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Build-n-Share Challenge #148 **Spring Designer Showdown** Due 30th April, 2021**


  • LebannaLebanna Posts: 1,156 Member
    Hi @Pammiechick and everyone else!

    I'm responsible for #4 starters, and I'm so very sorry I haven't gotten them up yet. My personal life got a bit hectic these last few weeks.
    Tomorrow I have a day off and will get them up then. Hope that answers your question
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  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,044 Member
    Oh, ok! :) I know...the holidays are already upon us. Thank you!
  • trashdockatrashdocka Posts: 140 Member
    edited November 2014
    CHALLENGE #: 6
    FORUM ID: Trashdocka
    ORIGIN ID: Sekyria
    LEVEL: Established
    LOT: "Industrial Home Sekyria"
    LINK TO ENTRY SLIDESHOW: http://imgur.com/a/8RSrI
    ENTRY DETAILS: A small nice industrial home for some gansters. ;) I wanted to make it look like an old industrial building that was rebuilt to a home.
    Total cost: 118 835 Simoleons
    no CC


  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,044 Member
    edited December 2014
    FORUM ID:pammiechick
    ORIGIN ID:pammiechick
    LEVEL: Starter
    LOT: Crime Lord Warehouse
    LINK TO ENTRY SLIDESHOW: http://s259.photobucket.com/user/pamcalvert/slideshow/buildnshare 6 warehouse?sort=6 (Sorry--I still have the grids--will remove next time!)

    ENTRY DETAILS: This warehouse features weathered, abandoned landscaping (yes, we love weeds when it's supposed to look like it's been there forever--and crumbling cement. :wink: ) First floor contains crime computer lab, entertainment area, bar, interrogation room, bathroom, large warehouse room filled with places for storage and even a stolen ATM. The back of this room contains a loading zone garage. Second floor features a kitchen, two bedrooms for Malik and Kurai, bathroom, and exercise room. Top floor has Mara's bedroom suite, master bath as well as a cabana area for changing into bathing suits and a door to the swimming pool. The back has a fire escape (or police escape--whatever you want to call it.)

    Price-Total price is $220,000
    The price within the game is $197,000--I don't understand the difference.

    Credit for CC: The Sims Resource: Sara Living room--http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category//title/sara-living-room/id/1249322/

    Shabby chic living room: http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category//title/shabby-chic-used-living-room/id/1258693/

    Dining Mediterranean experience: http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category//title/dining-mediterranean-experience/id/1263875/

    Bathroom Lemingstone: http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category//title/bathroom-lemingstone/id/1268096/

    Gab Contemporary living: http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category//title/gab-contemporary-living-/id/1264132/

    Shae Bedroom: http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category//title/shea-bedroom/id/1267279/

    Livingroom Lemingstone: http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category//title/living-room-lemingstone/id/1266347/

    Kitchen Alobi: http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category//title/kitchen-alobi-/id/1269010/

    SIM: Sloane

    SIM ENTRY SLIDESHOW:http://s259.photobucket.com/user/pamcalvert/slideshow/buildnshare 6 warehouse/buildnshare 6 sims?sort=6

    ENTRY DETAILS: Mara Sloane is an evil genius and hates children. She wants to be the number one public enemy and she's well on her way. A day in her life is full of fun, frolic and fighting. :blush: She loves to toy with her companion's heart strings as she's engaged to one and flirts with the other. Kurai Tsukino is the meanest of the group. Although dastardly, he has a cheerful disposition, even when he's using his brass knuckles. He's a genius and a geek. He has his own computer in his room so he can do dirty deals on his own. Malik Yateem fancies himself a romantic at heart even when he's dealing out the cement galoshes. Nerdy, geeky and neat, you can find him at the computer if he's not rearranging faces in the interrogation room. He has a special place in his heart for Mara...if she'll give him the time of day.


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  • LebannaLebanna Posts: 1,156 Member
    Starting out results for Challenge #4 are up!
    Check them out here
    Writer for Platinum Simmers

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  • Kulthero777Kulthero777 Posts: 1,026 Member
    edited November 2014
    CHALLENGE #: 6
    FORUM ID: Kulthero777
    ORIGIN ID: Kulthero777
    LEVEL: Expert

    LOT: Sloane's Sprockets
    ENTRY DETAILS: This nondescript sprocket factory is in fact a front for Ms. Sloane's nefarious computerized mind control cupcake enterprise. It features a loading dock for shipments, factory warehouse for baking cupcakes, catwalk from which Ms. Sloane can oversee her operation, front desk lobby, 3 private offices for consulting clients, conference room for plotting to destroy, break room with full kitchen, half bath powder room, computer lab for researching mind control cupcake devices, picnic area, lounge with fireplace, reading nook, gym with bar, 3 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms.

    SIM: n/a

    ROOM: Sloane Labs
    ROOM ENTRY SLIDESHOW: same as media above
    ENTRY DETAILS: Outfitted with four computer workstations, various mutli-media and activities, this room is the perfect research lab for the criminal mind. Ms. Sloane and her crew research and create their computerized mind control devices here. These are the active ingredient in Sloane's nefarious cupcakes.

