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CK213's archived early simming game play [The End is Nigh! pg.20]

CK213CK213 Posts: 19,117 Member

[Update: 5/22/17]
This thread is now considered an Archive of my earlier simming activities and will not be added to beyond this date.

This thread is full of false starts and reboots and me complaining about and experimenting with the game.
So this thread is now considered an Archive of my early explorations with TS4 before I was truly and securely hooked. And I do believe I will be hooked with the arrival of the Parenthood Game Pack, particularly since we have toddlers now.

I will start a new thread with the same title. This thread will get a new title. (CK213's archived early simming game play) for now.
Thank you and happy Simming.

For the sims 3, I kept a thread documenting my experiences with the game. It became a historical record of sorts as the EPs, SPs, mods, CC, and Store content came out. I believe it helped immerse me more into the game and also reminded me of how much fun I was actually having . It was great to share it all with others. I would like to do the same for The Sims 4.
Well... I might as get one started since I am finally committed to continuing on with The Sims.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents links are currently borked due to forum changes
Pg. 1 Introduction/ Table of Contents/ Hmm... I Dunno, but I am liking the new sims/ Style Mode

Pg. 3 Purchased! / Playing at Last / September 7th? Where did he go? / Out on the Town / P.U.R.E.

Pg. 4 Status Update / Transplants and Park Comedy / Fernando / Status Update / A Proposal / The Wedding / The Wedding, continued / Expecting / The Boys

Pg. 5 Michelle Brooks / Matriarch / The Girls / My Feelings About The Sims 4 / Bringing Us Up to Date / The Angry Girl Formerly Known as Michelle / Mischief Maker/ Status Update/ Dastardly Dastar

Pg. 6 The New Ling/ Mastermind/ The Sims/ Randomness/ Status Update/ Cave In! Get To Work

Pg. 7 My Game Needs More Grit.../ Olivia Banks/ Cairo Firenze/ Status Update/ Reboot!/ Status Update/ Get To Work!

Pg. 8 Ling, Vaughn, Melonie, Cairo, and Olivia/ Olivia's Boutique/ Gamma Vreen/ Status Update/ Outdoor Retreat

Pg. 9 Outdoor Retreat, cont/ Riya Ramaswami/ Close Encounters

Pg. 10 Where Did You Find That Hair?/ Open For Business/ First Stuff Pack/ First Stuff Pack, continued

Pg. 11 Squeamish/ Get Together/ Invasion!/ You will play it and you will like it!/ The Jealousy Trait/ Status Update/ Making The Sims 4 game my own

Pg. 12 Playing with Spa Day and Newcrest/ Olivia's Back in Play/ A new Appreciation for These Sims/ Catching Us Up/ New Character!

Pg. 13 Playing with Get Together/ Alexus Pritchard/ Status Update/ Melonie and Ling/ Not the Party I Intended.../ Get Together is Making a Nice Difference in My Game/ Private Date Club Drama/ Movie Hangout Stuff/ Status Update

Pg. 14 New Stuff Packs: Part 1, Cool Kitchen Stuff/ New Stuff Packs: Part 2, Movie Hangout Stuff/ New Stuff Packs: Part 2, Movie Hangout Stuff, continued/ Cat Girls/ Cat Girls, Refined/ The Neko Trait/ Romantic Garden Stuff

Pg. - This Thread is Boring!/ Speaking of boredom.../ Status Update/ That Deadly Reality Show/ TDRS: Aspiration Day/ TDRS: Wishing Well Day/ TDRS: Cat Cheer-up/ TDRS: The Loser Challenge/ TDRS: The Loser Challenge pt2/ TDRS: The Loser Challenge pt 3

Pg. - TDRS: The Loser Challenge pt 3/ Hoping for a good second act/ Patch: Improved Graphics/ N.E.P.S. Another Simmer Mind State

Pg. 14 N.E.P.S. Another Simmer Mind State Pt 3
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  • CK213CK213 Posts: 19,117 Member
    edited March 2015
    Hmm... I Dunno, but I am liking the new sims
    This first post actually started a while ago and is from my TS3 simming moments thread.
    My attitudes towards The Sims 4 is constantly going back and forth. So much has happened. Every time I began moving towards it, some new thing that makes me not want it is announced.

