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Wraith, the Gateway to the Underworld

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Wraith was originally a humble mining town in the Western Territory founded by a robber baron named Lucas Switt. After Switt passed away, the town slowly grew into a cesspool of debauchery and crime. In the late 19th century, a man whom was hanged for crimes that he did not commit condemned the Town of Wraith to burn. Gradually, Wraith sank into the earth, but nobody seemed to notice how the mesa grew taller with each passing day. During World War II, a Pennsylvania-based car company known as Quailhogs Auto was secretly constructing a nuclear warhead in Wraith’s underground test facility. In 1946, the warhead was “accidentally” detonated, obliterating the center of Wraith, leaving in its place a crater filled with an eerie blood-red liquid and a sky filled with dust. Since the explosion, all roads to Wraith have been annihilated, and any evidence of the town’s existence has been concealed.

Beta Lite Requires World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Fast Lane Stuff, and Outdoor Living Stuff, Generations, Pets, Showtime, Supernatural, and Island Paradise (No Sims, for testing purposes, do not invest a lot of time into playing).
Final Version Requires World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Fast Lane Stuff, and Outdoor Living Stuff, Generations, Pets, Showtime, Supernatural, and Island Paradise
L. W. Switt Estate The family of Gilda Switt as it existed in 1895.


The Four Horsemen:
Sir William Huntington, the Horseman of Conquest
Sir William Huntington, a man described as brave, handsome, and a complete sociopath. Huntington, along with his friend, Reverend Doran Balor, traveled from England to Ireland to claim land in the name of King Henry. Yet, it has also been known that Huntington had numerous affairs, took pleasure in torturing his enemies, and endorsed slavery. After being murdered alongside his wife, Fiona, Huntington’s spirit ascended. A man who claims to have done everything in the name of God, William was confident that he would spend an eternity in heaven amongst the likes of Doran Balor, who died a martyr at the hands of barbarians. Unfortunately for William, his sins outweighed those of a hundred highwaymen, and his soul was plunged into the fires of hell. Enraged by God’s lack of gratitude, William had since started a new crusade, plaguing the minds of the weak as Satan’s prophet.

Olaf Theraldson IV, the Horseman of War
A barbaric tyrant infamous for slaughtering hundreds based on his “gut feeling about them,” Olaf “the terrible” Tharaldson was sent to Wraith after his youngest daughter threw him off a cliff. Upon arrival at Wraith’s archives, Olaf was offered to be the herald of war and gather mortals from the other side to serve the demons. Olaf was a man of war due to his paranoia and addiction to violence, but he never endorsed slavery of mankind. Enraged at the request to become the devil’s underling, Olaf tricked Huntington into sending his slaves over to build a wall at the passage of Wraith, imprisoning sinners and keeping tourists from taking a really bad detour. So far, with the aid of two strange westerners, Olaf has inhibited hell from annexing New Mexico. The barricade is an impeccable strategy for a man of the 10th Century, a time before airplanes, wrecking balls, and tanks existed. Fortunately, Sir Huntington knows even less about modern warfare than Olaf.

Dorian Blightwood, the Horseman of Famine
Much like his former criminal boss, Daniel Quailhogs, Dorian Blightwood was jealous of an older sibling. While Daniel found a healthy outlet for his frustration in murdering innocent people, Dorian obsessed over destroying Shaw Blightwood. He spent numerous hours each day scheming, ignoring trivial things like eating or taking care of his children. Dorian could never perfect his plan, and finally lost his patience and stormed into Shaw’s house to murder him. Dorian’s suicide mission not only ended in no deaths, but it lead to his own captivity. When Dorian’s miserable life finally ended, he plummeted to hell, only to continue his lack of satisfaction in the afterlife. A spirit wandering aimlessly for years, Dorian finally saw the light of Wraith’s pink skies. Now Dorian just needs to find a way to escape Wraith, attempt to live a happy life, and perhaps murder Shaw Blightwood before returning to Wraith. He may need to borrow some of Huntington's slaves to help him build a tunnel.

