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Sims 4 CAS weird bug

This probably not even a bug. But anyway I made a sim and then I decided to make two more so I started making another on when I realised I hadn't given my first sim a tattoo (who is quite a hipster) So I clicked the tattoo icon on my first sim and she changed into her underwear. I gave her a tattoo and she changed back into her everyday wear. But when that happened I clicked on the second sim to resume creating her but it didn't switch to her. Every time I clicked it just went straight from the default cursor to a camera icon. So I can't click on anything. Please help. Thanks :smiley:


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    I don't think this is where you want to post this as there isn't really anyone in this section yet. Try posting this under general discussion since this has to do with the demo rather than the game. Sorry I couldn't be of more help! :)
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    Generally posting a tech related problem in the tech forum is fine, however, wasn't there an official bug thread set up by a guru? That probably is in the general discussion thread...if I remember right.
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    Yes, it would be fine to do so but since the game isn't out yet, there isn't really anyone in this thread yet, that's all I meant. :) There is a bug thread in the general discussion, yes, but I can't remember if it was set up by a guru or not. Perhaps.
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    [BUG THREAD] The Sims 4 CAS Demo -- created by crinrict --- CLOSED

    The above ^ thread is IN the General Discussion area of The Sims 4. It is READ ONLY. You can't ask any questions.
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    There's a bug thread you can post in here:

    Use your Origin account to login there.
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    Agrees with crinrict. Let's try to keep all Sims 4 technical issues going forward over at AHQ.

    Okay I missed the meeting. Disregard the above. ;)
    However, I'm still in favor of technical issues in one place and will try to refer users to AHQ.
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    Aww :( ok
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