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Build-n-Share Challenge #145 **Winter Designer Showdown** Due 31st January, 2021**


  • Issabella14Issabella14 Posts: 1,656 Member
    Well done @Nhicks your slide show is much better, good luck. :)
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 11,928 Member
    edited February 2015
    CHALLENGE #: 12
    FORUM ID: pammiechick
    ORIGIN ID: pammiechick
    LEVEL: Starter
    LOT: Llama Cabin in the Woods
    LINK TO ENTRY SLIDESHOW: http://s259.photobucket.com/user/pamcalvert/slideshow/buildnshare 12?sort=6
    ENTRY DETAILS: Perfect little cabin in the woods. Outside has all the amenities for a wooded cabin: firepit, swimming pool, bbq, picnic table, horseshoes, and play area for kids. Inside is decked out with a log cabin flair--kitchen, dining area, sitting area, living room, master bedroom and bath. Upstairs is a library/music/art area, child's bedroom and adult bedroom with entertainment seating area plus bath.

    SIM: NA
    ROOM: NA

    CREDIT FOR CC/RECOLORS: No CC/Mods, used MOO and the enlarging cheat.

    On the gallery for download: http://www.thesims.com/en_GB/gallery/81BDC66FB79A11E481A0F8272E34A6A6

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  • masajomasajo Posts: 4,839 Member
    Nhicks wrote: »
    @masajo really pretty build. Super cute. The house flows so well and I love you color choices. Great job :D
    Really lovely of you to say, thank you very much :)
  • NhicksNhicks Posts: 1,580 Member
    Lovely log cabin @pammiechic Really pretty exterior. Made me want to go camping ;)
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  • Don_OelloDon_Oello Posts: 259 Member
    CHALLENGE #:12
    FORUM ID: Don_Oello
    ORIGIN ID: Don_Oello
    LEVEL: Starting Out
    LOT: Cuckoos Nest
    LINK TO ENTRY SLIDESHOW: http://s283.photobucket.com/user/El_Oello/slideshow/Sims 4 Showcase/BnS 12 Winter Designer Showdown

    after a long break i decided to get back into the challenge. Cuckoos Nest is a family oriented farm style house. i'm trying to work with MOO but so far stuff keeps disappearing.

    Check out my showcase
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 11,928 Member
    Thank you, @Nhicks‌ Decided to put that outdoor pack to work! LOL! :p
  • KementariKementari Posts: 923 Member
    edited February 2015
    After finishing this and reading over the rules once more to make sure I followed them I realized I had broken one :(
    When I lowered the pitch on the roof one of the roof sections did not go all the way across, so I widened it. Also when play testing the lot my Sims could not use the back stairs no matter what I tried. The only way to fix it was to extend the back porch by one tile and bring the stairs in to fit flush with the porch. It looks the same though.
    I hope I did everything else correctly, this is my first TS4 build I have uploaded :blush:


    CHALLENGE #: 12
    FORUM ID: Kementari
    ORIGIN ID: Kementari1771
    LEVEL: Established
    LOT: Ruby Red


    LINK TO ENTRY SLIDESHOW: http://simplicitysims.blogspot.com/2015/02/ruby-red.html
    ENTRY DETAILS: Modern family home. Large Kitchen with bar, formal dining, study, pool, big screen tv and more!
    CREDIT FOR CC/RECOLORS: No CC or Mods used. MOO and Enlarging were used.
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  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,516 Member
    This brings the Winter Designer Showdown to a close! Good luck to all who entered :)
  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,516 Member
    edited August 2017
    # 13 - Best Laid Plans

    You close up your previous case file, happy in the knowledge that the Winter Showdown has been completed and completed well.

    Tapping the intercom you ask Rose if your next client has arrived, she says that they are just walking through the door.

    You go out to meet them and see a young mom struggling to get a buggy up the stairs. Offering your help, you can't help but

    notice her startling green eyes. As you both get the buggy back on terra firma, you offer her your hand.

    "Mrs Johnson I presume."

    "Please call me Kaye. It's lovely to finally meet the architect that we've heard so much about. I'm sorry but Kieran

    couldn't make the appointment today, his mother is unwell and he has had to go and visit them.

    "I hope that it is nothing serious. Let's go through to my office shall we?"

    Rose interrupts "Can I get you a drink?"