Daniel Quailhogs, the Horseman of Death
Mildly put, Daniel Quailhogs was a murderous man during his years alive. A mortal whose life was extended due to vampirism, Daniel knew that his own death would be inevitable. Daniel accepted his demise, being stabbed and hacked to pieces by a woman whose life he made miserable. Since arriving at Wraith, Daniel had spent countless days in a Mausoleum. He sits in a chair with his right hand pressed firmly against his own face and every afternoon he is served tea by a butler, just like old times in Fortress Rock. Surrounded by the dead, Daniel is usually bored, occasionally abducting Huntington’s slaves and putting them out of their misery. Murder used to be a sport, but now it is a duty, if not a tedious chore. What would happen if Daniel killed one of the other undead horsemen? Would they return to the center limbo, would they be resurrected, or would they be destroyed permanently?

The Demons of Sin:
John Mooney, the Demon of Gluttony
John Mooney was the undertaker at the cemetery in Huntsborough, Ireland. He suffered ennui, his every day clients being corpses who died of boring causes. Every evening he sat down with his family to consume a bland dinner with his devout wife and corpulent children. One night, while dressing a body for a service, John was approached by a shadowy woman with black wings and golden eyes, the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. The woman understood John’s dissatisfaction with his life. She told him that the best way to find happiness was to end his daily routine. The woman convinced John to indulge in something new, to eat the corpse which lay before him. John was very much pleased with the taste, and would proceed to consume the bodies delivered to him. People grew suspicious of John’s dogged behavior and his insistence against open casket funerals. John’s family felt uneasy as well, and he could see it… so he ate them.

"They were absolutely delicious, best paired with a bottle of Pinot Noir." -John Mooney

Morgana Goth, the Demon of Lust
Morgana was a singer who traveled the country to entertain at clubs and lounges. While she originally wanted to be known for her talent, she realized that most of her fans were men whom were taken by her beauty. At first irritated, Morgana eventually changed her persona to a flirtatious bombshell. Morgana never performed at the same place twice, so took the opportunity to start drama between local men. Morgana became quite skilled in applying makeup in such a way that it appeared as if she were trying to cover up bruises. When confronted about her injuries, Morgana would feign humiliation, eventually blame one of the patrons whom she found especially annoying, and watch as an entire saloon of men pummeled the soul out of him. Morgana’s fun came to an end when she visited Wraith, where one man was so infatuated with her complexion that he attempted to literally eat her. Though Morgana survived the attack, she was left with a mutilated ankle and a dead career.

"There was an antique doll modeled after her, but now she looks more like a wax doll than the doll itself." -Anonymous

Gilda Switt, the Demon of Avarice
Gilda Switt was the widow of Lucas Switt, a robber baron who founded Wraith as a humble mining town. After Lucas died, his massive fortune went to Gilda and their six children. Gilda invested most of her fortune in mining, which had proven successful. At the age of 40, Gilda had a noticeably sallow complexion and was informed that she was dying of liver failure. Gilda had been frugal with her massive fortune, but rather than dividing it amongst her children, she decided to give her money to God. To secure her place in the afterlife, Gilda commissioned a chapel of gold to be constructed, acquiring labor at almost no expense through ruthless means. Gilda was appalled to discover the laborers attempting to build a chapel out of pure Sulphur within one of New Mexico’s caverns, for which she screamed at the workers so loudly that the cave collapsed. Ironically, Gilda was never really dying, but slowly transforming into a Sulphur monster as punishment for her sins.

“Sure she’s rude and smells like death, but once you get past her arrogance, greed, and overall toxic personality, she’s a good person.” -Vincent Windsor

Morris Martinov, the Demon of Sloth
The thirst for revenge had always been in the veins of the Martinov family. Morris Ira Martinov is the alleged ruler of Wraith, his duty to ensure that every sinner suffers. After his own family was killed in Kiev during the Pogroms, Morris held the belief that every act of cruelty should be answered with an act of cruelty. Morris had killed innocent people to punish his enemies, destroying their motivation to live, for he himself had none. Today, Morris maintains order of Wraith by sitting in a chair and digging his unkempt nails into the armrests as he solemnly stares into oblivion.

