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The Legacy Challenge Mega Thread


  • PitlordMaggiePitlordMaggie Posts: 313 Member
    Hi! @MysticLegacy I have a couple toddler questions:
    1. Does toddler potty training count for knowledge points? It maxes at 3, not 5 like the other toddler skills.
    2. If I make toddlers in manage world (for other households) and they grow up with traits I don't know; can they become mate for my kids when they grow up, or can they only be friends?
  • EuphorialQueenEuphorialQueen Posts: 6,224 Member
    No set rules in mind but wouldn't it be awesome to have a Spellcaster Legacy family? Just throwing that idea out to the universe.
  • VyStarlitVyStarlit Posts: 74 Member
    @EuphorialQueen I think a Spellcaster Legacy family would be super awesome. I might give that a try at some point. ^^
  • PowerGirl02PowerGirl02 Posts: 84 Member
    Hi there! I just started a new legacy 10gen on . Feel free to check it out! Storyline and all :)
    Currently writing The Lopez Legacy <3
  • MchadseyMchadsey Posts: 1 New Member
    I have a new variation.

    Legacies:House Poor

    Legacy: House Poor
    • Set up
    o Create a single Sim to your own choice, no restriction on the sim
    o Move you Sim into the Largest Lot in New Castle
    o Using Motherlode cheat design your inherited house, you must use the best furnishings and have room for growth. After you have designed your house use the money cheat to set your funds to zero. You will not be able to add anything else (beyond the mentioned exceptions) after you start.
    • Start
    o You have just inerhited a house from your great grandmother on the following conditions.
     Your line must live in that house for 10 or more generations
     Spouses may move in but must be moved out if space needs to be made
     Direct decendants may not move out.
     Immoratality by whatever flavor you care to use is acceptable but remember space is an issue
     You cannot sell, buy or in anyway add to the lot after you have accepted the house.
    • The only exception is to buy books, career rooms, or seed packets.
    • You may add career rewards but you cannot buy more of any one reward.
    • You cannot replace anything that is reposessed (if applicable)
     Your line may only have on career per person and if they reach the top of that career they must buy the Career room. If they fail to reach the top of the career the next available family member must join that career.
     After ten generations the lot is your own to do with what you wish.
    • End
    o The challenge ends after 10 generations
    o Points
     5 points for every career room added to the lot
     1 Point for every lifetime wish completed.
     -1 point for every time the utilities are shut off due to bills going unpaid
    • An additional -1 point is taken off every other day that the utilites remain off.
  • SimPixySimPixy Posts: 6 New Member
    Crime family legacy

    Start of with a family set. Two sims.

    Brothers,sisters or brother and sister.
    All legacy sims must be kleptomaniac
    All legacy sims must have the criminal or secret agent (villain) careers. Unless otherwise stated

    Anyone married in to the family must have
    One of the following traits

    Self absorbed

    All children must inherit the Kleptomaniac trait along with one trait from the other spouse.

    Children must grow up to have one negative trait from growing up.

    Only one of the two original sims is allowed to marry. The other one may have children but no Gf/BFs.

    Each gen can save one item that is their prized possession.

    Heirs can take over once previous heirs are elders. You can move your heirs out and leave the elders at the current home or take them with and let them live with you till death.

    How heirs work:
    There must be two heirs.
    Again brothers, sisters, cousins or a brother and sister.

    They must take over the family buisness.
    And follow the same rules as the original sims.

    Original sims and heirs must complete the mischief aspiration.
    And then can choose another.
    Spouse may have any aspiration.

    Spouses must work in the buisness.

    Legacy goal and rules.

    Gen 1.
    *Live in a abandon home with a secret hideout.
    *have three kids in the home.
    * swipe 10 big money items
    * complete aspirations
    * reach top of career.
    Gen 2
    * live in a warehouse
    * start a retail buisness to sell stolen funds
    * take over a club and make it a crime club.
    * complete aspirations and reach top of career.