    "That would be lovely, do you have any green tea? I am still feeding little Kaiden here." She motions to the baby in the buggy.

    "Of course, I'll bring it in when it's ready."

    Kaye sits on the couch by the window and unstraps the baby, unzipping his warm winter snuggly and places him over her shoulder.

    Rose enters and places the tea on the coffee table.

    "Could you hold this little man for me while I drink this? I hate having hot liquids around him."

    "Of course." You say, a little hesitantly, wondering if the baby would be safer with his Mom and the hot liquid.

    Kaye gets up and hands over the wriggling Kaiden. Trying to get him into a comfortable position, you ask "So, I understand

    that this little one is your first child?"

    Kaye responds with an affirmative nod and a smile as she sips at the tea. "We are planning to have more, but we are happy with it just being the three of us at the moment. We really need more space, we are in an apartment at present and my gorgeous little man is in with us at night, it's lovely having him so close, but I find myself waking with every little movement he makes. On the other hand, I think Kieran could sleep through world war 3." She chuckles a little.

    "So you are definitely looking for something with two bedrooms then?"

    "Yes, in fact, we have found the perfect house, it's just a shame that there's already someone living there. We do have a plan of the place though, do you think you could build us a replica?" She hands over the plan:

    Juggling the baby and the sheet of paper you are handed is more complicated than you thought it would be, but you manage. Little hands try and reach out and you find yourself in a battle of tug of war with a 1-year-old.

    Feeling a little more satisfied than you think is appropriate after having won the battle, you place the plan on the desk and give it some thought.

    "I am sure that we can come up with something. Tell me a little bit more about yourself and your husband so that I can get a feel for your tastes."

    "Well, before Kaiden, I worked in journalism, but I want to be a stay at home Mom, I don't see the point in having children if you are going to ship them off to nursery 5 days a week. Kieran is more ambitious than me, he is a scientist, he is working on a cure for the common cold at present, so he is at work quite a lot, I must admit it would be nice to see a little more of him..."

    "What sort of budget are you looking at for this project?"

    "My parents were recently killed in a boating accident, and as sole heir, I will soon have the funds to build my dream home. However, Kieran and I do have quite a bit in savings, my parents set up a trust fund that matured when I had my first baby. So I have $250k for this part of the project."

    "This part of the project?" You ask.

    "Yes, we will be looking to extend our little family in the future and as such, we will be back to ask you to complete some additions once my parents estate has been finalised."

    "Well, OK then! Any favourite colours or colours you don't want? What sort of style were you thinking of?"

    "As long as the colour scheme is quite muted and the furnishings aren't too modern or too archaic, we are happy to leave all those details up to you."

    Kaye stands up, takes the baby from you and straps him back into his buggy.

    "It was lovely to meet you, and I am really looking forward to seeing what you come up with for our new home."

    "Likewise, I hope that Kieran's mother is OK and that he can get back to you and that lovely little bundle soon."

    "Me too."

    As you go to shake her hand, she surprises you by pulling you into a hug.

    "Well." You say as you gather your wits, "We should be finished within the fortnight."

    "Wonderful, you take care now." You gesture to Rose to help Kaye down the stairs with the buggy.

    "What a lovely lady." You think to yourself.

    The Brief:
    This is a multi-part challenge, so keep your wits about you, Kaye, Kieran and Kaiden will be back.
    You will be building on a 50x50 lot.
    The budget is $250k
    You must stick to the floor plan, this should fit in a 30x30 section anywhere on the lot, just keep in mind that in the future you will be asked to extend it.
    All doors and windows must be placed as per the plan, the same goes for walls.
    No Custom Content allowed for this one.

    Sim Challenge:
    Create The Johnsons and show them enjoying their new home.

    Kaye is a Foodie and hopes to have a Succesful Lineage.
    Kieran is a Perfectionist and hopes to become Fabulously Wealthy.
    Kaiden is Out Going and hopes to attain the title of Whiz Kid.
    The other traits are up to you.

    Room Challenge
    Create Kaiden's bedroom, your budget is $35,000.

    Above all, have fun!