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  • LavenderLavender Posts: 73 Member
    Pammiechick, awesome entry! I love the Interrogation room, with Kurai and Malik at work!! What a stroke of evil genius!!!
  • BryonyRaeBryonyRae Posts: 5,181 Member
    @Kulthero777 it won't ever go through when it does that. Try just editing your above post and adding the images/links. It should work that way.
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  • LavenderLavender Posts: 73 Member
    CHALLENGE #: 6
    FORUM ID: Lavender
    ORIGIN ID: Lavenderspirit22
    LEVEL: Starting out
    LOT: Sloane Enterprises
    LINK TO ENTRY SLIDESHOW: http://s196.photobucket.com/user/Lavenderspirit2/slideshow/Sims 4 Build and Share 6
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,044 Member
    edited November 2014
    Thank you @Lavender! I loved playing them. I remember having a Jailbird family in Sims 2... Those were the days! They'd rob the next door neighbors' houses. Now, there aren't any burglaries! At least there was a baseball bat for that room. Muahahahaaaa!
  • Carewren123Carewren123 Posts: 2,658 Member
    FORUM ID: Carewren123
    ORIGIN ID: Carewren123
    LEVEL: Expert
    LOT: Sloane Enterprises
    LINK TO ENTRY SLIDESHOW: Precise by Design: Challenge 6

    ENTRY DETAILS: This build is designed to look like a shipping warehouse. My idea is that Mara Sloane and her associates are operating their illegal business under the cover of a legitimate business. I built the warehouse in the community lot neighborhood of Oasis Valley. I thought that was as close to an "industrial" district as I could get. In the story I had in my mind, our criminals don't want the community to know they're there. The permits only allowed for the construction of a warehouse, not a residence. With this in mind, from the outside the building looks just like a warehouse/business. You can't tell that anyone lives there. The living quarters are well hidden, but also allow for a quick exit ;).

    The final cost of the build including the lot prices is $249,682.
    (I've decided that the buy debug items or my crafted paintings mess with the calculation of the lot value, because once again it was considerably lower [~$20,000 lower] than the gallery price. From now on I'm just going by the gallery price plus the original cost of the empty lot.)


    SIM: N/A I made sims to have in parts of my slideshow, but I didn't spend very much time on them and didn't have time for their own slideshow.
    CREDIT FOR CC/RECOLORS: None. (By the way I found out this week that there is a cheat to gain instant career promotions. This was great news to me, because I've been wanting to use those locked career rewards in these builds but I don't currently use mods. Now I can use the career rewards. Yay!)
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  • Rostri-JoduRostri-Jodu Posts: 669 Member
    edited November 2014
    Challenge #: 6
    Forum ID: Rostri-Jodu
    Origin ID: Rostrijodu
    Level: Expert
    Build: Missing Inc.
    Link to entry slideshow: http://imgur.com/a/kaIWS#0
    Entry details: A 30 x 40 Residential Lot, with 3 Bedrooms and 3 Bathrooms, Valued at 222,999 Simoleons, Not Including the Lot
    Credit for CC/Recolors: N/A

    Sims: Sloane's Rangers
    Link to entry slideshow: http://imgur.com/a/W3ilK#0
    Entry details: Mara Sloane is an Evil & Insane Public Enemy and - secretly - a Bookworm. Malik Yateem has a Nerd Brain and is Neat & Materialistic, as well as an Art Lover. Kurai Tsukino is a Chief of Mischief, but also a Childish Genius who is a Music Lover.
    Credit for CC/Recolors: N/A

    I'm not entering the Room Challenge since my Computer Lab came in waaaaay over budget!
  • simhead70simhead70 Posts: 613 Member
    Is anyone else having trouble tonight commenting. I have been trying to leave a comment for my entry since about an hour.
  • simhead70simhead70 Posts: 613 Member
    Really now it went through
  • simhead70simhead70 Posts: 613 Member
    Ok it says my comment needs approval. Have no idea why this is.
  • simhead70simhead70 Posts: 613 Member
    Your comment will appear after it is approved.

    This is what it's been saying. UHHG! Ok I'm fine Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
  • BryonyRaeBryonyRae Posts: 5,181 Member
    @simhead70 Try just editing one of your posts above to add the images/links. Looks like you're having the same issue that Kulthero777 had, and it worked for her.
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  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,577 Member
    simhead70 wrote: »
    Your comment will appear after it is approved.

    This is what it's been saying. UHHG! Ok I'm fine Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

    @simhead70 - if you can get your entry up within the next 24 hours it will still be eligible for judging, looks like the site was behaving a little weird!

  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,577 Member
    edited November 2014
    And that my lovelies marks the end of BnS #6!!
  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,577 Member
    edited November 2014
    Challenge #7 The Game's Afoot

    It was the rumble of an engine that drew your attention from the folio of house designs you were perusing while enjoying the beautiful fall weather on the porch. Pulling up to your curb with the grace of a large cat, is a fire engine red GTO with black racing stripes. Sunlight gleamed off the muscle car like it had just come off of a show room floor.