    Gen 3
    * move to the city
    * expand your retail buisness and offer baked goods.
    * complete aspiration
    *reach top of career
    * swipe all the items from one museum( that you can steal, all gens up to now can help but it must be done by then)

    Gen 4
    * back to basics: secret hideout living space. ( you may go back to gen 1s place and update)
    * complete aspiration
    *reach top of career
    * you can sell your other buisness but open up a restaurant.
    * have 5 kids in the household

    Gen 5
    * crimes not the life for me: live on a farm.
    * still have the same trait restrictions but is a farmer or gardener or fishermen
    * have only two kids in the home( one must be evil and the other erratic)
    * sell all buisnesses for profit
    * sell all stolen good and career rewards from crime. ( except for prized possessions)

    Gen 6
    Time to take over again
    * live in a medium sized home
    *Go back to crime or villainy
    * one of the heirs must also gain fame
    * and as a last act kill a celeb family and take over their house. ( must have funds to do so and not move celeb into their household)

    Gen 7
    The good life.
    * live in celebrities home
    * reach aspiration goal
    * reach top of career
    * have one heir pick a job that can be used for a crime cover up
    * steal from celebs homes three times

    Gen 8

    Back to a life in hiding
    Move to a quite neighborhood.( brindelton bay , oasis springs, or will creek)

    * have a good relationship with at least one person in each neighbors home.
    * complete career
    * complete aspiration
    * have two heirs hate each other
    *have locked rooms for each heirs stolen goods.

    Gen 9
    World take over
    * one heir must complete the politician career
    * other must be a master villain
    * complete aspirations
    * have one heir to the throne your choice villain or politician
    *must have enough funds for for next gen to have no job
    * live in home of your choosing
    Gen 10
    * must live in a mansion on sulani
    * complete beach life aspiration
    * must have no job but can swipe for fun and funds
    * have room of prized possessions to admire
    * can marry , have kids and do as you choose mostly

    And if you want start over again with gen 11- 21
  • kweenelmerkweenelmer Posts: 1 New Member
    Long time viewer, first time poster. Hi :) Mostly post on r/thesims

    Spent all of the Thanksgiving holiday on my first Legacy. There were a lot of rules so I've just never gotten around to it. Anyway, having a blast.

    I'm a little confused on the rules of this thread and how it relates to the rules of the forum. I just want to find somewhere to chat with people about current gameplay - is this the place? (So much "drama" and no one around who might care) Don't feel like my legacy is so unique it requires it's own thread, but maybe that's how we roll here? I'm a little confused on how old a thread has to be to be considered reviving an old thread (and if I should just start new)

    Also, I'm on Gen 3 and have only had girls. Like, I wasnt setting out to do gender specific heirs, but at this stage, haven't had a choice. I haven't been "influencing the pregnancy" with any of the things in game, it's just happened that way. I wonder if it's a glitch or if it's just the weird roll of the dice. Anyone ever have something like this?
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,859 Member
    Hey :)

    I have a question refering the rules of moving sims out of the active household.

    I'm currently playing the second generation and the spouse has the aspiration Big, Happy Family. I thought it's the perfect moment to try having 10 babies in one generation as it would bring another point for scoring. The two oldest kids of generation 3 aged up to Teens today.

    Is it allowed to move out the teens so there's space for new babies again? Or do they have to be young adults by the time they move out?

    The household is currently full with 8 sims: 2 parents and 6 kids (2 teens, 2 kids, 1 toddler, 1 baby)
  • EuphorialQueenEuphorialQueen Posts: 6,224 Member
    @Queenarella Now that teen can live on their own I don't see why not. The intended heir would of course have to stay on the legacy lot. Once heirs are moved out they cannot be moved back.
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,859 Member
    @EuphorialQueen Thank you for your answer! :) The teen move out thing is the reason why this came up for me. They could live on their own and I had more space again :sweat_smile:

    Maybe I'll wait for them to have As in school and then move them out.