    -No Create-A-Style
    -No open town, only open, small sections of the town
    -No 60 x 60 or 64 x 64 lots
    -A highly saturated and cartoonish art style along with some really goofy sim behaviors
    -No toddlers or pools in the base game
    -Teens are as tall as adults
    -Sims walk off screen to go to work, school, or other neighborhoods.
    -Loading screens

    The promise of more interesting and smarter sims is all that's keeping me interested. I think it helps to think of the game as a replacement for The Sims 2, which I can no longer play. It's not a replacement for The Sims 3.

    Like I said above, the art style is a little too cartoonish for me, as I like to bend the game towards realism. That's been a tricky balance, but this cartoonish style makes bending it towards realism harder.

    The high color saturation makes settings look pretty, but I just want to turn the vibrancy down a notch.

    This is a little too much desaturation, but is shows the level of green I would prefer. It's not burning my eyes. :-)
    I can adjust the color level of my graphics card to get what I want.

    The sims are growing on me.
    I am still not crazy about the hair, but they seem to have improved since they were first revealed.

    I do like the sense of thickness of TS4 hair, but it's lacking a feeling of being made up individual hair strands. There need to be some loose individual hairs. CC hair can be too stringy. It would be nice if a EA or modder can find a nice hybrid that delivers the best of both.

    On average, I like the TS4 sims more than TS3 sims, but I like my CC TS3 sims more than TS4 sims so far. That will most likely change when TS4 has CC. I am finding the facial animations annoying. They are too exaggerated. They twist the look of your sim so much that they don't look like themselves once in a while, some sims more than others.

    I am having a difficult time making Melonie. I will probably have to start over. I do believe I will need CC eyes, and perhaps hair bebore I can create a TS4 version of her that I like.


    I used Albert's stylized realism sketch as a model for this sim.

    I can get use to these sims. I got use to TS3 sims.

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  • CK213CK213 Posts: 19,117 Member
    edited December 2014
    Style Mode

    Here is a suggestion for CAS. :D

    Since it is more difficult to make things match, there should be a mode that allows us to see all the clothing currently on the sim in the clothing selection user interface. We can then highlight the clothing thumbnails to see what preset colors each items has.

    It would be nice if you could toggle a button to show all the preset color choices all at once. This would make it easier to choose from the available colors on your sims current outfit. You could get more creative with the interface to make choosing colors easier.

    I mocked the idea up using Photoshop.

    The key idea here is making it easier to see all your possible color choices all at once for a particular outfit and eliminate all the jumping around just to select colors. Perhaps we can even save the outfit as a Styled Look. Perhaps you can even educate simmers on color selection theories for choosing color themes or build it into CAS itself.

    Color Schemes:

    I should have expanded the entire color palette, but I think you will get what I mean.

    I tried the square color scheme theory. You should let one color dominate, but I have blue and its opposite color on the wheel (yellow) almost equal. The other colors would be red and green. I choose to ignore green and replaced it with black. I used red as an accent.

    Yeah, I like the idea of having all the outfit apparel and accessories and all the color selections all displayed at once. It makes it easier and more fun to style her outfit.
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  • bsimthbsimth Posts: 82 Member
    Hi CK213,
    Melonie is perfect. May I just suggest a little white eyeliner under her lids. Other than that, I think you nailed it! ♥

  • cheesetruckcheesetruck Posts: 2,373 Member
    You are one of THE BEST Sims storytellers! I'm really excited for your Sims 4 stories!
  • CK213CK213 Posts: 19,117 Member
    ajoya wrote: »
    Hi CK213,
    Melonie is perfect. May I just suggest a little white eyeliner under her lids. Other than that, I think you nailed it! ♥

    :D I am constantly tweaking Melonie. This is the most recent.

    She had subtle eye bags in TS3. This is a little closer.
    I'll give the white eyeliner a try.

  • bsimthbsimth Posts: 82 Member
    I love her. Her eyes tell a story all by themselves.

