Build-n-Share Challenge #156 **Home for Winterfest** Due 31 December 2021**


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    @BuildnShare - is there a budget for the room challenge this time around?

    Edit: That's one sneaky brief edit :P Awesome, thanks!
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    iampes23 wrote: »
    If no stairs, how are we to put pilings under and skirting around the trailers?

    Great question, and I am glad you mentioned it because I was just wondering the same thing. Then I was thinking of shipping containers, but they are tiny. And RVs and tiny does say trailers/apartments though. So can they be duplexes or cottages--or just trailers set right on the ground? Or would it be okay to put the trailers on "foundations" up just 2 steps?
    @JojoMOMSTER and @iampes23 - yes, you may have a foundation, however, there must be 'access ramps', they don't have to function, but must give the illusion of access for the physically impaired.

    linday wrote: »
    @BuildnShare - is there a budget for the room challenge this time around?

    Edit: That's one sneaky brief edit :P Awesome, thanks!
    LOL!! We try and fix any errors in the brief before people ask, but when it's pointed out, we have to work quickly :tongue:

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    Can you elaborate on the difference of doubles and singles? Doubles ie; duplex? or Double-wide trailer?
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    Can you elaborate on the difference of doubles and singles? Doubles ie; duplex? or Double-wide trailer?

    For a double @missautumn19, we simply mean a trailer to house two people, rather than one single person, so for a double, you would need either two single beds or one double bed. I hope that clarifies things for you.
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    It does! Thanks so much!
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    You're very welcome <3
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    Thanks for the clarification. One last question--is Harvey in the gallery to download?
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    Just so you know @Renamed2002180839 (Hi Jason!) if you want to change your gallery ID you can message EA_Mage or EA_Lanna and they can help you :blush:
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    @Ninnster Hi! Thanks, someone actually sent a message when they changed my old name but at the time I just didn't want to bother with coming up with something else. I might now if I'm going to be back around for any length of time. Actually I'm not sure that I don't like "Renamed2002180839" It has a very futuristic sound to it- LOL!
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    @iampes23 - Here is the link to Harvey, and yes, he is in the gallery

    Harvey Wallbanger
    by SoulGal7
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    SoulGal7 wrote: »
    @iampes23 - Here is the link to Harvey, and yes, he is in the gallery

    Harvey Wallbanger
    by SoulGal7

    Thanks very much! That is awesome!
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    Here's my entry form for Round #101 Five by Five including a short backstory for Faith. Well, it's actually kind of long, I got carried away with it. lol I put it in a spoiler though. Working on the slideshow now, should be up soon. Hopefully before Midnight. o.O

    CHALLENGE #101 - Five by Five
    FORUM ID: Karababy52
    ORIGIN ID: Karababy52
    LEVEL: Expert
    LOT: Blue on Black Starter
    LOT COST: 1500
    LOT NAME: Comfy Cubby
    BUILD COST: 18498
    TOTAL COST: 19998

    The name & colors I gave Faith’s new home have significance. In my eyes, her life resembles lyrics from the song, Blue on Black by Kenny Wayne Shepherd. I put her story in a spoiler, so you can skip it if you want. It’s just a little something I quickly thought up, probably full of plot holes. But it was fun to write anyway. :)
    Faith & her boyfriend, Jon, were once the picture perfect couple until one day he disappeared. She was distraught, angry and confused, wondering what could have happened to him. She along with help from friends, family and the authorities searched for him, but he was nowhere to be found. The Police believed he had left under his own free will and soon dropped the case.

    Faith refused to believe he’d willingly left her and continued to search on her own when family and friends also abandoned searching, secretly siding with the Police.

    Arriving home late one evening after another futile day of searching, Faith was horrified to discover her entire family had been brutally killed by what must’ve been some kind of animal judging by the condition of their mutilated bodies.

    The Police theorized a cougar or perhaps a bear had come down from the mountains of Windenberg, became disoriented, lost and eventually hunger drove them to attack humans for food. They also now believed Jon could’ve perhaps been dragged away and eaten too. They advised her to lock her doors and left promising to issue an all-points bulletin to be on the lookout for any wild animals not indigenous to the area.

    Late that night Faith lay sobbing in bed when she heard something strike a nearby window. Watching carefully she saw a pebble bounce off the glass and got up to investigate. She gasped in disbelief to see Jon smiling back at her gesturing toward the front door to be let in.

