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The Legacy Challenge Mega Thread


  • PonkintheGnomePonkintheGnome Posts: 2 New Member
    I'm thinking of starting a 100 generations legacy challenge soon. Does anyone have any tips?
  • davis4455davis4455 Posts: 14 New Member
    > @PonkintheGnome said:
    > I'm thinking of starting a 100 generations legacy challenge soon. Does anyone have any tips?

    that is kind of scary... there are some pretty cool things you can do with how you play it though by incorporating different things that you may have not done or rarely do (IE vacation worlds if you have them) but as far as tips go i would probably go to a family tree website for the sims i forget what one it is... but you can do really detailed family trees so it doesn't get all borked with the 100 generations heck even 10 can be a hard time with the tree at least with my experience... toddlers are a nightmare just lock them in a room with a tablet the freezer case from get to work if you have it if not then just drag food into the room but if you do have get to work the freezer case lets you put plates of food on it and they stay refrigerated and toddlers can grab from it... such a life saver :P i normally play with ageing off so i can control when they age for story purposes but i also made a mod that makes the life span more realistic and fits with my play style anyways that's all i can really think of off the top of my head hope this helps!
  • EuphorialQueenEuphorialQueen Posts: 6,217 Member
    I'm thinking of starting a 100 generations legacy challenge soon. Does anyone have any tips?
    I can barely make it to the fourth or maybe fifth generation :lol:
    Keep track of your lineage outside of the game.
    That will help you keep track of the heirs and such through the generations.
    Backup (make copies) of your saves and store them outside of the game.
    Best of luck on your journey.

  • PonkintheGnomePonkintheGnome Posts: 2 New Member
    Thanks for the tips @EuphorialQueen and @davis4455
  • nikkifarknikkifark Posts: 2 New Member
    Hello! I'm not sure if this is the best place to post about it but I just uploaded the first episode of my Legacy Challenge and would love it if you were to watch! I'm new to YouTube so I'm trying to build a happy vibes community! Many thanks!

  • MelsieYTMelsieYT Posts: 211 Member
    I started a new legacy challenge over the weekend and might've gotten carried away. I have two weeks' worth of content queued on my Tumblr. My founder just moved to the islands of Sulani, so a lot of gen 1 will focus on Island Living, which is one of my newer purchases for the game. My gameplay is very story driven, so I tend to add a bit of drama, and use a lot of poses. If you're interested at all in following my progress, my Simblr is linked in my signature. I'll follow back if you also post Sims 4 content.
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 3,610 Member
  • EuphorialQueenEuphorialQueen Posts: 6,217 Member
    are you allowed to use lot traits in a legacy? Can't find any mention of lot traits in the rules.
    Yes lot traits are allowed.
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 3,610 Member
    edited May 26
    are you allowed to use lot traits in a legacy? Can't find any mention of lot traits in the rules.
    Yes lot traits are allowed.

    @EuphorialQueen awesome thanks!

    ETA: Sorry one more thing. Do you know I it's against the rules to change lot traits like it is with the 100 baby challenge? Do you have to pick 3 lot traits and stick with them?
  • EuphorialQueenEuphorialQueen Posts: 6,217 Member
    They (lot traits) would be subject to players choice.
    Personally I have a few favorites (Chef's Kitchen or Bracing Breezes plus others) that I use more than others.
  • amp107amp107 Posts: 51 Member
    I recently tried starting a Legacy challenge for the first time, and I ran into an issue with sending my founder to university right away that I didn't find guidelines for on the challenge website and wondered how other people might have dealt with it.

    The issue was, since I wanted my founder to go to university right away at the start of the game, I had to first put her on a lot and wait a few days while she applied. Since I wanted her to live on campus when she got accepted and she had no other family members yet, I knew she wouldn't be keeping the land I had bought for her to apply on. So, I just put her on a random 20x30 lot, reduced her funds down to $1800 per the guidelines, and bought her a tent to stay in until she went to campus. When she sold the land, she went to campus with more simoleons than she previously had (I guess from cost of land coming back to her?). I didn't adjust her funds because I wasn't sure what to set them too since there isn't really a specific guideline for that. I'm now also concerned that when she graduates she won't have enough simoleons to afford a 50x50 lot to get started on.

    So to clarify, my questions are:

    1. How many simoleons should a founder have in pocket when starting at university? (or just before starting taking into consideration what they may use of that to pay for first semester classes)

    2. Should we adjust funds when graduating university in order to purchase land and have a set amount to start out with from there, or make them work their booties off while at college to be able to afford land and life after?

    3. Also, if they take a break from university, where should they live and how many simoleons should they have before going back? They won't be able to afford land without adjusting funds at that time, so my guess is an apartment since they can't stay on campus while not enrolled in classes? (or is taking a semester off just not allowed due to living arrangement issues?)
  • EuphorialQueenEuphorialQueen Posts: 6,217 Member
    Let me try to answer your questions but first I really like your idea of sending your founder to University.
    I have sent my Sims (personal preference) to university from home. Moving to campus is something I have not tried yet.
    I found some information on the challenge website that hopefully will help you decide how to proceed.
    Your scenario is unique to anything mentioned in the rules.
    My thought would be to go with your original plan and adapt as needed.
    (Also my personal preference is to turn off aging while at university.)
    Discover University Updates
    *You may send your Sims to college or do college from home. HOWEVER if you send your Sims to college one of the Sims sent MUST be the heir as time will continue to progress for the rest of the family.
    *Once you move your Sims into college you cannot move in other roommates. Only the ones you sent (it can be more than one).
    *Your Sim may enroll in any university.
    *The Legacy Legacy Handicap added to points. Want your Legacy family to have its own Legacy college? Choose either Britechester or Foxbury as your family’s Legacy college when you make your founder. This can be the only college that your Sims can attend throughout the challenge. So plan majors accordingly! Also make sure to donate money to the college that you choose.

    Reference: https://simslegacychallenge.com/sims-4-legacy-challenge-gameplay-rules/
    Last Updated on May 13, 2020
    As for the gameplay rule updates, the biggest changes here are that you will no longer be required to buy objects (Knight of the Octagon Table, etc) to get your Sim’s money down. You can just use the money cheat to change it to either §1800 for a regular start or §0 for an extreme start. You can also start on any 50 x 50 or 64 x 64 lot that you wish.
    Reference: https://simslegacychallenge.com/legacy-challenge-rules-scoring-overhaul/
  • cherrysmilesimscherrysmilesims Posts: 8 New Member
    Are we allowed to link to our legacies here?
  • amp107amp107 Posts: 51 Member
    @EuphorialQueen thank you for taking the time to look into my questions and trying to find answers! Since there aren't any clear hardline rules on this I'm just going to do as you said and adapt as needed.

    Also, for what it's worth I have played with both living on campus and attending university from home with different families, and they are very different experiences. Living on campus is a lot of fun and makes it much easier to take part in random campus events and joining organizations. Like, if your sim is sitting in the commons eating sometimes a mixer event will pop up. It's a more enjoyable experience living on campus in my opinion :)
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