! And, I would encourage anyone who likes to build or just thinks it looks like fun to join in not just here but any comp that takes your fancy. Especially if you have builders block (it's a real thing! Lol) because it forces you to build for a purpose and I always think the budget is where the creativity comes in haha at least at first.

  • e1990re1990r Posts: 86 Member
    Planning on finishing up my build today and take pictures of this build and more of the previous build.
  • folalafolala Posts: 307 Member
    wow, everyone's builds are really gorgeous so far! and all really different styles too.
    @lisa17ann you're right, builders block definitely is a thing! I think I'm experiencing it at the minute with this build. Hopefully inspiration will hit before the deadline :/
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