    Faith quickly raced to unlock the door and opened it wide, but stopped short of letting him in. Despite needing the comfort of his love and being so happy he was alive, she wanted to find out what had happened to him first. He looked fine except a bit pale and his clothes were muddy, torn and stained with…something. Had he been in an accident?

    He told her an unbelievable tale of going for a walk and being robbed, kidnapped, caged, starved and beaten by assailants wearing Ski masks. He said only thoughts of her and their love gave him the will to survive and eventually escape to come back to her, his one true love.

    He begged her to believe him, shivering from the chilly autumn night air, and asked if he could come inside to warm up. Searching his face for truth, Faith decided to believe him and reached over the threshold intending to pull him inside.

    She jumped back, rearing her head in confusion when he refused to be pulled inside the house and said she had to invite him in.

    “But why?” She asked.

    He only snarled at her saying, “Just do it!”

    When Faith raised her eyebrows at his harsh tone of voice, he softened it to a pitiful plea instead. “Please? I’m just so hungry!”

    The inexplicable feeling of fear filled Faith’s entire being when she noticed Jon’s eyes were slightly glowing red.

    “Why are your eyes glowing? What really happened to you?”
    Faith whispered.

    “What? You’re just seeing things, I told you what happened, now, come on Faith, invite me in!”

    “I don’t believe you. I think you should leave.”

    “You’re sending me away? Don’t you love me anymore? How can you be so cruel after I just told you what I’ve been through? I’m all you have left now,”
    he chastised.

    Alarm bells rang loudly in Faith’s head. How could he know she was all alone in the world now if what he said was true?

    “How do you know that?”

    “Faith, look into my eyes and you’ll see. Everything will be alright now, okay? Just invite me in and we can be together again, forever.”

    “NO. You haven’t explained yourself and you’re acting very weird. I don’t even want to look at you right now. I just lost my family, which you somehow seem to know about. Just… go away.”

    Faith turned her back on Jon and pointed towards the street making her wishes clear. Jon began growling low his throat causing Faith to whip her head around and gape at his face which had transformed into something terrifying, like…a…beast. Oh My God! HE had killed her family and came back intending to kill her too. She just knew it!

    Slamming the door in his handsome face, Faith ran upstairs to her Parents’ bedroom to retrieve the pistol her Father kept in a nightstand. Jon hadn’t come back out of love, he had lied.

    Grabbing the loaded gun she quickly ran back to the front door and threw it open, aiming the gun at Jon’s chest. He was still in the exact spot as before, looking at her with the saddest eyes she’d ever seen.

    “Don’t do this Faith. It won’t work anyway and just make a big mess. I didn’t mean to do it. I only wanted to see you, but, I was just so hungry. I couldn’t help myself. You have to let me explain.”

    “You didn’t MEAN to kill them? How does that make any sense? They loved you, I loved you. How could you do that? Who are you? WHAT are you?”

    “I am Vampire and I will always love you
    ,” he said and then disappeared in a blindingly fast blur, like some kind of cartoon character.

    Stunned, Faith collapsed to the floor and dropped the gun. She sat there for a long time with hands covering her face and wept.

    Since then Faith has tried to learn everything she can about Vampires, but she still has a lot to discover. She knows that Jon will come back again for her and when he does, she’ll be ready. She loved him, and a part of her always will. But, she can’t forgive him for murdering her family and his heartbreaking lies of love.

    He has to pay…

    I wanted to build a two story house for Faith right from the beginning. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I love a challenge. I originally had the stairs inside the house, but put them outside when I realized there just wasn’t enough room for everything. Downstairs includes; a garlic scented mirror just inside the front door, a tiny living room area with a TV & bookcase, a full kitchen which includes a dishwasher and a miniscule bathroom featuring a shower and commode.

    Upstairs is accessible by a staircase around the back of the house. They’re purposely designed to be creaky so she can hear anything, man or beast, coming up them. A braid of garlic hangs above the door to ward off any unwanted and/or unliving visitors. Faith’s bedroom includes a single bed, dresser and standing mirror.

    Outside landscaping includes; a mini fountain, umbrella covered table & four chairs, a loveseat/bench underneath the staircase, fishing pond, easel, windchimes and a birdbath. I wanted Faith’s new home to feel secure, yet have a peaceful, serene and beautiful area to spend time outdoors during the daytime.