    The challenge deadline is Wednesday 4th March Midnight CMT.
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  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,516 Member
    FYI - Kaiden can be a baby or a child, depending on how you wish to play the family.
  • NhicksNhicks Posts: 1,580 Member
    @Kementari I just LOVE your modren build Ruby Red. Very creative how you showcased the challenge item. And I love love love the art wall. So very cool. :D Great Job.
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  • gmcroziergmcrozier Posts: 1,025 Member
    @BuildnShare Am I missing something here? The largest lot I see is a 50x50. Is there a 60x60 that I don't know about?
  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,516 Member
    Ooops, @gmcrozier, my mistake, yes, it should be a 50x50 lot :blush:
  • benlow11benlow11 Posts: 83 Member
    edited February 2015
    What do we do about the area where the laundry room would have been? There's a door leading into the bedroom from the hallway but there's no wall or door into the bedroom from the now empty area so there is an opening from the hallway into the bedroom. On the original plans there is a wall between the bedroom and the laundry room with an indent for shelves/dresser/etc. Do we just do what we want with that area since we do not have washers/dryers yet? Do we put a closed wall where the laundry room doors would have been and leave it open to the bedroom or do it just like it would be if we had washers/dryers?

  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 11,928 Member
    I'm not seeing that at all, @benlow11‌ There are no stairs or a laundry room that I can tell. Are you sure you have the right pic?
  • benlow11benlow11 Posts: 83 Member
    edited February 2015
    @pammiechick It shows up if you try to copy and paste the picture they provided. On the picture that you see it is just an open area next to the 2nd bedroom. I'm not sure how to explain my question, I guess I just want to know if that open area is part of the 2nd bedroom or if there should still be a wall separating them. If it is part of the bedroom then the door to the bedroom by the bathroom is useless and there should be a door between the bedroom and the hallway that leads to the kitchen (it looks open or like it has an archway to me) and if it's not part of the bedroom then does that mean there is actually a wall between that area and the bedroom?

  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 11,928 Member
    Yeah, it'd be nice to not have the wall there and just be an alcove, sitting area.
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 3,708 Member
    edited February 2015
    @benlow11 Since the image was kind of fuzzy and faint, I sharpened it and inverted the colors so I could see it better. Looking at this, there IS a wall there. It looks like that room was meant to be a study, sitting room or den, etc. accessible from an outdoor entrance way/mud room which is open on both ends of the room so the rest of the house can use that bathroom. Just a guess though, hopefully we'll get official clarification soon. :)


    Edit: I'm not positive that line is really a wall though since it's not thick like the others, just a hunch.
  • gmcroziergmcrozier Posts: 1,025 Member
    edited February 2015
    Okay I am seeing a lot of confusion here. I really don't know how to respond. This whole challenge is from a Sims 3 challenge and here is the floorplan that was offered for that challenge: https://www.facebook.com/buildnshare/photos/pb.582567171799725.-s2207520000.1404983712./610497325673376/?type=3&theater Yes there WAS a laundry area in the referred area and yes there were staircases going up and down. I am assuming that changes were made to accomadate Sims 4 and the features available. The floorplan provided was very faint and I hope this helps clear up the issues.
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  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,516 Member
    edited February 2015
    Hi guys, yes the floorplan has been modified to accommodate what we have available in The Sims 4. So, if you want to pop a lovely little seating area in what would have been the laundry area, go ahead! There is a hallway at the back door entrance, so you will need to have an archway into that area (that is what I take the hashed lines to mean!). No stairs are required, as we do not have access to basements.

    I hope this clarifies the situation for you all, if anyone has anymore questions, please just shout!
  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,516 Member
    edited February 2015
    Thank you @Karababy52‌ for inverting the plan, it shows up much better this way around.

    @benlow11‌ - Here is a copy of that with the desired area in more detail:

  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,516 Member
    edited February 2015
    Here's my version of the shell:


    It's not quite to identical to the plan, but I wanted to make sure that it translated well into play. I got my scale by basically doubling the size of the rooms (I used the closest cm to double). Which is why there are two doors for every one on the plan.
  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,516 Member
    Wow, my shell is complete and I still have over $200,000 left, I wonder if we made the budget a little on the big side for this challenge??
  • gmcroziergmcrozier Posts: 1,025 Member
    Wow, my shell is complete and I still have over $200,000 left, I wonder if we made the budget a little on the big side for this challenge??

    No, no, no........ the budget is fine. :D
  • gmcroziergmcrozier Posts: 1,025 Member
    I think I'm going to re-do mine based on your shell @BuildnShare . When I did it based on the floorplan, my rooms came out a lot smaller then yours.
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