  • NyeYahNyeYah Posts: 138 Member
    Definitely bookmarking this! Can't wait to see what you come up with. I've always loved your stories and creations. :D
  • tkbluebasketballtkbluebasketball Posts: 4,495 Member
    The sims you created are very good! You can tell each of them have a story. Cannot wait to read your stories! :)
  • TheGreenLionTheGreenLion Posts: 1,635 Member
    It's definitely tough to make strands of hair without a high poly model. With this sort of style I think an alpha layer could be applied subtly to the ends and it wouldn't look too funky. Melonie is looking good so far, like the change of the eyes. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with for TS4. :D
  • Meela_PashtMeela_Pasht Posts: 691 Member
    Hi CK,
    I am looking to your Sims 4 stories and creations. Happy to see you here. :)
    If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all. Live in your Truth.
  • JustLiz87JustLiz87 Posts: 1,074 Member
    Glad to see you continuing with the series. I enjoy reading your stories and playing with your builds.
  • momboqueenmomboqueen Posts: 1,720 Member
    So happy to read that your moving on to the next series. I have always liked your creations and stories.
  • peoineepeoinee Posts: 2,183 Member
    I like that you found a way to tone down the colors and while i dont mind the sims 4 original the color settings you changed look very good actually but dont take away from the game (atleast from the looks of it)

    something about all the info ive read on the sims 4 this past week makes me honestly think i might get into the story telling side of the sims now. the sims 1 & 2 i was all about playing in the sims 3 gameplay fell flat so i did alot of attempting to build but the sims 4 not only feels like the gameplay will be fun but that i can really tell some fun stories.
  • simhead70simhead70 Posts: 613 Member
    @Ck213 I really like your Sims. They look great. Thanks for the tips.
  • allisoneg02allisoneg02 Posts: 2,870 Member
    Oh she looks so awesome! I can't wait to see what your sims get into once the game is released ;)
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  • kdluvshersimskdluvshersims Posts: 291 Member
    Lookin' forward to this. Glad you are trying it out. :)
  • DarklingDarkling Posts: 6,327 Member
    It's appropriate that my first post on this site is in one of your threads! B) I was a no-go with TS4 after the no toddlers bomb dropped but my sister took matters into her own hands and pre-ordered the game for me for my birthday so I'll be giving the Base Game a try along with you.

    Melonie is looking good. The improvements have made a world of difference--I see more of the imp in her., to figure out how to bookmark...
  • BD5141BD5141 Posts: 3,043 Member
    Hey CK, just wanted to say hey. Love your Sims. I'm like you I've been back and forth on Sims 4 I like some things but hate other things. I am going to purchase it but hope we aren't disappointed. Happy Simming
  • LogicalPlayerLogicalPlayer Posts: 108 Member
    your sims look great, and i am also looking forward to your stories in the sims 4.
  • TheGreenLionTheGreenLion Posts: 1,635 Member
    edited August 2014
    Darkling wrote: », to figure out how to bookmark...

    If ya haven't spotted it by now there's a little star in the upper right of the OP. :)

    Edit: There's also one on the right of the threads in the thread list, so that's even better!
  • EvalenEvalen Posts: 9,957 Member
    I really like the looks of Melonie, she is so pretty, can't wait to hear your story and what they are up to in the sims 4.
  • onigiriloveronigirilover Posts: 1,240 Member
    I, too, can't wait. Bookmarked :p
  • cherparcherpar Posts: 2,060 Member
    Melonie is looking great, so looking forward to your sims 4 stories.
  • DarklingDarkling Posts: 6,327 Member
    Darkling wrote: », to figure out how to bookmark...

    If ya haven't spotted it by now there's a little star in the upper right of the OP. :)

    Edit: There's also one on the right of the threads in the thread list, so that's even better!

    Thanks for the info but I did manage to figure it out last night. :)

    ...btw, the bookmarks are messed up. I had 91 pages of bookmarks. :o I think they moved every bookmark I ever made, even ones I have since deleted, over here. I've got a lot of deleting to do... :p
  • carla70carla70 Posts: 575 Member
    CK,Keep messing around with the CAS I think Melonie is looking better in the updated picture of her.
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