    For the heir I picked the democratic version. The polls are held here on the forum. For generation 3 I will only pick like 5 or 6 of the 10 kids tho :sweat_smile:
  • BubblegumBlissBubblegumBliss Posts: 5 New Member
    Check out the Parsons Legacy!
    The Parsons are currently on Gen 3!
  • GenspGensp Posts: 1 New Member
    Is micro home from tiny living stuff pack is too powerful for the challenge?
  • Lady_LuSsh01Lady_LuSsh01 Posts: 287 Member
    hi guys if i have a challenge idea do i just post it here, im not to sure
  • simmietwins22simmietwins22 Posts: 24 Member
    Hello everyone, just wanted to let you all know that I have started a Legacy Challenge: The ISBI Challenge! I'm playing with the rules that your founder and Torchholders must have the erratic trait, so i'm interested in seeing where this legacy goes. Check it out on YouTube:
  • cornflake88cornflake88 Posts: 215 Member
    I decided to start a new legacy trying out the tiny living micro home to keep bills low at the start. Skill gains and relationships were really fast. First child came along so we upgraded to a tiny home. The toddler had maxed out all skills with 7 days left to age up. As a child he had completed all four aspirations and the scouts with 3 maxed out character values with 7 days left to age up. The parents had maxed out all their work related skills and several more besides. For me this took all the challenge out of the challenge!
    I missed the struggle at the beginning and the sense of achievement finally getting that promotion or an A in school.
    Tiny living bonuses definitely made the game too easy and I lost the excitement for playing. So I've gone back to struggling :D
  • AkramAAkramA Posts: 2,717 Member
    edited February 11
    @cornflake Using all the speedboost, the child basically have no more skills to level up, even the adult one. The Sims 4 is such a perfectly balanced game with no exploit.
    I also write non sims stuff on Wattpad
  • HaiderimnewHaiderimnew Posts: 1 New Member
    Hi everyone, I just recently started this challenge and I'm blogging about it, if you want to see the blog you can go to this link to see how it goes.
  • Lady_LuSsh01Lady_LuSsh01 Posts: 287 Member
    Hey guys i have a long running sims challenge going on, on my youtube channel, Its a mix of extreme rags to riches, super sims and legacy, i have finally made it to the legacy part of the challenge and my first heir has given birth to twin and the new heir has been born.
    Please watch and enjoy and feed back is more than welcome.

  • LalajadeeyesLalajadeeyes Posts: 321 Member
    edited March 18
    Hello everyone! I don't remember if I already shared my Legacy Challenge here. I only have 2 posts on it so far, but I will be posting more next week. Here is the link if you are interested: The Thornheart Legacy

    Thank you!!!
  • EuphorialQueenEuphorialQueen Posts: 6,224 Member
    Hi everyone, I just recently started this challenge and I'm blogging about it, if you want to see the blog you can go to this link to see how it goes.
    I clicked on your link and was sad to see this message :'( is no longer available.
    The authors have deleted this site.

  • StahrStahr Posts: 1 New Member
    I keep trying this challenge over and over but for some weird reason just find it so confusing. I suck at legacy families in general. I get bored too fast and it just plateaus for some reason. I have all the packs and everything so you'd think I'd be able to do it but I just fail. Any suggestions?
  • EuphorialQueenEuphorialQueen Posts: 6,224 Member
    Stahr wrote: »
    I keep trying this challenge over and over but for some weird reason just find it so confusing. I suck at legacy families in general. I get bored too fast and it just plateaus for some reason. I have all the packs and everything so you'd think I'd be able to do it but I just fail. Any suggestions?
    It is not a sprint... but rather a marathon.
    This saying can apply to many things including a legacy challenge.
    There is no reason to see how fast you can get to the tenth generation and complete the challenge.
    • Break it down into several smaller milestones.
    • Settle in with the founder {generation one} to get your "story" set up in your head. It may sound like a good idea for that first generation to have a family or wealth based aspiration. But is the time it takes really suited for them?
    • Set goals for different family units or generations.
    • Be flexible in how you play. Example: You decided to have a certain generation complete a nature aspiration but find they are more suited to become an artist. Just change the plan and move forward.
    • Play the game in a way that makes you happy.
    • Take a break and play another save or another game altogether.
    • Just have fun! You will get it done and be proud of your accomplishment.
    When I mentioned "your story" it does not have to be something written. Personally I find it fun to decide how my Sims would act and keep to that personality. They can be kind and friendly which means it would be against their nature to become a top level criminal. Things like that.
    Hopefully you can become inspired by some of these ideas.
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