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The Urbz: Sims In The City Thread

This is a thread to talk about The Urbz: Sims In The City, the fantastic Sims spinoff that took our sims into the city of SimCity.

NAME: The Urbz: Sims In The City
PLATFORMS: GBA, Gamecube, Xbox, Playstation 2, DS


Anyone else love this game!?! This is one of my favorite Sims games! Its so unique!!!


  • LozzomaticLozzomatic Posts: 516 Member
    While it's not the best game I've ever played I do enjoy it for the feeling of starting from nothing and becoming the most popular sim in the city. I like games like that, the kind of progression of it.

    I almost always start from the Underground, Goth/Punk/Metal area. Sometimes I'll go from the Rooftop Beach area, but more often than not it's the subway place. The music is pretty catchy in all areas, but I do wish they didn't bother putting in The Black Eyed Peas. I was never a fan of them, so I always just do a quick visit to get the objectives done, then hop off somewhere less irritating.

    Aside from that, I enjoy it's charm.
  • AmouraBAmouraB Posts: 1,510 Member
  • DomagojpanicDomagojpanic Posts: 66 Member
    It actually influenced my view on many things so thats why I love, also the opening scene is like the best in any sims game (*˘︶˘*)
  • AmouraBAmouraB Posts: 1,510 Member
  • r0b0tman5r0b0tman5 Posts: 109 Member
    I remember renting this game for my gamecube years ago, it was quite a different sims game.. i was expecting to be just like the rest of the sims. boy was i wrong lol.
    Been playing The Sims since The Sims 1! B)
  • sarahzsmylsarahzsmyl Posts: 1,307 Member
    I never really did get too much into this one. My parents bought it for my sister. She enjoyed it. I liked the Black Eyed Peas soundtrack and looked for the Simlish version for months, lol.
    Origin, Steam, PSN, XBL - FyreFlyeRush

  • danderson852danderson852 Posts: 35 Member
    Nostalgia <3!!
  • GummiBearxGummiBearx Posts: 317 Member
    Absolutely loved this game. I've been dying to play it again, but my disc is no where to be found. :l
  • AngelEb95AngelEb95 Posts: 1,538 Member
    Wow, urbz came out when I was 9 years old! Time sure flies!

    I don't remember whether we had this game for ps2 or xbox, but urbz was the ish! It's what got me into the sims games.
  • residentevilobresidentevilob Posts: 141 Member
    Its also 10 years old this year. ;)
  • LozzomaticLozzomatic Posts: 516 Member
    10 years? Good Lord!
    I feel old. I remember getting it when I was 17. Where has the time gone? I had it for PS2 at the time I first had it. Now I have it for Xbox. I havent' played it in a while. I might do tonight.

    Is anyone willing to share some tales from the game. Funniest moments, infuriating glitches...e.t.c?

    I remember one of the first times I played it waaaaay back as a 19 year old, and I had made a odd looking urb. Fat dude with a ugly face. Just for my own amusement. Anyhow, I had just got started in the Subway District and knew that Urango McBain or whatever that bad guy's name is for the area was about to arrive and mug my sim. I was going to have my sim quickly do a bit of work to earn some money, get a new top then have him rush off back to his cruddy apartment. After he had got his work done I had him do a dumpster dive for the heck of it. Why not, he has a shower I'll have him wash later. He pulls out that stink bomb attack thingy, which surprised me. Urango appears and I knew what I had to do. Urango goes straight for my sim, with that little *Mug* thing popping up. I cancel out his mugging action and have my guy slam him with the stink bomb. I like to imagine it went like this;

    Urango: "Hey, fatty! Gimme yer lunch money!"
    My Urb: "Actually..*Throws stink bomb* I don't think so!"
    Urango: "Urrrghhh...aaaaaaAAArgh! Dang man! I'm outta here!"

    What luck I found that thing in there.

    A more recent playthrough I had: I kind of forgot about that random homeless guy you can see every so often. He isn't affiliated with any particular group and you can see him dig through those big dumpsters from time to time. I think he's only on Xbox, which is why I bring him up. He wears blue tattered jeans, a collander on his head and a cape with no shirt. No idea of his name. One of my urbz actually had a quick chat with him too.
  • residentevilobresidentevilob Posts: 141 Member
    Well my urb got stuck in the elevator in Blankwood Towers. Not "Stuck" as in the elevator stopped, but a glitch prevented him from leaving. His needs kept dropping and he kept passing out and getting revived but couldn't leave lmao.
  • HelloBeastyHelloBeasty Posts: 121 Member
    This game is easily one of the best in the entire Sims franchise. I adore it.
  • Toddly13Toddly13 Posts: 42 Member
    I loved this game!
    I never was able to beat it, though. My brother sold his PS2 without warning me, and I couldn't justify buying one just for one game. I'm still kind of bitter about that ;)
  • LuckySkyLuckySky Posts: 1,054 Member
    I absolutely loved that game! My sim had a boyfriend in each district ;) lol. I would just play that game for hours.
  • BenikariamuroBenikariamuro Posts: 40 Member
    I remember so little about it but i enjoyed it from what i can remember, it definitely gave the series a different feel.
  • ChiixsanneChiixsanne Posts: 64 Member
    I love that game ! When I was little my family borrowed it from a shop (Game cube one) and I had so much fun with it, last year I found it on a shop and buyed it just for the memories, I tried the GBA too and liked it but not as much as the GC one.
  • SimGuruHydraSimGuruHydra Posts: 1,458 Member
    I had to drop by this thread - i LOVED the URBZ! Though I mostly played this on NDS. I think my fave mini game was the squeegie one.
  • karoiscutekaroiscute Posts: 42 Member
    edited August 2014
    I have this game for the gameboy and I still play it! (Though I'd love to try the other version since it's supposed to be better)
    Post edited by karoiscute on
    Seriously? This username shall plague me forever. :(
  • linlinchilinlinchi Posts: 57 Member
    This game and Sims 2 are my favourites!

    I only yesterday completed the goals of the "Tag face" interaction yesterday, Ive played this game off and on for 7 years and it took that long :')
  • jadealixjadealix Posts: 788 Member
    I love Urbz! Loved the soundtrack, plus how different it was. Always loved shopping when I went to a different district :) but I enjoyed starting from the bottom to becoming a celebrity.
  • residentevilobresidentevilob Posts: 141 Member
    It was pretty fun and realistic. I played as a teen who recently left home and had my first apartment, and would plan shopping trips and hang out with friends.
  • LukkyLukky Posts: 31 Member
    I miss the underground/goth scene in this game sooooo much! I really wish I still had this game or that they would reboot it or something. I still remember the first time my urb used the piercing machine I almost died from laughter....oh all the sweet memories :smile:
  • DXTF123DXTF123 Posts: 20 New Member
    I always loved this game when I was a kid. I bought it again for my PS2 a few months but still haven't gotten round to playing it yet. I'm a bit worried that if I play it now, I'll end up spotting all the flaws it has. It happened a while back when I went to replay The Simpsons Hit and Run, it was totally different to how I remembered it, which ruined it for me.
  • JadeIredaleJadeIredale Posts: 96 Member
    I played that on my old GameCube the other day. So much nostalgia!
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