    First Floor = 17 tiles
    Second Floor = 8 tiles
    Total = 25 tiles

    CREDIT FOR CC/RECOLORS: NoCC, but I did use MOO & Debug items
    TWITTER: N/A I have an account, but posts are 99% non-Sims related
    FACEBOOK PROFILE: N/A Private (Personal account)
    TUMBLR LINK: N/A I have an account, but posts are 99% non-Sims related


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    @BuildnShare Hey! Question - Is Harvey's trailer/apartment included in the 5 trailers, or is his one an extra one? (I'm struggling with space!)
  • SimsIslandheartSimsIslandheart Posts: 281 Member
    So, I'm kind of stuck on how to upload our lovely Wallbanger's home as an "apartment." I read through the tutorial, but I think I don't have the right setup for getting it to work. I'm trying to upload all of the contents of the image below as an "apartment," but the fence, landscaping, and such, doesn't seem to go with it. :( Does anyone have any ideas, or a different sort of tutorial they can point me to? Otherwise, I'll just skip the room challenge this time around.


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    @SimsIslandheart are you doing this as a room or a lot if its a room you can't put a foundation in it here is another tutorial for rooms
  • SimTresaSimTresa Posts: 2,825 Member
    Trick I used to get a gazebo and landscaping to load as a room for one of rosemow's challenges: Make the fence all one piece with everything else inside of it, then select that fence to save as the room. Means you'll have to put the fence behind the walls instead of next to it.

  • SimsIslandheartSimsIslandheart Posts: 281 Member
    @chips46 Thanks! That tutorial is easier to follow and explains why it works. I'm still going to try it with a foundation - trailers sit up on blocks and have skirting around them as a result, so that's why I have a foundation (and a non-functional but agonizing-to-build pretty ramp) in mine.

    @TresaofPern Thanks, I'll try that! I think I have enough left in the budget to nudge everything a couple of blocks and then run the fence behind the trailer. I'll just put it back after I upload. (It's the way it is now because of how I'm doing the layout for my trailer court.)
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    @BuildnShare Hey! Question - Is Harvey's trailer/apartment included in the 5 trailers, or is his one an extra one? (I'm struggling with space!)
    The brief states at least 5 units @RachelShennan, so as long as you have 5 units on the lot, including Harvey's, you're good to go.

    Thanks, @chips46 for the link to that other room tutorial and @TresaofPern for that very helpful tip!
  • SimTresaSimTresa Posts: 2,825 Member
    You're welcome, @SimsIslandheart and @BuildnShare.

  • SimsIslandheartSimsIslandheart Posts: 281 Member
    You're welcome, @SimsIslandheart and @BuildnShare.

    And then after all of that, I'm going to have to concede defeat and admit ramps are too advanced for me. ^^; I just couldn't get them to look the way they should for actual accessibility ramps...I think I'll just join the chorus asking the devs to add them properly to the game. ^^; In the meantime, I took all the foundations out and am putting all of the trailers/apartments on slabs.

    Still, super thanks! This has helped me out a ton, especially with being able to upload landscaping as part of a "room."
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    @SimsIslandheart - here are links to videos on how to build a ramp. I had to look them up myself.

    Moptica tv -

    Simproved has one in her video, too, and it is very easy - it's about mid-way in the video

    Here is one by Demi Bo Bemi -

    Hope this helps anyone who is struggling with how to build ramps.
  • SimsIslandheartSimsIslandheart Posts: 281 Member
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    @SoulGal7 That first video was the tutorial I was using, because I just wanted a simple access ramp with rails up to the deck. It worked okay, but there was a lip at the top and bottom of the ramp that I couldn't get rid of, because adjusting the roof (ramp) height and foundation height never worked out. One would always be at least a little lip higher or lower than the other. It would have probably been okay for general looks in the game, but I'm picky, because the trailer court I lived in was SUPER specific and touchy about accessibility ramps being just so. ^^;

    ETA: Thanks for the other vids, though, because there are a couple other tips in them besides the ramps I'm stealing. <3
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    lol nvm i was dumb XD
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    I think I'm going to have a go at this - I haven't built anything like it before! It'll be my first ever sims challenge, even though I've been playing since Sims 1. Thanks for the inspiration... Wish me luck XD
  • SimsIslandheartSimsIslandheart Posts: 281 Member
    ohSnap wrote: »
    I think I'm going to have a go at this - I haven't built anything like it before! It'll be my first ever sims challenge, even though I've been playing since Sims 1. Thanks for the inspiration... Wish me luck XD

    Good luck, @ohSnap! I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy this challenge that much, but even with not-great memories attached, I'm actually liking it quite a lot. I created some retirees so I could customize each trailer/home to them, and it's making it a lot of fun. I can't wait to see what you come up with!
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