    As you admire the curves and lines of the car, another sight to admire steps out. A deep red long coat snaps in the playful fall wind as he walks towards the steps. With the wind tugging at his dark hair, this mysterious stranger looks as if he stepped out of the pages of a graphic novel.

    Up close you note an interesting blend of Spanish and Chinese heritage in a handsome face. Surprisingly intense amber colored eyes study you, making it seem as if all your secrets are available for him to read. Noting the folio in your hand, he smiles, a roguishly charming smile. “Are you the architect?”

    “Um, yes.” You give yourself a shake and stand up to shake his hand. “Yes I am. You have a beautiful car.”

    “Thank you. My adopted father and I restored it together. My name is Jesus Wu.”

    “It's nice to meet you Mr Wu. Did we have an appointment?”

    “No. I was hoping to make one or just talk to you in person. I need a house.”

    You smile, “Everyone needs a house Mr Wu.”

    “You could put that on a T-shirt.”

    Now you grin, “I should do that. Do you want to sit out here and talk about your house? Or do you want to go inside?”

    “Out here is fine. Its beautiful out.” He sits down. After fetching a pen and paper, he starts in. “I would like a house on a nice lot, with a great view and a little isolated. I’d like a master bedroom with en suite bathroom and I work from home so I’d like an office.”

    “What kind of work do you do Mr Wu?” you inquire, taking rapid notes.

    “I’m a private detective. I travel a lot, so I will need a good security system. My friends Mike and Reggie like to visit, so I need a guest bedroom. I also need a full bath. I’d like open concept. I have enemies and I want to have clear line of sight in case someone follows me home. I obviously need to keep fit, so a home gym is a must as well as I need some place to work out and train.”

    “All of those are very doable. Any preferences in style or design features?”

    “Not really. I have kind of an eclectic style. Comfortable.”

    “Sounds good. When do you need your new home?”

    “When can you have it? I’m staying at a hotel right now.”

    “2 weeks?”

    He looks impressed. “2 weeks it is. Thanks.” He stands up to go.

    “Oh! Mr Wu!


    “What is your budget?”


    “Alright. Thank you.”

    “Later.” He says, casually tossing a wave over his shoulder as he heads back to his car. You watch him climb in and start the car. As he pulls away from the curb, you note a dark car with tinted windows pull away and follow…

    The Brief:
    ❖ Using Potters Splay in Willow Creek
    ❖ Master bedroom with en suite bath
    ❖ Guest bedroom
    ❖ 1 full bath in addition to en suite.
    ❖ Open concept
    ❖ Eclectic style
    ❖ Gym

    Sim Challenge:
    Create Jesus Wu, and show his new life in town. His aspiration is to to become a body builder and he is a Bro, the rest is as always up to you.

    Show Jesus settling into his new home and maybe investigating some of his new neighbours.

    Room Challenge:
    Create Jesus' gym, your budget is $35k (This can be done separately to the home). You will need showcase this room separately.

    Hashtags used for this challenge
    #BuildnShare and #BuildnShare7

    The Deadline for this challenge is Wednesday, 10th December, Midnight CMT.

    Please note the changes to the entry form, the judges are having some difficulties in working out if people are entering the Room/Sim challenges, therefore we are making it compulsory for the Sim and/or Room challenges to have their own media showcases.
  • simhead70simhead70 Posts: 613 Member
    Thank you for letting me try again. But I am still having trouble. I just hope it will not post all the times I have been trying to upload. I will try again soon.

    It still says my comment needs approval. Everyone's entries look really great! If I don't get mine up by today, Everyone have a fantastic Day! And Thanks again.
  • masajomasajo Posts: 4,969 Member
    @simhead70 try posting the entry form only, leave out any links or pics. Once it's been accepted go back in to edit and add your links then :)
  • simhead70simhead70 Posts: 613 Member
    @masajo Thank you I will try this.
  • simhead70simhead70 Posts: 613 Member
    edited November 2014

    CHALLENGE #: 6

    FORUM ID: simhead70

    ORIGIN ID: simhead70

    LEVEL: Starting out

    LOT: Industrial Way

    LINK TO ENTRY SLIDESHOW: http://s1349.photobucket.com/user/angelg70/slideshow/Sloane Industrial build?sort=6

    ENTRY DETAILS: This lot was built on a 40x30 for Mara Sloane and her associates, Malik Yateem and Kurai Tsukino. It has two entrances and two garages located in the back of the lot. A three bedroom for the clients, and 4 bathrooms (two en-suites and two full bathrooms). A large Common Room and a large functional kitchen. Also includes a computer lab and 2 storage rooms. This industrial build should surely suite their needs.

    SIM: Sloane

    SIM ENTRY SLIDESHOW: http://s1349.photobucket.com/user/angelg70/slideshow/Sloane Industrial build/Sloane?sort=6

    ENTRY DETAILS: This is Mara Sloane and her associates. Enjoying their new home.

  • simhead70simhead70 Posts: 613 Member

    Thank you so much for your help and patience. :smile:
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