"If you look into that man's eyes, he will steal your soul and burn it trying to light his candelabra." -Anonymous

Fiona Huntington, the Demon of Envy
During the Norman Invasion, Fiona had a strained relationship with her husband, Sir William Huntington. Fiona was unable to bear children, to the dismay of William. In desperation for an heir, William sought out a young mistress named Cassidy Whelan, and together had a family without Fiona’s knowledge. Though Fiona had the right to be completely furious when finding out of her husband’s secret family, she handled the affair rather poorly. Fiona had soldiers invade Cassidy’s home and murder everyone in the house. Cassidy watched her children die, finally given mercy when a man decapitated her with a blunt axe. Strangely enough, Cassidy survived without a head. Void of any humanity she had prior to the raid, Cassidy sought revenge on William and Fiona and eviscerated both of them. William perished in agony, but Fiona managed to live on without her entrails. Fiona’s intense hatred of Cassidy helped to numb the pain, as the two spent the past seven centuries failing to kill one another.

"I wonder how many people need to be murdered in order to supply the right amount of blood for one of her 'rejuvenation' baths." -Anonymous

Lena Martinov/Cassidy Whelan, the Angel of Wrath
Lena Martinov was a quiet, kind woman, who cared for her family while struggling to suppress her unhappy memories and thoughts. Lena died at a young age, devastating her family. Her only son, Cian, wanted his mother to continue on and live a long happy life. Out of desperation, Cian resorted to the forbidden practice of necromancy to bring her back. The resurrection went terribly wrong, and instead summoned the soul of Cassidy Whelan, a woman almost physically identical to Lena. Cassidy had no kindness; it died when her family was savagely massacred by somebody she trusted. Using Lena’s corpse as a vessel, Cassidy murdered several through painful evisceration. Cassidy’s sins weighed upon Lena’s soul, growing so heavy that she was plunged from heaven. Lena remains friendless in death, hiding in a tower from the numerous angered spirits who wish to destroy her. She sees through the eyes of Cassidy as she slumbers, and while the screams of victims haunt her, it is the only time she can see her son again.

"She is trapped in this wasteland for eternity because of somebody else's crimes; once she realizes that she will... become wrath." -Morris Martinov

Rex Superbia, the Demon of Pride
Rex was the former ruler of Wraith. Little is known of his origins, for there is disagreement as to whether he was a corrupt Roman General or the son of the devil himself. Regardless, there is a general consensus that Rex is the most terrible thing to set foot in New Mexico. Rex had spent centuries enslaving the spirits of purgatory with the help of Sir William Huntington, until his authority was usurped by Morris Ira Martinov. Having lost his slaves and his palace, Rex needed to dominate Martinov. When Wraith was daylit, Rex seized the opportunity to send Sir William out to gather mortals to make some more slaves out of. Martinov, having overused his magic to tear the souls out of people and light dinner candles with them, was far too exhausted to stop Rex’s resurrection of slavery. Rex worked men, women, and children to their deaths in order to construct a massive tower of stone, leaving Martinov’s palace in its shadow.
(Background: New Mexico Landscape II by Patty Baker.)

Additional pictures can be seen on my Tumblr. Mild use of profanity in narrative.

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  • citytubecitytube Posts: 458 Member
    B) This is going to be great. I love Huntsborough. The start of this world has me intrigued. Love the pictures.
  • KennziKaigeKennziKaige Posts: 99 Member
    What an amazing concept! This is going to be epically FANTASTIC! :D
    Thistlecreek Village forum link here.
  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 35,279 Member
    Hi :)

    It Looks Awesome already~ :o
  • KatryaKatrya Posts: 237 Member
    edited August 2014
    I just managed to return from New Mexico after living there for a year. I always suspected it housed the gateway to hell. Any possibility it is in Lordsburg? This looks like a really fun world.

  • Nilxis27Nilxis27 Posts: 20 Member
    Wow, that's so creative! I love this kind of worlds, can't wait to see more ;)
  • ConorsimConorsim Posts: 5,898 Member
    Wow! it certainly looks great so far. The atmosphere is fantastic, as well as your lots. Always love your lots :P :D
  • sharonxyzsharonxyz Posts: 811 Member
    Great start to Wraith. Breaking the 'rules', as worlds go, is what makes CAW creations far superior to EA worlds. I'll be following your progress with pleasure.
  • QuailhogsQuailhogs Posts: 907 Member
    edited August 2014
    I decided to add some color to Wraith, so here are some sulfur deposits. There is also a church... The church is made out of sulfur.
  • sharonxyzsharonxyz Posts: 811 Member
    Looks great, glad these pics are not 'scratch and sniff'.
  • QuailhogsQuailhogs Posts: 907 Member
    A little chunk of heaven that landed in the center of Wraith.
  • sharonxyzsharonxyz Posts: 811 Member
    The 'Four Horsemen' are a very good idea as central characters in Wraith. Nice choices and the populace can be very rich in history and those new to your worlds should check out the previous, as the new one will touch upon each. Will stand alone as well, I am certain.
  • QuailhogsQuailhogs Posts: 907 Member
    Here are some interior shots of the more prominent residences. Most of the more expensive lots will be occupied, so you will either have to eject, join, or kill whoever lives there. There will be plenty of shanty houses for slaves, however.

    The Pale Sepulcher

    The White Monastery
  • DiancarockDiancarock Posts: 563 Member
    Wow Quailhogs the level to your imagination is infinite. I think Wraith is a fitting last world as I'm sure a lot of characters from your different world will more than likely end up there. I love the red tinge to the world, it will definitely help with immersion for whatever character we decide to create to explore this world. Can't wait to see this end results.....
  • QuailhogsQuailhogs Posts: 907 Member
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    I'm happy you guys like it thus far. It will get stranger from here, trust me. Some more pictures...


    The manor for the head of Wraith.

    Despite being at the fiery edge of hell, the manor is rather cold, dark, and somber on the inside. Clearly it does not belong to the devil, though the one who lives here is still deeply disturbed and sadistic (and no, it's not me).

    I'm probably going to just put the other thread posts back in their original threads since merging was a terrible idea.
  • DiancarockDiancarock Posts: 563 Member
    Great pics, I like how you gave off the feeling of the manor being cold and dark. Because according to Dante's Inferno, hell isn't just fire and brimstone, but more about the absence of light. So it gets colder the further you descend into it's trenches.... Great work....
  • QuailhogsQuailhogs Posts: 907 Member
    edited September 2014
    Yeah, I am having a much easier time writing stories for this world than I had for Huntsborough, being that most of the people in Wraith are supposed to be ridiculous. Like I have done in the past, I will ask for Sim donations. This time I am requesting actual families: spouses, children, pets, whatever. What I will do is take these families and turn them into Huntington's mortal slaves. It is just as unappealing as it sounds, but I am really bad at making normal people. You will get credit, obviously.

    -No supernaturals
    -Nothing from the store, stuff packs, University Life, Seasons, or Into the Future
    -No third-party content
    -Do not play your family before uploading them.
    -The families can be as big as you want, but keep in mind that I am going to put each of them on a 10x10 lot (at most, a 20x20 lot). I will build a "house" to properly accommodate them.
    -I'd prefer descriptions and bios. They can be one sentence long, if you really hate writing.
    -If this is an awful idea, please inform me.
  • christinebremnerchristinebremner Posts: 3,513 Member
    Hi Quailhogs! :) Your world is looking awesome and really gives the hellish feeling. >:) The end product I am sure will be amazing! :)
  • QuailhogsQuailhogs Posts: 907 Member
    Apparently due to forum censorship, this world now takes place in "plum." Burn in plum!
  • QuailhogsQuailhogs Posts: 907 Member
    I have neglected the Southwestern US aspect of this world a bit. Here are some dilapidated stucco houses. Each regular house (by regular, I mean non-demonic) will be named after a different phobia, and built accordingly if possible.

    I also had this picture of the slave houses floating around for a while and never actually posted it. These are by far the worst lots I have ever made, but that is kind of my intention.
  • cheesetruckcheesetruck Posts: 2,080 Member
    Looks awesome so far! :)
    Is there going to be a premade Mayor or Governor?

  • DiancarockDiancarock Posts: 563 Member
    I would love to make some sim families for this very interesting world, but I use a ton of custom content in my game. And I've actually found so much CC I plan to add to further help with my experience in this world. Demon Wings, a Jackal moon, Lava terrain paint etc. I love the slave homes.
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